San Luis Coastal reaches agreement with teachers

February 26, 2015

teacher-thumb-300x300A contract dispute between the San Luis Coastal Unified School District and its teachers’ union appears to be nearing an end. [Tribune]

Negotiators have agreed to a tentative three-year deal that would raise teacher pay by 4 percent. The tentative agreement applies retroactively to July and would add $1.4 million in district expense over the next three years.

The deal also includes a one-time $500 payment to all teachers, which is supposed to offset rising health care costs. The one-time payments will cost the district an additional $230,000.

A potential second raise is also built into the proposed contract. If district property tax receipts increase by 5 percent this year, then the teachers’ union could reopen negotiations for a raise in 2015-2016.

San Luis Coastal teachers previously received a 6.6 percent raise in 2011-2012.

The teachers’ union had been threatening a strike prior to Tuesday’s agreement. The average teacher in the district currently makes an annual salary of $71,525.

In order for the new contract to become finalized, a majority of the teachers’ union members must agree to the deal. Then, the district board must sign off on the contract.

The board could vote on the matter as soon as mid-March.


The problem isn’t the teachers wanting more money, the problem is every single government employee wanting more money. there is never an end to it. The private sector works harder, has fewer benefits and has no guarantees as to tenure, benefits or retirement. This makes most of us resent those who get paid out of taxes, which we all pay. The opposite side of the negotiating table here is more government employees who will ask for, change that to demand, a pay increase someday in the future and one of their reasons will be a comparison to the recent increase for the teachers. Teachers are some of my favorite people but when is enough enough? Just helped a friend with their taxes the other day, late 40s making $87000 with paid for health insurance, lots of vacation, summers off and a retirement that starts in their mid 50s guaranteed for life. Maybe if government didn’t suck us dry with overpaid worthless regulatory leeches in every area ever though of we could afford to over pay teachers and therby over educate our children.

Rich in MB

Public Employee Unions are the Problem.


If the teachers were to get a fatty raise: Do you think they would do a better job?



If district property tax receipts increase by 5 percent this year, then the teachers’ union could reopen negotiations for a raise in 2015-2016.

…so, if tax receipts DECREASE, will they start giving back?


If teachers don’t jump on this, they are fools. I have had an 85 cent raise in 6 years, and family health insurance for 4 at my job is $1200/month out of pocket.


I always wonder about people that don’t want teachers to be the highest paid government employees. And then they go complaining about why America isn’t exceptional anymore because Liberals hate America. Seems to me that a conservative would want the highest trained workforce right here. I don’t get it.


The schools programs, facilities and equipment suffer the loss of funding when teachers unions pillage the coffers. A good teacher wouldn’t need to be taught that lesson IMO.

Next year it will be more of the same as the message is clear; Threaten to strike, enlist the unethical support of students and make parents fearful that their children won’t receive a quality education from any teacher making less.

I’m all for earning a fair living, not for union extortion of maximum dollars!


We don’t have the “highest trained”, just the highest union paid.

Why the hell should a teacher, a PUBLIC EMPLOYEE, have a union? Are they negotiating for better work conditions? Safer rooms? Students with better behavior traits?

No. All they want…..excuse me…all the UNION wants is more pay for the exact same output and results we are getting now with our kids. Here’s some reality from our highly leftist friends from the Huff Puff:

The United States has fallen to “average” in international education rankings released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, according to the AFP.

America has received scores around 500 on a scale that goes up to 1,000: 487 in math, 500 in reading and 502 in science.

The AFP reports,

The three-yearly OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics.

So, compared to, say Pakistan….we suck at educating our kids. Let me rephrase that. Our highly paid teachers suck at educating our kids.


San Luis Obispo teachers are lucky they have all that Diablo Canyon property tax!

Given they are a “basic Aid” district gives them heaps more money for salaries.

What will this district do when Diablo shuts down?

Hmmm. That is when you can compare salaries to Lucia Mar, Atascadero and Paso.


Sounds like the district couldn’t negotiate its way out of a paper bag. Give them everything they want + a $5 cash prize and let them come back and strong arm you again in 2016.

How about a new car for each teacher while you are at it?


You mean a $500 cash “prize” – one meant to offset the costs of the Heathcare overhaul most of them likely supported. Makes me wonder just how ignorant the people teaching our kids have become.

For the rest of us, well, just pony it up:

If district property tax receipts increase by 5 percent this year, then the teachers’ union could reopen negotiations for a raise in 2015-2016.

Translation: We see you squeezing the ignorant plebs – and we want our cut or else!