Controversial Morro Bay parks commissioner resigns

March 11, 2015
Aaron Ochs

Aaron Ochs


Following an organized push to oust a member of the Morro Bay parks commission because of his aggressive online antics, Aaron Ochs resigned.

A group of people demeaned by Ochs on social media for issues such as having a dirty shirt or speaking their views at public comment, planned to voice their concerns to the Morro Bay City Council on Tuesday evening. Ben DiFatta, an 81-year-old man Ochs claimed was running a criminal enterprise before Ochs taunted him for having food on his shirt, was unable to attend the meeting and instead sent a letter to the city council.

“I am Ben DiFatta from Los Osos, I am one of the people that Aaron Ochs doesn’t like what I wear to the SLO Board of Supervisor meetings and other accusations that probably may affect my reputation and my business with his accusations as reported on Facebook,” DiFatta wrote. “What he said about me and others is over the top of common sense and malice towards citizen’s of this community. I don’t want to say much more for fear that his demeanor may worsen.”

Mayor Jamie Irons said he appreciated DiFatta’s comments, but Ochs had resigned.

“I believe council was aware of his personal opinions and some public push back on his position as a Rec and Park commissioner,” Irons wrote. “Recognizing this Aaron did the honorable thing by resigning from that commission so as to remove any negative comments toward the city (implied or not) and to hold true to his beliefs and positions.”

Ochs, through Facebook and several websites, has made numerous false claims alleging specific people are felons, or diagnosed mentally ill. He has impersonated reporters. He also has frequently manipulated photos of journalists and activists on his website in order to demean them.

Ochs’ online habits led to the organized push to remove him from the city parks commission and from his seat as President of the Morro Bay Eco-Rotary.


There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.


But if that person dislikes the company of others, and has also renounced riches and material possessions, would there be a reverse-karma in play here? It’s confusing.


“Hasta la vista, baby”


Dont forget he is a “self-described” active leader of the Rotarians. We need to ensure his fellow rotarians are aware of his behaviours.


I thought Rotary Club was a support group for people like Ochs. No? There’s always Isis or Sigma Alpha Epsalon.


So why doesn’t King Irons follow his own advice and do the honorable thing by resigning. He is a disgrace as a Mayor and laughed at by other Mayors in the County and State.


Yeah, return control to Emperor Yates,

I bet you would like that.


I don’t think that’s actually possible anymore.


kayaknut……now I understand the “nut” part. Bill Yates passed sometime back. ESABATM Kayaknut. You are clearly indicative of the “BLIND” that follow Irons.


Are you sure they aren’t laughing WITH him? Mayors can be pretty funny when a bunch of them get together.

mb business owner

tip of the iceberg baby, the city is going down hill, wait until you hear about contracting out to cal fire, brought to you by the brain trust.


Going down hill? That ship has sailed, considering voters who returned Irons after he pulled a Los Osos-grade of sewer plant mistake? Smuckie and Chuckie (Cesena, Los Osos returned him). Disappointing judgment by the voters, but they’ve spoken.

But at least Ochs is gone back to his basement without the legitimacy of public office.

Hey, off topic but anybody have the 411 on the new operator in the Big Boy space? We’re going to dine there and give them a chance, without bitching or whining that they’re not good enough. Hope they do it well so we can eat off the waterfront now and then. I’ve always hated seeing that space empty.


When that place was a Denny’s, us drunks had a place to go after a night at Slappy Crack;s. But we also had the Ravenous Angler, too. Since then, we’ve had no place to go after the bars close down which is why we’ve all moved to live down to the creekbed below Burger King. I hope this new place is open 24 hours, or if we get a Dunkin Donuts would be great. Piece the F Out, yo.


****************** WARNING ********************

Be very careful about what you say about Aaron Ochs.

He is a deranged and dangerous sociopath.

If you criticize him he evidently has the backing of the Morro Bay Police Department to bring criminal charges against you based on a recent post on his pathetic Facebook page.


I fear not this idiot. Never have, never will. Karma is a bitch… and so is he.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.


Ignorant conscientiousness is pretty bad too.


He is clearly a replication of Jamie Irons.


Or a facsimlie thereof.

Kevin Rice

AUDIO–worth a listen:

Apparently, Mayor Irons missed the MB Council meeting last night, as Pro Tem Noah Smukler is running the show in this audio. At the end of the clip, you hear Noah confirming Aaron resigned.


Interesting audio. Thanks for posting it. I believe the Mayor and at least one other City official were absent last night because they are in Washington D.C.




You mean the trust fund baby was able to confirm something without having his trusted leader pull the binky from his mouth??


whistling dixie yella bella blue belly scum……good riddance….


… and my darlin’, Clementine …


I applaud Mr Ochs maturity and honor in this instance.


“Maturity and honor”…. Certainly you jest? This guy is as vindictive as it gets and there is no dought that he has worked as a political operative under the tutelage of others … On the top of the suspect list are Adam Hill (dishonest politician), Tom Fulks (political strategist) and Tom Jones (shame on PGE).



It is much more likely that based on advice from players like Fulks, Tom Jones, and Adam Hill, Ochs couldn’t avoid the writing on the wall, and chose to save himself the embarrassment of being called on the carpet by those he’s attacked unjustifiably.


Every time I hear about pg&e’s Tom Jones I think about the Cal PUC and how pg&e was “helping” shape our state regulations and I wonder how much “help” our county is receiving from our corporate “friends”.

This goes double for the 2016 campaign season.


Racket, I applaud your willingness to stir the coals and give the people of Morro Bay one more event to overreact to in their apparently very bored lives, and am giving you a thumb’s-up just for that.


Often I post smart-ass or sarcastic ideas to help people think. This one was not. I truly believe it took a lot of maturity and righteousness to step down.

I will bet he didn’t want to do it, and he doesn’t seem to back down easy, so yeah, I think he did a good thing.

Also, his fulfillment of the position seemed to be just another thing for Morro Bay to fight about. And it would probably be more productive for them to fight about things that actually matter.


Gonna have to give you a thumbs-down then. Sorry.

Rich in MB

In a world gone mad, we at least have some good news today.

Morro Bay has enough problems without Aaron Ochs pouring gas needlessly on the Community.

Hopefully, this experience will help Mr Ochs mature a bit.


Mature? NOT !!!

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