Photos of San Luis Obispo garage roof collapsing

March 7, 2015

Coordinated through social media, several thousand college-aged men and women poured into a residential neighborhood in San Luis Obispo near Cal Poly on Friday night. Many of the revelers were drinking alcoholic beverages and were wearing green clothing for the pre-Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

San Luis Obispo police were informed of the loud block party at 4:44 a.m. on Saturday and began giving citations.

At 6:21 a.m., between 30 to 40 party-goers were standing on top of a garage at 364 Hathaway Avenue and the roof collapsed under the weight of the people, causing at least eight injuries.

Following are photos of the roof collapsing:

roof 1

roof 2

roof 3


roof 5


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Alcohol tends to stupefy even the brilliant…


Would all the engineering students please raise your hands?

Well, at least your unbroken hands.


Dear Haters, Cal Poly’s motto is “Learn by Doing”. Roofs are designed for a “live load” (loads in addition to the weight of building materials) of 10 psf. Assuming a 400sf garage, 30 people is just about right for the building to collapse. I went by an hour ago. The collapsed roof after party is in full swing, lots of cops.


Stupid is….as stupid does!


OK – if the cops were there at 4:44, then if the roof collapsed at 6:21, I’m guessing that the cops were still there, right? That makes it even MORE stupid! That would indicate that the cops ‘allowed’ them to continue to be on the roof OR they had gone, but I would HIGHLY doubt that they would have left (either that or they left after issuing citations and people came back). The Cal Poly that “I” attended had smarter students!


Seriously? I attended Cal Poly as well. Then, we were far more respectful of others and our community and would NEVER have engaged in such outrageous behavior.

It seems to be all about social media how big of an ass you can make of yourself for EVERYONE to see.

It’s sad indeed.


I didn’t attend Cal Poly but did attend a similar size university. There have always been the immature crazies and there have always been the more mature responsible kids and there have always been those in between. This age group is in the middle of the maturing process.

Remember the riots at Poly Royal? When was that — nearly 30 years ago? The famous National Lampoon movie about a fraternity gone wild was set in the 70’s and had some basis in reality although definitely exaggerated.

I’m thinking that there are a lot of older people posting here with a quite selective memory — unless senility has set in.


I thought Cal Poly was for smart people? I’m betting someone’s landlord doesn’t plan on renewing their lease!


I guess they don’t teach common sense 101 or respect 101 at calpoly. The neighbors must have been thrilled


Cal Poly, learn by doing!


If the Cal Poly kids were smarter they could get into a better school. This performance on the roof pretty much sums up their idiocy…!


Few schools better than Poly at what Poly actually offers…


Yes, Sam, CalPoly students have higher SATs than students at most UCs.