Traveler tested for Ebola in Santa Barbara County

March 23, 2015

virusDoctors are testing and monitoring a traveler who recently returned from one or more countries that experienced an Ebola epidemic. [KSBY]

Santa Barbara County health officials say the case is a low risk situation and highly unlikely to be Ebola. However, the person developed a fever and showed other signs of illness Sunday while under county monitoring.

Officials are not releasing the individual’s identity. County health staff say they decided to transport the patient to an unidentified hospital after consulting with officials from the California Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The person will remain in the hospital until results of the testing are complete. There is no risk to the community, and health officials have already notified those close to the patient.

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There is one thing about this that isn’t being addressed.


From ProMED:

23 Mar 2015 USA (California): Santa Barbara woman tests negative for Ebola

[In a statement released Monday morning, officials said “test results and clinical

evaluation confirm the patient does NOT have Ebola.” Reportedly, she is going

to be released from the hospital. No specific time or date was given]


It takes two Ebola tests (initial and confirmation) to definitively diagnose someone

as Ebola virus negative. It doesn’t sound like she was hospitalized long enough to

have the confirmation test administered and shown to be negative.