Seitz survives another performance review

February 6, 2015
Michael Seitz

Michael Seitz

South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District legal counsel Michael Seitz appears to have the support of the majority of his agency’s board, despite the release of documents showing he gave legal advice that benefitted his own firm while costing ratepayers.

Following a 2010 sewage spill that sent effluent flowing into Oceano homes, Seitz recommended that the district board reject a proposed $400,000 settlement with a regional water board. Instead, Seitz led the board on a costly legal battle that, as of the end of 2012, cost the district $750,000 and has yet to eliminate a $1.1 million fine the agency faces.

The district has paid the legal expenses to Seitz, a team of lawyers and the Wallace Group. John Wallace, the head of the Wallace Group, resigned as sanitation district chief in Feb. 2013 amid allegations of mismanagement and conflict of interest.

Many members of the public are now calling for the district board to fire Seitz.

On Wednesday, the board met in closed session to review Seitz’s performance. The meeting marked the second time that Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill placed a performance review of Seitz on the agenda.

About 30 members of the pubic attended Wednesday’s meeting, and most speakers who addressed the board spoke against Seitz. But, as with the first performance review, the board returned from closed session with a statement that no reportable action occurred.

The sanitation board consists of three members, and it takes two votes to fire the district’s manager or attorney. In addition to Hill, Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals and Oceano CSD President Matt Guerrero serve on the sanitation board.

Both Shoals and Guerrero likely have supported retaining Seitz as the district’s legal counsel. In prior stints on the board, Shoals and Guerrero also defended the actions of Wallace.


From the look on his face….it is kind of surprising he survived another day….


I wouldn’t get to excited about those four words “took no reportable action” Look at the last 10 years of Agendas and Board packs. Damn near everything that has taken place that’s worthy of pitchforks and lynchings gets hidden behind “no reportable action” Show me the details of the District paying off the flooded home owners, the Carter VS Wallace lawsuit, the Wallace VS Johnson lawsuit, the alleged pay offs of former employees fired by Wallace. Why was that hidden? is this a personnel matter handing over public funds to whistle blowers? The action taken after the states report condemning Wallaces and/or Appleton’s actions as a administrator and Plant Superintendent, those are considered public documents BTW. Show me the results of Wallaces performance evaluations as a “contract” employee and don’t tell me its a personnel matter because Wallace and Seitz aren’t “employees” they are contract service providers under the scrutiny of those who pay their salaries, the public. Lets have a look at the details surrounding the DOA Cogen unit and the ongoing lawsuit against the energy company who installed it, or the Districts, or was it Wallaces flip flop providing indemnity for the former Plant Super who was busted for violating state and federal laws, a little payoff there perhaps. This flip flop coming after they initially told him to go to hell, your on your own but on a personal note were sorry you got caught. Wheres the reportable action on that. You see, its all as clear as the water entering the plant, dirty,smelly and non transparent


Snoid… You rock!


My bet is the SSLOCSD board is waiting to see the results of the audit because there may be larger Seitz issues they want to address.


And a Wallace issue and a Ferrara issue.

Tony… please do not move yet! Ha!


FYI…STEVE and TERESA were asleep. Gonna keep saying it until the Trib stops printing ridiculous LTTE

TONY FERRARA would do ANYTHING for anyone he wants to protect.

Because he has NO REAL FRIENDS, he mistakes business associates as FRIENDS.

I’m sure FERRARA and SHOALS are confused and think Seitz is a chum.

Hello! Guerrero is a judge wanna be- of course he is NOT going to can Seitz.


Seitz recommended that the district board reject a proposed $400,000 settlement with a regional water board. Instead, Seitz led the board on a costly legal battle that, as of the end of 2012, cost the district $750,000 and has yet to eliminate a $1.1 million fine the agency faces.


A lawyer wouldn’t do that, turn down a $400,000 settlement offer so it could bill $750,000 and now still owe a million fines, would it?


Rich in MB

and even funnier is that the People stand for this. There should be pitchforks in the streets if any sense of Sanity remained in town.


He sure would if that’s what the board at that time, directed him to do.

So back in 2010, the board consisted of Ferrara, Nicolls, and was it Shoals?

All chummy with Wallace.

Chair Hill is only one vote.

GB residents, get on your guy to give Seitz the boot.


Shoals appointed Nicolls, the other would have been from Oceano — Guerrero?, Lucey?, Hill?


QUOTING ABCHOCOHOLIC: “A lawyer wouldn’t do that, turn down a $400,000 settlement offer so it could bill $750,000 and now still owe a million fines, would it?”


Oh, no. Nothing like that. [ROLLS EYES]


wow. business as usual – for now.


It appears John Shoals is the new tony Ferrera and Matt Guerrero takes the role of Nichols, and what a shame it is for the rate payers.

It seems this duo will do what ever they have to do in order for their friend John Wallace to stay untouched by the crap he created.

I suggest the people of GB start going to their city council meetings and listen to see if John Shoals is willing to tell them the truth when it comes to what he is doing at the San Dist. I don’t think he will.

Rich in MB

Lets not Give our Hero Jim Hill a pass on this one.

He is on the Board as well….but he may have been out voted 2-1 and then there is this total BS….”can’t talk about personnel matters” mantra that protects the evil doers at the expense of the taxpayers. WTF do you mean you can’t talk about the employee WE the Citizens are paying for!!!!!


Chair Hill keeps putting Seitz’ performance review on the agenda.

He’s not doing that so he can vote to keep Seitz.

Pressure needs to be put on Shoals and Guerrero, THEY are blocking change.

AG voted our blockage (Ferrara) out.

Grover voted theirs (Shoals) back in.

Too bad Debbie Peterson wasn’t re-elected. Hill would have had an ally on the board, and Seitz would have been sh!t canned by now.


Seitz isn’t an employee. He is a contractor.


Jim Hill could face an expensive lawsuit if he talked about personnel matters or some legal actions. Just because an action is morally “right” doesn’t mean it is legally right.

There may be other reasons besides “coverup” for retaining Seitz at this time too. I think that he should go anyway but it may not be as simple a situation as many here think.


The Telfon Don

Rich in MB

Of course he has the Good Old Boys Board Support.

This is how the Govnt Scam works folks. The board should pay attention to what just happened in AG when the people finally were fed up with the corruption and booted people out. In my opinion the entire board should be voted out over their support for this activity.

Tax and Rate payers be damned….we are the ruling class and we know what’s best for you.

Some pigs are more equal than others, but they still all wallow in mud!