Man shot and killed near Paso Robles

March 14, 2015

gunSan Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating a shooting death that occurred in unincorporated Paso Robles late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of shots fired at a home in the 400 block of Gahan Place around 12:11 a.m. They discovered a man’s body in the driveway upon arriving at the house.

A man, a woman and their teenage son were inside the house at the time, according to a sheriff’s office news release. No arrests have occurred.

The sheriff’s office has not identified the victim, nor released any information about possible suspects.

On Monday, sheriff’s detectives arrested a Paso Robles resident for kidnapping a man and shooting him in the leg at a San Miguel trailer park.


Well, if they got convictions they must have done something right. The good Lord helps them that helps themselves. Did you stay in contact with the DA or sit on your ass waiting for a phone call?


If you are addressing my family, Gordo, yes we sat on our ass but only after being told we’d made sufficient reporting and evidentiary cooperation. I believe you can grasp the concept of LE telling us “don’t call us anymore, we’ll call you”.

They in LE dropped the ball, not us.

Having owned enough properties that were robbed in various urban jurisdictions, I have an experiential feeling for which agencies follow through, and which agencies guard the doughnut shops.

In this county, REPEAT contacts to LE do NOT bring results. Having family members who reported serious, serial, CAUGHT ON HOME CAMERA cruise and domestic violence and stalking issues, the same applies (zero results, lots of excuses).

Our scorn for most LE agencies around here is based upon broad family and personal experience with crappy or non-existent “service”. Maybe the scattered nature of properties somehow makes us statistically more likely to be hit, but the results we’ve seen are pathetic with only a few exceptions.


The Sheriff’s Office has identified the victim of the shooting as Marshall Chandler Savoy (32)

There’s a 32-year-old Marshal Savoy out of Santa Margarita/Atascadero, but it may or may not be the same person:


Don’t forget the recent report that San Luis Obispo county is on the top 10 list for sky-rocketing crime. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Mr. Holly

Might be time to load and lock?


Get ready, with Prop 47 making felony crimes now misdemeanors, punished by fines, probation and “programs” I expect to see our crime rates to start climbing. I hope our police and sheriffs are up to the task. Most of the officers were in grade school when we last had a real crime wave in the late 80’s and early 90’s.


“…….we last had a real crime wave in the late 80’s and early 90’s…..”

And the “service” stunk then, TOO. We had multiple ranch burglaries, reported and “investigated” by the sheriff near our county line place, Monterey and SLO soon got tips and got convictions, and restitution from the wealthy family of the punk teenage burglars……and…..

lazy SLO DA and SD didn’t notify many local victims of the burglary wave and the plea deal, and many of us got LEFT OUT of the restitution phase. The Model 94 I grew up with is probably STILL in the hands of the perps.

Nope, no notice from LE, no restitution. Not a DIME. That’s lazy bad service, about what I figure you can expect now, Gordo.