Teen killed in fall at Pirates Cove

March 13, 2015

Pirate's CoveAn 18-year-old man died after falling from a cliff Friday afternoon at Pirates Cove.

Shortly after 2 p.m., witnesses saw the man walking along the cliff’s edge. After he fell, one person swam out and pulled the man to the water’s edge.

Emergency personnel from the Port San Luis Harbor Patrol and Cal Fire arrived and transported the man in a boat to the Port San Luis Pier where an ambulance was waiting. Medics on the scene then confirmed the man was deceased.

The victim is not being identified pending notification of his next of kin.

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He wasn’t trying to get a “peek” because where he fell is off the west end of the parking lot so all the pervert theorists can go back to bed. The man fell and died, leave it alone.

I remember when they filled in the “Dinosaur Cave” for fear someone might slip and fall. Never heard of anyone getting hurt there, but a 100 feet away people would fall off the cliff (where the Dinosaur Cave Park is now) every spring … like clockwork.

Unless the topographies has changed dramatically there, how do you fall off the cliff into the water over the beach where the sunbathers are?

How many people must die before we install a observation deck???

Tragic and sad, yes. But, Observation deck? Come on. He was likely walking along the edge of the cliff to spy on the nudists and u want to equip him with high powered binoculars?

The only whales he was watching were the beached kind.

The place attracts all kinds. It’s no more dangerous than Montana de Oro.

To the family of this young man…..

Blessings, and may God strengthen and comfort you at this most terrible and unexpected time.

What is this obsession with PC? Risking ones like just to get a peek?

It is but a symptom of a dysfunctional aspect of some cultural attitudes towards human sexuality. The roots are in fundamentalist (Christian/Muslim/Jewish) religious teachings which go overboard in trying to mysticize sex as a means of inducing guilt and control of believers. It has been so deeply ingrained in many that they can’t imagine that it is anything but natural. Sexual attractions of a physical nature are natural and not inherently overwhelming. They can be warped by thorough brainwashing however.

I caught a bad case of it growing up but learned to recognize it and fight back mentally. Still there are times when it pops out from my subconscious for an irritating moment or two. I have learned that others similarly raised have not overcome this idiocy and I suspect that it may contribute to the ongoing saga of Pirate’s Cove cliff divers.

Sounds like you remain dysfunctional and warped. Unhealthy attitude.

Um, this was an 18 year old KID. What is wrong with you? I am being completely serious. Do you have a diagnosis, or should we call someone?

I really am sorry for the family of this KID. Yes, kid. I have a 19 year old daughter. They aren’t quite ripe yet. They think they are invincible. They are so excited and positive about life. I wish I could bottle some of that optimism and give it out here.