Paso Robles woman arrested for embezzlement

March 24, 2015
Denna Carol Serda

Denna Carol Serda

Paso Robles police arrested a Paso Robles bookkeeper last week for allegedly embezzling at least $700,000 from a local manufacturing business and a non-profit during a period of about six years.

Representatives of the Paso Robles Youth Sports Council and Make-It Manufacturing filed reports with police prompting the investigation. Officers then conducted a search of Denna Carol Serda’s home and conducted a review of her bank accounts.

“The analysis of financial documents revealed probable cause that Serda embezzled over $700,000 from the manufacturing company alone,” Sgt. Tod Rehner said in a press release. “Included in the financial documents was additional evidence that Serda may have forged over 450 financial documents to facilitate the embezzlement.”

Following the search of her home, Serda, 56, turned herself in at the Paso Robles Police Department. Officers then booked her into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on felony charges of grand theft and forgery.

As of Tuesday morning, Serda remains in jail with her bail set at $1.2 million.

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Paso Robles police arrested a Paso Robles bookkeeper last week for allegedly embezzling at least $700,000 from a local manufacturing business


The question is, how do you not recognize that money is missing before it gets all the way up to 700k? Who’s running this business? And why have you been asleep at the wheel for the past 6 years?

The owner was on the radio this morning. Sounds like a nice guy, in total shock. He took full responsibility, though he obviously hopes to regain some funds through the retribution process. Apparently Denna the thief was great at forgery and doctoring the books to make everything seem OK.

and doctoring the books to make everything seem OK


Hah? Nice try. Who’s talking about the books? Books just match up incoming with outgoing. At the end of the day when there’s no money in the bank account you know something’s up. You know when someone is stealing from you because there’s $700,000 missing from your bank account. And if you don’t know $700,000 is missing from your bank account, you’re clueless.

I can imagine the business owner is sick about this. I, too, own a small business. My wife does the books. Should I be worried?

Only if the food or drink she fixes for you tastes funny.

That’s a lot of money to go unnoticed for so long. Then again, you need to trust your bookkeeper! Certifiable looney! Can the courts order her to never work in the accounting field again?

I wonder if she will get the same treatment as gearhart?

Her bail is higher?

You’d think after embezzling $700k she could have afforded a make-over, or at least some make-up.

That’s what a guilty conscience will do for you.

At the very least she was probably trying to act / look as natural as possible so as not to throw off the ‘suddenly rollin’ in the dough’ vibe.

I really hope she goes to prison for a long time. Stealing from a nonprofit youth sports group is among the lowest of the low. The manufacturer’s finances are no doubt a mess now and the cost to society is, fewer jobs there, fewer items made, etc. These are crimes that impact our society beyond the immediate victims. Neither of these victims will ever be repaid in full.Everything she owns should be confiscated to repay the victims. Please, don’t let her off with 6 months in jail and probation. For some reason our courts don’t take these kinds of crime very seriously, and the message that sends is, Go for it, 6-18 months in jail for that kind of money is a pretty good deal!

I hope the courts seize all property because you know all the fancy jeeps and the 1967 Camaro the boy drives was bought with dirty money. Greed..

I was wondering where the $$ went…but cars don’t cost that much; I wonder how the rest was spent. $700,000 tax free dollars is sure a lot of cash!!

A similar case in SB County recently was the result of a gambling addiction. The money went to the Chumash Casino — although good luck either proving that or recovering the money.

But…but…she is a Serda “fied” accountant.