EXCLUSIVE: FBI informant beaten in San Luis Obispo County Jail

April 2, 2015
Kip Moye Holland

Kip Moye Holland


An informant who helped the FBI expose a corrupt police officer was severely beaten last month while incarcerated in the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

On March 2, the day after it was reported that the city of San Luis Obispo agreed to pay Kip Holland and his girlfriend a $25,000 settlement, four inmates attacked the 49-year-old man. Holland was treated for lacerations to his head at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Holland’s information led to the 2013 conviction of Cory Pierce, a San Luis Obispo police officer who had been on loan to the sheriff’s department, for extortion.

In Dec. 2013, a federal judge sentenced Pierce to 18 months in prison. Prosecutors described an officer who stole drugs from the sheriff’s department evidence locker, held guns on his victims while stealing drugs under the color of authority and then bribed others to sell the drugs.

Holland and his girlfriend, who was also an FBI informant, filed a suit in federal court claiming Pierce had coerced them to sell drugs and had forced sex on Holland’s girlfriend. In Dec. 2014, the city of San Luis Obispo paid $25,000 to settle the suit.

On March 19, Pismo Beach police arrested Holland on charges of misdemeanor forgery and violation of his probation and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Though informants are generally placed in protective custody, sheriff deputies locked Holland into a six man cell.

On March 22, four inmates violently attacked Holland.

The four inmates – Joshua Bradshaw, 22, of Paso Robles; Mikheal Young, 29, of Grover Beach; Joshua Dollins, 37, of San Miguel and Cameron Stumbo, 34, of Atascadero – were charged with the assault. The sheriff’s department attributes the beating to an article in the Tribune.

“When Holland came into custody, he did not report being involved in the Pierce case, nor did he disclose in the classification interview any concern for his safety or request protective custody,” said Tony Cipolla, the sheriff’s department public information officer. “The assault appeared to be the result of an article that was published in the Tribune the day before, where Holland settled a claim on the Pierce case.”

Since the assault, the sheriff’s department has placed Holland in protective custody. He is scheduled to be released on April 8, according to the sheriff’s department website.

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Somebody needs to take OWNERSHIP of the jail before something else bad happens in the jail.


Sheriff Parkinson needs to get control of his staff, starting with his undersheriff Tim Olivas, who oversees the jail. Tim was asleep at the switch as Chief of Police in Morro Bay when he and his officers failed to act on the murder Sherre Ann Neale-Lypps, even though the coroner ruled her death a homicide.

Five years after her death and after the departure of Olivas from Morro Bay PD, the police finally arrested her husband for murder.

Now Olivas has his hands in running the county jail and it is all screwed up.

Get it together Sheriff before the Federal authorities start snooping around.


It is rather his staff are actually the ones who control the SLO SO, Ian is a figure head, his has far too many corrupt personnel to even try and take the misconduct, lies, perjury, altering of evidence, mysterious deaths in his jail. He has allowed his own staff to scam funds, make perjured reports, obtain drugs and money.

The SLO SO is run by the good ole boy network, he dare not step on the toes or he will be moving on, his hiring of Jim Voge was nothing but a ruse to get the public offf his corrupt department. i too at one point thought he was a man of honesty, ethics and integrity i was wrong.

On 1-1-15 his office allowed over 43 pounds of Brown Tar Heroin to come to town without stopping the suspects, he allowed his corrupt NTF to allow 7 major cartel meetings and smuggling to go untouched. He is no better than those he sends his thugs to intimate


Great job Ian – you are as corrupt as your former employer – remember the program you promoted as a captain in slopd called POUNDAGE – that was a civil rights violation! Judgement day is coming and you can’t hide from it.


I don’t get it. Is The Tribune left at your cell door like USA Today at your hotel? And why would the article precipitate an assault? I don’t see Bradshaw as a big reader. Who’s pulling the strings?


Nobody at the SO knew who he was? They ALL knew who he was.

Niles Q

Ain’t that the truth.

The Pierce case involved the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force and was a major embarrassment to the entire department, SLOPD too.

That bad cop was stealing drugs out of the sheriff’s evidence locker, you bet your sweet bippy they knew who he was.

Hell, they probably arranged for him to get beaten. I smell another lawsuit in the works.

This guy just needs to continue to have dealings with law enforcement and someday he’ll be rich! or dead…