Paso Robles man eats poop while on trial

March 26, 2015
Andrew Gilbertson

Andrew Gilbertson

A Paso Robles man on trial for bank robbery put his hand into his pants, took out feces and ate it while testifying on Wednesday.

Andrew Gilbertson, 40, is accused of robbing the Bank of America located at Santa Rosa and Higuera streets in San Luis on July 2013. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

While on the stand, Gilbertson said the Virgin Mary told him to rob the bank. He then said the Virgin Mary told him to eat feces.

Judge Donald Umhofer called a recess after Gilbertson began eating poop. Later in the day, a mental health expert testified that Gilbertson hears voices in his head.

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Would a sane man eat feces to avoid a length sentence? I don’t really think so. Having trouble buying that “faking it” scenario when so many other plots have proven successful.

Insanity as a defense has to prove that the person who committed the crime didn’t know right from wrong or his mental illness compelled him to commit the crime.

The surveillance tape of the bank robbery will offer a lot of evidence as to his insanity plea.

Wt would would be intersting to see CCN dig into this guy and do a bio-profile. We might learn something from this exercise

What a sham. Does he eat feces when it’s dinner time? Put a camera on this guy 24/7. Have someone tell him that the judge is setting him free and watch his reaction.

That Virgin Mary is a real prankster. She’s always had a sick sense of humor.

This exact same stunt was talked about in the movie “Training Day”

Life imitating art.

Now he will probably get sick from this little stunt and have to be treated with expensive antibiotics at taxpayers’ expense.

insane? put him in a padded cell then. and tell him to wash his hands.

It’s all part of his plan to plead insanity, I’m sure. If I were the judge, I would have said, “Finish it. All of it.” – Of course that would never happen…

I feel bad for the guard / deputies that had to “restrain” and remove him. Shitty job.

Lovely. Doesn’t he know that eating fesses can make you sick.

Put him in that special “roach motel” jail cell that the sherriff’s department has..where the Rachel’s check in, but they don’t check out.

Roaches check in

He was just confirming to the court that he is full of shit.

Not any more.