Adam Hill gets roasted in violation of party by-laws

April 29, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill must be a glutton for punishment. The two-term District 3 supervisor, often the target of scathing criticism in public forums and on social media, has decided to willingly subject himself to an entire evening of abuse — all in the name of getting re-elected.

More than 13 months before the June 2016 primary election, the SLO County Democratic Party sent out invitations asking recipients to pay $30 to attend a June 5 roast of Hill. The proceeds are to benefit both the SLO County Democratic Party and Hill.

Nevertheless, the SLO Democratic Party’s own by-laws do not permit the party to endorse or give financial assistance to candidates until the filing period closes, which has not yet happened. Those rules were set in place to give all Democrats for office an equal chance to seek the local party endorsement and financial assistance.

“The Committee shall not endorse any candidates before the close of the filing period for the office,” the SLODCC’s by-laws say.

Last month, San Luis Obispo City Councilman Dan Carpenter, decline to state, and former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie, Democrat, filed papers required to start campaigning. Carpenter and Peterson join Hill in the race for the District 3 seat. The district includes a portion of San Luis Obispo, Edna Valley, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach and Grover Beach.

In the past, Hill has impersonated an opponent, lashed out at his wife’s former employee for demoting her and called multiple people who have disagreed with him racists or homophobic. In many cases, Hill made public apologies for his lack of decorum.

The roast is slated for June 6 at the Filipponi Ranch Cellars in San Luis Obispo. The invitations say the roast is paid for by the SLO County Democratic Party without Hill’s authorization.

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Let the games begin!


I am no longer a card carrying Democrat!


Good for you. Since you won’t be needing it, could you please send your card to me? I never received mine.


Best thing to happen is NO ONE show up! NO One give up the $30 for his campaign.

Well, except Dee, let her “Roast” her own husband. I’m sure even she has a lot to say.

If you really feel you need to tell him off, post on CCN or New times….


Oh you reactionaries will post here, I have no doubt !

Mike Byrd

There was a time I might have agreed with you, Slowerfaster. But it seems to me that as CCN has broken more significant stories the readership has grown to be less homogenous and broader based. There is now a healthier mix of viewpoints which i find of greater interest.


Pat Harris, the president of the SLO County Democratic party, supports Adam Hill and his view that anything goes when you are attempting to keep your job. Ms. Harris, there are many Democrats in the county who belief in ethics and honesty. The rules were set in place to protect and promote fair play.

The reason many have left the Democratic Party in this county and became decline to state is because they do not want to be tied to underhanded politicians who are known for character assassinations and name calling rather than focusing on the issues. A change in the current SLO Democratic Party leadership is clearly needed.

Jorge Estrada

Adam is a natural for sitting on the throne, please pass him the roll of paper.


Must be a different Filipponi than the partner in Santa Margarita Ranch.


Adam Hill is so short,

Lenny Jones tried to molest him.


“Good evening and welcome to tonight’s roast of County Supervisor Adam Hill.

“I’d like to start by thanking the ladies in the kitchen who volunteered to prepare tonight’s meal–I think Julie Tacker and Linde Owen did a fantastic job. Hope you enjoy the homemade tamales, beans, and the special Kevin Rice.

“Be sure to tip your waitress, Caren Ray.

“To make Adam feel at home, we’ve stationed an armed deputy in the back of the room.

“I want to remind all of tonight’s speakers to adhere strictly to the three-minute rule. If you go longer, Adam will turn off your microphone. John Ashbaugh wanted to speak first, but since we want to get out of here before midnight, John will speak last–besides, that will give him time to do the dishes.

“Also, let me introduce the people sitting at Table No. 1 — Friends of Adam Hill Who Publicly Disavow Knowing Him. Glad that Tom Fulks, Tom Jones, Aaron Ochs, Ed Ochs, and Jenny Herzog could be here tonight.

“Let me also give a shout out to COLAB for providing tonight’s entertainment. At Adam’s request, we have a comedian in black face.

“And don’t forget to check under your chairs before you leave. We have taped gift cards to Tom’s Toys on one chair per table. Good luck in winning!

“Let the roast begin!




Hold on to your day job, Dave.


Ah, but at least I put my name on my material. Squeak! Squeak! protests the Anonymous.


Dave….LMAO this is one of the best post I’ve seen….we’ll said!



There’s a novelty. A politician breaking rules to further himself. Gimme a break.

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