Adam Hill gets roasted in violation of party by-laws

April 29, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill must be a glutton for punishment. The two-term District 3 supervisor, often the target of scathing criticism in public forums and on social media, has decided to willingly subject himself to an entire evening of abuse — all in the name of getting re-elected.

More than 13 months before the June 2016 primary election, the SLO County Democratic Party sent out invitations asking recipients to pay $30 to attend a June 5 roast of Hill. The proceeds are to benefit both the SLO County Democratic Party and Hill.

Nevertheless, the SLO Democratic Party’s own by-laws do not permit the party to endorse or give financial assistance to candidates until the filing period closes, which has not yet happened. Those rules were set in place to give all Democrats for office an equal chance to seek the local party endorsement and financial assistance.

“The Committee shall not endorse any candidates before the close of the filing period for the office,” the SLODCC’s by-laws say.

Last month, San Luis Obispo City Councilman Dan Carpenter, decline to state, and former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie, Democrat, filed papers required to start campaigning. Carpenter and Peterson join Hill in the race for the District 3 seat. The district includes a portion of San Luis Obispo, Edna Valley, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach and Grover Beach.

In the past, Hill has impersonated an opponent, lashed out at his wife’s former employee for demoting her and called multiple people who have disagreed with him racists or homophobic. In many cases, Hill made public apologies for his lack of decorum.

The roast is slated for June 6 at the Filipponi Ranch Cellars in San Luis Obispo. The invitations say the roast is paid for by the SLO County Democratic Party without Hill’s authorization.

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Is anyone willing to bet that during his roast, he will be nominated, acknowledged, or identified as “Citizen Of The Year?”


Why would anyone pay $30 to roast Adam when we can watch him roast himself for free every Tuesday.


The damage Mr. Hill and his buddy Mr. Gibson, (and back in the day their trio of Ms. Ray) causes SLO county is hardly free to the taxpayers. Hopefully that will end with his defeat next year.


You need to go back just a bit further and include Jim Patterson with this group. And the worst part, Jim Patterson is most likely coming back to run against Debbie Arnold.


I don’t quite understand the headline and the basis of the article. It’s Hill that is planning to give money to the Democratic Party and not the other way around. That doesn’t seem to violate the Party’s by-laws. If people are dumb enough to hand over $30 bucks, he can donate some portion to the Dem. Party if he wants to. I believe that the Supreme Court recently settled that issue.

Mike Byrd

SLO_Johnny, read the last sentence of the article. It says this is a party event.


But, it isn’t a Party event. He is planning it, not the Party.


SLO_Johnny –

Are you working on damage control, or ???


Republicans are the ENEMY of civilization. They want, and DEMAND …control.

Control like Kings, Lords, and Slavemasters

Control by BOSSES and related bullies.

You can be the complicite slave, you can be a martyr, or you can be a hero..



Ho hum.

Kevin Rice

“DEFY ! REBEL ! LIVE !” — you sound like a Tea Partier. You must be an off-roader or gun enthusiast or Libertarian?

“Control like Kings, Lords and Slavemasters; BOSSES and related bullies” —


– No odors may emit from your marijuana grow

– No drive throughs

– No trash cans visible

– No plastic bags

– ABSOLUTELY no smoking

– Sending brown-shirts to inspect inside your home (rental inspections)

– No sleeping in your car, even if you have no where to go

Hmmm… I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.


Yours are all strawman arguments. I know it’s your style.



I think you are a little bit hyperbolic here. However, that aside, how exactly are Democrats different in this respect? (Hint: Actions trump words) On the local level, Kevin Rice’s comments are appropriate even if I disagree with his views on a couple of them.


Democrat. Liberal. Progressive.

CANCER. That unfortunately has metastasized in the USA, and the world.

As for the USA, skin color, gender, same sex marriage, children being raised by those as such, has become more important than abosolute truth, absolute morality. Obama? And next, Hillary? Corrupt. Bankrupt of anything moral.

Truth IS truth. Disregard the comment of Pontius Pilate to Jesus.

Public education of our children, K1 – K12, and higher education, has doomed us.

Liberal teaching et al. Indoctrination at its best.

Give your live’s to Jesus Christ.

There is life after death. Where will you spend eternity?


Well you can always pin your hopes on whoever the Koch brothers decide who your next Republican candidate is going to be.


Or you can thank the democrat’s equal to the Koch Brothers, George Soros, who has supported Obama, Pelosi and Harry Reid as long as they support his agenda of Open Society Institute Democracy Alliance Shadow Party, which has corrupted our universities and education system, and while he believes strongly in the “spread the wealth” mantra owes $7 BILLION in back taxes like the other preacher, Warren Buffet ( who continues to use tax loopholes to accumulate his wealth and avoid taxes.

To be clear, Koch Brothers and George Soros are equally corrupt but the politicial parties love their money. You only like them if they support your causes and contribute.



Ted Slanders


I just don’t know where to start with your godly dissertation, therefore, I’ll just address a few of your notions. Firstly, it is not wise to use the Pontius Pilate scenario in Matthew 27 for the simple reason that it shows our Jesus not being very strong as either being the Son of God, or God incarnate, because He couldn’t come down from the cross to save Himself in the same manner as He so easily saved others. Subjectively, Mums the word on this situation next time, okay? Notwithstanding that he was proclaimed the “King of the Jews” which if one is not a Jew, then Jesus is to no avail.

You’re completely correct with your notion that higher education is the bane of sinking a Christian Nation because when people are highly educated and really delve into our faith’s historicity, it is shown to be equal to the other myths of the Bronze Age. That is why we have the “faith card” on our side that helps us to accept that our Christianity somehow isn’t an equal myth of the time period.

Relating to Hillary, Obama and the DEMONcrats, didn’t we miss the opportunity of having the Republican Mitt Romney as president in 2012? His Christian Mormon modus operandi surly would have been held in high esteem throughout the world’s leaders by Mitt believing the doctrine of a self-proclaimed prophet named Joseph Smith. What world leader would question Mitt’s Mormon faith where he has to wear “secret underwear,” or where the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith found some godly golden plates in upper New York State through the help of the angel “Moroni”, had a “seer stone” placed in a hat to be able to read said plates from behind a curtain where his secretaries transcribed them for the Book of Mormon?

Furthermore, Mitt having to believe in a planet named “Kolob” that is close by where his bible God exists. Notwithstanding, Mitt having to accept that Joseph Smith, through godly intervention, stated that there are 6 foot people living on the Moon! (Journal of Oliver B. Huntington, a devout Mormon contemporary of Joseph Smith; copy at Utah State Historical Society, Vol. 2, p. 166)

With worldly leaders knowing these few Mormon facts about Mitt, where there are so many others within the same vein, I am sure they would have taken anything he stated on the world scene as being the gospel truth.

For the sake of brevity, I will digress and save any further delving into your other godly points. You’re welcome.

JB Bronson

This is Adam Hill trying to remain relevant, while playing the fool.

I agree with LAH. What if noby went?


Both the Republican and Democratic parties need to stay the ~!@#$%^& out of local politics!

Mike Byrd

I’ve been a registered Democrat for 45 years. I continue to believe in the values of the party as they used to be but I’m not convinced there are any values remaining. As difficult a step as it will be for me, it might be time to shed party affiliation. If I were younger I’d be fighting to reclaim our party locally but I’m not young and there are more positive things to work for.


There is plenty of time to roast Adam after he loses the election.


Well then you’ve forgotten who you are Mike. I know you’re a good guy, but you don’t know that Republicans are enemies of civilization that will kill you and all others that inhibit their domination of everyone else.

You want to work for values ? WORK for LIFE ! Work for MEANING ! Work against injustice, bigotry, prejudice, racism: which is EVERYRTHING that the Republican Party now stands for.

You want to be quietly positive ? Get a spaniel dog and go to sleep !


Where does Mike Byrd say anything about becoming a Republican? I suspect he’s more like me now–a true independent, suspicious of both main parties, shedding the lock step voting associated with either Republican or Democrat. As trite as it may sound, I look for the best candidate, and if it happens to be a Republican like Sam Blakeslee or Katcho, I have no problem going in that direction. C’mob and join me, Mike. You’ll sleep a lot better at night.

Mike Byrd

I would never, ever be a Republican in this day and age. A Republican from the founding of the party through Teddy Roosevelt, sure. But certainly not now.




Well said Mike. I was once a strong Democrat but changed my affiliation to non Partisan about 10 years. The Democrats have become nothing but an embarrassment. They have destroyed our state, our education system, bilked our social services system and made a joke out of marriage.


Has the Dem Party made this policy “mistake” to announce to other potential candidates that they will not be receiving Dem Party support?