Cambria’s world-class swimmer dies in training

March 30, 2015
David Yudovin

David Yudovin

Cambria resident and swimming hall of famer, David Yudovin, died of an apparent heart attack at his home on Saturday. He was 63. [Tribune]

Yudovin’s heart gave out while he was on the treadmill at his home gym training for a swim in the Maldives. A team of paramedics, which included friends and fellow members of an ocean rescue team, tried unsuccessfully to revive him.

Both Yudovin and his wife, Beth, had been active members of the North Coast Ocean Rescue Team. In addition to traveling the world, the couple also drove a community bus that transported seniors for free.

Last September, Yudovin was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame as an honor open-water swimmer.

His other accomplishments included surviving a previous heart attack, which occurred early in life, and leukemia later. Subsequently, Yudovin became a motivational speaker.

Yudovin leaves behind numerous family members, including his father Sandy, who lives in Arroyo Grande. Plans for a memorial service are still being arranged.

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I, along with the rest of Cambria, am mourning the sudden passing of a local giant, David Yudovin. To me David was a shinning example of a life well lived, not only as a sports enthusiast, but as a giving individual. Not many people own a Bentley and then volunteer to drive old people to their doctor’s appointments in the community bus. That is what made David special.

OneRepublic wrote these lyrics in their recent song I Lived. I encourage you to listen to the song and watch the video. Then, in memory of David Yudovin, challenge yourself to ask the question: Am I doing enough with my life?

I owned every second that this world could give

Saw so many places

The things that I did.

With every broken bone

I swear, I lived.

With sadness in my heart.

My condolences to his family. This story said he had some previous medical issues that were pretty serious. People like that tend to appreciate life a little more that the average person. Seems he did.

R.I.P. I hope that he’ll have a burial at sea. All life emerged from the sea; from the sea you were raised and onto the sea you shall return.

Sounds like a great guy.

Condolences to his family and friends.