Morro Bay man disrobes, wrestles with officers

February 10, 2015

Police building_tA Morro Bay man exposed his genitals to children in a park Monday afternoon and then struggled with police officers when they arrived on scene.

William Kirk Tallman, 46, actively exposed himself to several children at Del Mar Park, according to the Morro Bay Police Department. Officers responded to the park around 2:15 p.m. and arrested Tallman after a brief struggle.

Police charged Tallman with indecent exposure and resisting a peace officer. He is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $5,000 bail.

A police department news release describes Tallman as a transient who resides in Morro Bay.

The police department also encourages community members with information about Tallman’s behavior or general concerns to call 772-6225.

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really ccn, with all the tom foolery thats going on at city hall in morro bay this is what you decide is news.

CCN didn’t decide that this was news. William Kirk Tallman decided to make it news when he allegedly exposed himself to several children at Del Mar Park and then resisted arrest.

Shame on you for to me, looking like the minds and development of the children who didnt ask to be shown adult genitals. In a place they should be having fun and no cares other then the joy they might be feeling! You are shallow minded and selfish in my opinion, and if I knew what mb biz owner you were, I’d never spend my money with you again.

sorry I missed part of my sentence above, the 1st one should read at the end, -are less important the tom foolery that can be controlled at city hall.

Why aren’t we institutionalizing and treating these chronic transients? This is 2015 The United States of America and the leader of the free world and we have human beings competing with seagulls for food at Albertsons. When I was young my mother wouldn’t need to think twice about sending me down to McDonald’s to bring home lunch. Today I wouldn’t think of sending my grandson there alone, I guess the park is off limits now too. Hey city counsel! Time to clean up the streets and I don’t mean potholes. Enforce the loitering laws! Thank you MBPD for your fine work can anyone imagine the conversation today if he had dragged some kid into a bathroom? Yeah….on a scale of one to ten this problem trumps plastic bags and bullet trains any day. We need to force our leaders from Sac town to our town to address this difficult problem once and for all. Call em up.

Why don’t we just put them back on the bus and send them back to where they came from,I’m tired of seeing these bums all over town,there beat up campers that are running on 3 cylinders,there bikes and trailers,and the drunk with the gittar at the AM Pm, new ones showing up all the time.

Clearly you have more wealth than any of these people who are offending you and your senses. by your all knowing tone it sounds as though you have talked to these people, confirming that they are indeed from out of town I’m sure you spoke with the man with the guitar to make sure he was really actually intoxicated and not just a stereotypical assumption. hey guess what some people can’t afford vehicles and the vehicle’s maintenance. sorry ahead of time for the next time we cross each others paths with me on my ugly yucky poor person’s bike. Eww.

“Resisiting an officer”?

If there was any genital-to-police-person or police-person uniform, the perv should be charged with assaulting an officer.

Such contact can lead to transfer of infectious microbes, and I think that goes way beyond “resisting an officer.”

$5000 bail….pathetic. that amount of money is just the start of counseling those kids are going to be needing. Sexual related offenses need to be taken seriously, might of just as well slapped his wrist, make him stand in a corner, and said bad boy, promise to not do that again? Ha they dont quit, ever. And look who pays for that…kids

Just a little playground chicanery. $5000 bail ought to be plenty.

He was just trying to get the city council’s attention.

when i first saw this headline, i thought to me self, Aaron Ochs finally cracked. Apparently not yet, but due soon.

lol. that is exactly what i thought too. LOL.