Cal Poly staff and teachers to get pay raises

April 11, 2015

calpolyCal Poly administrators announced Friday that the university has committed $2.5 million to staff and teacher pay increases over a four-year period. [Tribune]

The announcement was made after the California State University faculty union released a report detailing the struggles of CSU teachers. The report surveyed 5,500 teachers in the CSU system.

Of those, 43 percent said they were unable to afford a home in their campus community. Many university teachers reported struggling to keep up with expenses.

In the past eight years, most teachers at Cal Poly received less than a 3 percent increase in pay. The salary adjustments this year will bring fulltime assistant professors up to a minimum target salary of $65,000, assistant professors up to $71,000; and full professors up to $83,000.


They should quit and move on if they don’t like it. Let the damn place burn. What good is a college degree these days anyway. Just because they publish books, have a PhD in physics or Engineering doesn’t mean they deserve to make more than an accountant or K-12 teacher, let alone start trying to make as much as a cop, prison guard, or firefighter.


If they are unhappy with their pay or job; by all means quit and find a better one!


Yes, exactly. Most every every university in the nation except a few backwaters pay better than Cal Poly. It’s really hard to understand why they would stay. They really need to stop complaining and just go! SLO would be so much quieter too with fewer students. Housing would be cheaper too without students and faculty.


CSU faculty receive (in addition to their base salary) a nice benefits package, correct? My understanding has been the children of CSU employees can attend a CSU for a substantially reduced tuition. If my understanding is accurate (and I’d appreciate some feedback on this point), then the SALARY of faculty may just be the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to overall compensation. When is enough, enough?


Imagine having a job in whi h you could whine about being underpaid and not making ends meet, and poof, 3 days later you have a raise. Not because you sold more widgets, or grew the company’s bottom line, just because you said you need more.

Wow! I’m having trouble making ends meet. Can someone from the tribune put my sad story in the paper, maybe a magical raise will appear for me, too.


Just another blow to the income of the taxpayers, but it’s ok; because we don’t work hard for our money and we deserve to have less income because they deserve so much more.

My question is: where are they going to turn when we can’t support their entitlement anymore?


Easy to pay for, just make it easier for students to get bigger loans. How about a 250K four year degree anyone?


Not bad pay for about approximately 181 days of work. Additionally, what about the income from the books and study guides that they sell?


The real problem is that the administration is stealing way too much of the budget. How much does the president make, how about his secretary?


All the administrators are way over paid and are set to get pay increases besides. I doubt any student who goes to Poly goes there because the administration is so wonderful.

Mr. Holly

Here we go again. I have to teach 3 or 4 classes a week and I need more money to spend with all of the time off I have. Go get a second job.


When I was a student at Cal Poly, I noted that teachers only work 12 hours a week or so.

Now that I’m professor at Cal Poly, I realize I should have stayed in private industry. If you

care about your students, the job becomes a 60+ hour a week job and the pay is much

less than private industry. And as an added bonus, the administration hates you and is

constantly scheming to get rid of your job, all the time while bloating their own ranks. In

the end, there are many talented and hardworking people at Cal Poly, but none of them

are in administrative positions. I can’t wait to leave and get a job where hard work is valued

and rewarded. I also look forward to a 40 hour work week.


Didn’t this report also highlight that the size of administrations have increased several times over where as teacher numbers only had a slight increase.

Where is the announcement that the size of administration departments will be cut to align with that of student and teacher levels?