Photos of San Luis Obispo garage roof collapsing

March 7, 2015

Coordinated through social media, several thousand college-aged men and women poured into a residential neighborhood in San Luis Obispo near Cal Poly on Friday night. Many of the revelers were drinking alcoholic beverages and were wearing green clothing for the pre-Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

San Luis Obispo police were informed of the loud block party at 4:44 a.m. on Saturday and began giving citations.

At 6:21 a.m., between 30 to 40 party-goers were standing on top of a garage at 364 Hathaway Avenue and the roof collapsed under the weight of the people, causing at least eight injuries.

Following are photos of the roof collapsing:

roof 1

roof 2

roof 3


roof 5


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What?! No youtube video link? That many fools and their incessant need to photo and video record every meaningless little thing, one would think there’d be a wealth of video and photos!

Have to keep documenting “stupid” or else they’ll realize how pointless everything is when spoiled.


This is our future. Ignore it.


As the student asked the landlord, “Hey dude, do we lose our deposit.”


Proof of the state of our future political and business leaders. In reality we’re only half a

generation away again from human sacrifices & writing on cave walls.


Cal Poly just needs to give in and allow booze on campus, put a bar right in the middle of their sports field and let the knuckleheads have at it. Nobody leaves unless they can pass a breathalyzer test.


Cal Poly student here. This is not indicative of the entire student population, this is a small minority of students whose primary goal in college is to party as much as they can. In 4 years at Cal Poly I can tell you that these events are not limited to Cal Poly students, don’t forget that there is a large population of students who move to the Central Coast to attend Cuesta College, which never bears any responsibility when its students are involved in these types of activities.


How many times have college students been warned about roofies?


Saw this in the paper. My first thought……………50 people!!? O.k. so lets go with 40 average to compensate for any inaccuracies, lets go with 175 lbs per person, (some heavier like guys, some lighter like women, so average) that is 7000 lbs. That is more than a lot of cars. I don’t care if your house is brand new, if you parked the equivalent of a car on it, it will collapse. Why do you think people in the mid-west clear their roofs of snow? If you leave to much weight you’re asking for trouble.

Last I am sick and tired of seeing this Poly crap on a regular basis lately. I have been here since ’80 and I swear it seems to be worse in the last few years than ever!!! Probably more of the future entitlement (i.e. it’s my right) class.

JB Bronson

Saw the student interviews on TV after the roof fell. Sad, stupid kids with Jr. High maturity in colleg-age bodies.

Cal Poly’s job is to educate, not raise children. President Armstrong’s statement was appropriate, but should be sent to the parents because the “college” kids are to immature to get it.