Cal Poly students injured in roof collapse at party

March 7, 2015

Under the weight of at least 40 people, the roof over a garage in San Luis Obispo collapsed injuring eight people, seven of whom were Cal Poly students, early Saturday morning.



Approximately 1,000 people were having an early Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, some on roof tops when the roof of a garage at 364 Hathaway near California Blvd. collapsed. There was no one inside the garage when the roof fell.

Four people were transported to the hospital, one person suffered moderate injuries and the three others had minor injuries.

The San Luis Obispo Fire Department deemed the incident a “mass casualty incident.”

slo party

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This is what we get when we ban frats from having parties, or require overreaching “registration” in hopes of reducing the number of get together a, over police house parties, enforce unreasonable noise violations, don’t be surprised when 1000+ kids show up for party. You can’t regulate them away from being stupid but they are kids and need some space. Give em back their frat parties and loosen up on noise infractions and beer pong tables in the front yard, big deal! we were all kids once and likely not as academically smart as most of these kids. They need their space but need to tone down their partying behavior in exchange for this space. That whole area where this house party was is 90% student rentals. Landlords enjoy rental income that are 200% of the regular market. Redone that area “college community” build somewhere where these kids can walk to and enjoy that is actually cooler than a bowling alley and create an atmosphere that fits the needs. If not we should refunds their lions these students and university bring to SLO.

I think what you are saying is let the students do whatever the fuck the want and if you’re unfortunate enough to live next to a student rental that is doing whatever the fuck they want then too damn bad, tough shit for you. Is that accurate?

Should we also sacrifice virgins to these frat boys?

“Roofies” (lol)

How many were engineering students?

Hope they got some good “selfies” on the way down to post on Instagram.

Who wants to bet that since the rental agreement probably doesn’t prohibit partying on the garage roof, some slick attorney will go after the landlord?

The next thing we’ll read is that the parents of the CalPoly students are suing the landlord for not warning people that it was not safe for over 40 people to stand on the garage’s roof!

More nominees for this year’s Darwin Awards!