Wal-Mart to build a store in Atascadero

March 13, 2015

wal-martWal-Mart announced Thursday that it will move forward with plans to build an 118,000 square-foot shopping center in northern Atascadero.

After seven years of contentious debate, the project was approved by the Atascadero City Council in 2012. However, a group of citizens filed a lawsuit over the approval, which failed last summer.

Then corporate Wal-Mart began questioning whether or not to open multiple already approved stores including the proposed Del Rio Road and El Camino Real project.

Next, Wal-Mart will have to comply with permitting requirements before determining a construction timeline.

The Atascadero Wal-Mart will employ about 250 people and will include a grocery section, an outdoor garden center and a full-service pharmacy.

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Thank goodness I’m getting low on TP…

If you are really in need, you could always use the New Times, they are free and you can get as many as you need from one of those boxes, as TP is about all New Times is good for, that and the bottom of bird cages.

This whole thing is almost 10 years old. I think the antis are out of gas and have moved on.

I personally don’t think Walmart will ruin Atascadero and you don’t have to shop there if you

object to their business model. I think Walmart has gotten cold feet and are thinking this wholee

A Town project is more trouble than its worth and they might just be right. Walmart needs to

stick to Right to Work states where people appreciate the bland nature of a blisterpack world

of low wage part time employees. This will change the demographics for the worst.

Any one who thinks A Town is Ghetto please take a trip to Fresno or Bakersfield and we will


Good! Personally. I look forward to it.

If all of you Walmart haters don’t want to shop there, for what ever reason, then don’t! If you are right and Walmart is the Devil incarnate, then no one will shop there and they will go out of business and the building will be available for some froo-froo store.

But . . . . if Atascadero citizens find the store useful and popular, then I am grateful that some self-righteous holier-than-tho snobs were not able to deny a useful resource to the majority of the local residents.

What is it about Freedom that scares so many people?

Rich, I think it is all about validation. If you can force people to behave or believe the way you do, then how can you be wrong if so many people are the same?

People on limited incomes will have better shopping options in Atascadero. The local business owners can’t insulate themselves and their landlords from competition. The shoppers will have options. If they are willing to pay more to shop at the locally owned stores, more power to them.

The city of Atascadero will remain the same until residents of Atascadero start spending their money in Atascadero. Currently residents of Atascadero spend their tax dollars in the surrounding cities. Paso Robles loves having Atascadero residents spend their hard earned money at their stores….Walmart, Target, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond etc…..Is it unfortunate that the old mom and pop shops cant compete with the big box store yes…but that is business. The residents that live in Atascadero did not support those shops, They decided to spend elsewhere (SLO,PASO, Santa Marie, AG). So how do we build a tax base back up? We need the business that will keep Atascadero residents spending their money in Atascadero if that means big box store so be it. Once residents start spending money in this town at the big box stores we will get the smaller ancillary business to come and succeed. Also Atascadero needs to stop spending money on trying to become a tourist stop to build tax revenue. Be don’t have wine tasting rooms or water park attraction etc. Just a thought

It would be helpful if someone would provide the estimate of the net revenue increase annually to the City of Atascadero after the expected added city expenses.

WalMart will actually Save Atascadero!

I will be even happier if there is a McDonalds inside so I can follow the shake trail back to the baby clothes and stroller section.

Viva La Walmart….viva Capitalism….viva….oppps the slave making the product in China just died.

And the main reason for global warming is people……….