Don’t make a stink in SLO

March 19, 2015

Titlecard_Something_SmellsThe San Luis Obispo City Council majority plans to ban foul odors that creep across property lines. [New Times]

Mayor Jan Marx, Councilman John Ashbaugh and Councilwoman Carlyn Christianson voted in favor of the proposed “odor nuisance” ordinance at Tuesday’s council meeting. The proposal will become a city ordinance if a majority of the council approves it again at an upcoming meeting.

Over the past couple years, city staffers have received complaints about an undesirable scent emanating a from medical marijuana grow in the backyard of a San Luis Obispo home. When the council failed to adopt a proposed medical marijuana ban, staff responded by drafting the foul odor ordinance.

If adopted, the ordinance will mandate that city staff receive three verified complaints from neighboring property owners before deeming an odor a public nuisance. Once the city determines that an odor is a public nuisance, code enforcers can issue citations to the property owner.

Councilmen Dan Carpenter and Dan Rivoire cast the two dissenting votes. Carpenter said the ordinance will be a nightmare to enforce, and Rivoire said neighbors should be able to resolve odor issues among themselves.

Marx said the ordinance will help the community get along better.


Campaign slogan for the next election, Lets ban Jan.


Jan “the ban” Marx. I hope she gets banned next election. I need to go around and pull a few more heads out of the sand. Turn off the NPR and put down the Tribune. Time to see what’s going on around you.


Brilliant, so now we’ll have the neighborhood nostril watch. Sorry Fred you’ll have to move, you scored an 8.2 on the smellOgraph. Next up the dirty underwear police, but with one caveat, underwear must be worn on the outside of clothing to facilitate inspection. Citizens you will comply, Commissar Marx has spoken.


Several years ago didn’t someone complain about smells coming from the city dump on Carpenter Canyon. They had some kind of device that metered the smell from the dump. Build a house near a dump you’re not going to need a smell detector…….think they were trying to close down the dump.


Oh good, they can finally stop that nostril burning stench that waifs from that store next to Banana Republic in downtown SLO. I think it’s called Abercrombe or something. I swear they must go out and break a bottle of perfume on the sidewalk in front of that place every hour.


Sand blowing from the beach in Oceano, smells blowing in SLO…

Let’s blame the wind and be done with it!


What a bunch of hypocrites. Nowhere is the anti-smoking ordinance enforced and now this ”smelly” idea. Gimme a break.


In some cases this could be great, but I can think of a few in which it makes all these guys look like idiots. Example A when they wanted to build a senior center in Oceano near the sewer plant, and example B, people who built houses next to a pig farm and then complained because of the smell. Honestly if the city council for SLO is able to sort out the legitimate complaints I see no problem.


The most offensive smell that comes to my mind is the rancid grease smell wafting from a Jack in the Box. Someone should file a complaint against Ralston Purina and watch how fast this ignoramus law gets yanked.


Let me guess, where their business is located is zoned commercial.


OK, I was going to look up the Futurama episode where they use the professor’s smellescope to smell Uranus…

Instead, I found that someone actually invented the smellescope (except they call it the Nasal Ranger, which is far more lame of a name).

I would LOVE for this to pass, so we can remove City Hall in it’s entirety. Maybe even the County and it’s foul stench that clouds our minds.