Morro Bay marine sanctuary denied

March 12, 2015

morro bayBy KAREN VELIE

The federal government denied a request by the Northern Chumash Tribal Council and members of the public to make a section of the Pacific Ocean between the Monterey Bay and Channel Islands a national marine sanctuary.

In its March 6 denial, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said the nomination by Fred Collins of the Northern Chumash Tribal Council was not sufficient to move forward with the next step in the approval process. Specifically, that Collins did not explain how current and future uses would threaten the area’s resources and quality and that he was not clear about what local partner agencies would bring to the process.

In addition, Collins failed to explain how a national marine sanctuary would work with or improve existing regulatory and management authorities in the area and how it would provide unique conservation.

If Collins addresses the application’s insufficiencies, he can resubmit the tribal council’s nomination request, the NOAA said in its denial letter.

In the council’s original application, it noted that a marine sanctuary designation for the area would preserve unique cultural and natural resources and permanently prevent offshore oil and gas development in the protected area. The Chumash consider a portion of the proposed sanctuary to be sacred.

Several local officials and groups sent letters of support to the NOAA in January including San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx, SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson, the California Coastal Commission, Surfrider chapters and the Sierra Club.

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The Feds were due to get one right.

Never take a crayon to a pencil fight!

It’s already a NERD sanctuary headed up by the thought extinct Dodo bird Irons and his flock fledgling followers.

It was their land first. They ought to be allowed some concessions. Karma is a bitch…just sayin…

indigo…..research history….it belonged to the Chinese first.

It’s ours now… before the Indians and the Chinese it belonged to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

We’re all one in the eye of the Spirit, so it was our land then, too.

How long do we have to pacify them. They want all the benefits of America and at the same time, they want to have their own society that is immune from the demands that are placed on the rest of us to support that society

Theo P. Neustic says:”How long do we have to pacify them.”

This statement gets the WTF award this morning.

I agree….seeing the truth spoken in public often does provoke feelings of WTF in today’s generations of nincompoops.

WTF don’t you get about what I said? It’s quite clear.

A win for the public, and a blow to the special interests listed in the story.

We have our tribal gear on! BTW it was left in the last house we bought buried in the back yard. lol

This is not the same Chumash as in Santa Ynez. This is “Northern Chumash” – tribe of ONE. Sierra Club is using Fred to do their bidding for them. And what does Jan Marxs have to do with Morro Bay issues, I would thing she has enough on her plate with SLO’s problems. The fishing is already over regulated and now you want to invite the Feds in, seriously some won’t be happy till we’re all buying farmed fish!

You are SPOT ON, MBv. This is a total scam. A solution to a problem that does not, nor will it, exist.

Can Marx propose an ordinance for this too?

I would suggest that you do a story about what the Salinians have to say about Fred Collins’

idea for a Chumash sanctuary.

Yaaaaaaay! FINALLY the FEDS made a smart decision! Think I will celebrate and go climb Morro Rock now!

Yet the “Chumash” have no problem building ugly ass casinos and contributing to the woes of addiction for gambling. Funny, its all ok, as long as they are making a buck. What a JOKE.

Thanks Goodness!

If you think giving control over our local ocean to the Federal Government, you might as well give the frauds at the Nuclear Regulatory Agency in control of our local coastline and ocean!

Crazy Nuts folks….again….Great News that the application was rejected!