Vandals nail Los Osos bear again

February 27, 2015

unnamed-1The Los Osos bear statue is currently missing a large chunk of its face, including its mouth.

Vandals smashed off part of the bear’s face sometime Wednesday night, according to volunteer group Celebrate Los Osos. Last month, thieves snatched a solar panel and cut electrical wires that light up the bear.

In an email to CalCoastNews, Celebrate Los Osos member John Zweemer said he is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone involved in the defacing of the bear. Sheriff’s detectives have not yet caught anyone suspected of stealing the solar panel or cutting the bear’s electrical wires.unnamed-2

The bear is located on South Boulevard near Turri Road. Zweener describes it as a “large an iconic welcome to town.”

In addition to the bear, vandals have recently targeted an electronic message board that greets drivers as they enter Los Osos. Earlier this month, the vandals shut off the message board, which is located near the corner of South Bay Boulevard and Los Osos Valley Road.

The sheriff’s office has not announced an arrest or citation in that case, either.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for Parkinson to solve this. He’s too busy with his @#$@# pleasure boat. What a sad thing this is, but what do you expect with lawlessness unimpeded from homeless hassle to unlimited noise from pipes to any gender can marry any gender, to an Imperial President to the Muslim faith setting new records of horror daily while the Prez says Christianity did the same (it didn’t, it was mostly defensive) half a millennium ago?

Get accustomed to more of this, I’m sorry to say, we’re circling the drain as our quest for “anything goes” erases more and more “square” social norms. An anchorless society produces more of this stupid pointless harm. Just MHO.


Maybe if those vandals had a McDonald’s to hang out at they wouldn’t be out doing vandal activities. Maybe Los Osos should get rid of that bear and put a couple Golden Arches out there. I never heard of anyone vandalizing any golden arches.


Will ISIS stop at nothing?


idle hands are the Devils workshop.


What did the bear ever do to you, Adam Hill?


This is a perfect application for a video camera. Arroyo Grande was starting to get hit with this senseless vandalism and I think the cameras have made a difference.


The person that did this is a loser – a total zero. Nobody else would find this entertaining.

Rich in MB

What type of person finds fun and entertainment in smashing the Los Osos Bear?

Things like this are indicative of a larger MORAL problem in our communities.

Sad…but when everyone gets to define what is right and wrong…this is what you get.


Maybe the moral problem is neglected kids and mental illness, because neither of these issues seem to have enough support toward countering the effects of these conditions.


A good starting point to be sure. As a result, a glaring lack of respect, morality, responsibility, integrity, pride, and personal accountability quickly becomes the norm. It’s a sad commentary.