Cal Poly student reports sexual assault

April 25, 2015

carA Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student told police she was sexually assaulted early Saturday morning, police said.

At about 1 a.m., the unnamed student was walking near the Grand Street entrance to Cal Poly when a white car pulled up next to her and the driver asked if she was all right. The driver then got out of his car and attempted to drag the student towards his car by her arm.

While hanging on to the student, the suspect kissed her on the neck.

The student was able to break away from the suspect and she run away. She described the suspect as a Hispanic male, in his early twenties, with short black hair and an earring in his left ear. He was driving either a Honda or Mazda sedan.

Police are asking anyone with information about any similar incidents to contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

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By his description, he’s obviously not a college student, so the calpoly frats can breathe easy. Use the buddy system girls. Safer that way. Good things don’t happen after 1am when you are alone.


Because we all know Cal-Poly students have a certain look and this person doesn’t fit that?????


Really not blaming the victim here but, why didn’t she run when he got out of his car instead of waiting until he grabbed her? Is walking around at 1:00 AM alone something you should be doing?


I see coeds doing the “walk of shame” all the time from my living room window. And, I worry when I see it too. Strolling home in the pre-dawn hours in a mini-dress, barefoot and carrying their shoes, it takes me back to my youth-and the carefree stage that brings back fond memories. The world has changed though. And, many of these young women have a false sense of security in this town. The houses are quaint, and not much goes on–but none of those outside things has anything to do with the criminal male mind that is set on control and gratification.

I have not seen any of the cars that slow down near these young ladies actually stop or anything, but then, I know the mindset of the predator, and most will not act out in public unless they are sure no one is watching (not easy these days with all the cams). We used to carry “mad money” on a date, and would NEVER do anything except take a cab home.

I sometimes run into college girls while something strange has happened recently and they are talking about it. (The guy masterbating in his car behind Wells Fargo, for instance). They are so innocent, it is heartbreaking. “Do you know that men come to San Luis Obispo to meet the “Poly Dolly’s”? I ask them. Most honestly have no clue. What is it parents think is going to transpire when they have not at least broken the news to these girls about this kind of thing???


“Walk of shame”! It’s been a while since I heard that expression. Along with carrying their shoes, you forgot to mention “with their bras in their pockets”.