It is time to set the record straight

April 8, 2015
Aaron Ochs

Aaron Ochs

(Editors note: Aaron Ochs posted,  as a news story, a claim that activist Julie Tacker threatened his family. The claim has been used to demean Tacker, the activist responsible for pointing out Brown Act violations that ultimately led to a change in county leadership. Ochs claims his information comes from Sandra Hedges. Sandra Hedges said Aaron and Ed Ochs manufactured the allegations because they were upset with Tacker.)


I just want to set the record straight. I never said Julie Tacker or anyone else had made a threat against Aaron Ochs or his family as the Ochs have claimed on multiple websites. The false claim has been used to bully Julie Tacker.

I know Pam Ochs. When I left her a message, I was laughing and joking that Aaron Ochs should get a gun because he puts such bad crap on the internet and has angered so many people.

I hadn’t talked to Julie Tacker for about a year when I left the message for Pam Ochs.

I found out about Aaron Ochs’ claim when people began calling me after hearing the voice message he posted online. Aaron Ochs claims I told his mom that Julie Tacker threatened them. It is completely untrue. It is a complete lie.

I asked them to cut it out, that it is stupid, and they said Julie Tacker started it. People have turned the  Ochs into multiple law enforcement agencies and adult protective services. The Ochs blame Julie Tacker for reporting them. They may not know who is angry with them, but they believe they know.

It is not right and people are getting tired of this. Please, just end it now.

Sandra Hedges has lived in Los Osos for the past 45 years. She worked in the classroom and as a crossing guard at Sunnyside Elementary School.

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Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

I applaud Cal Coast News and hope that they get to the bottom of this. This is a pivotal story that neither KSBY or the Tribune is willing to cover.

You know what would end this? If Aaron Ochs grew up, got a job, and moved out of his parents basement.

Where the police called? If not, the recipient knew that the message was not a threat. But, leaving a message referencing a gun is just plain STUPID.

This ongoing drama continues to demonstrate that removing Mr. Ochs was a sound decision. Go on now people. Find something better to do with your time.

If I were concerned about what Sandra said about Aaron to Julie or was it what Polly said about john to Bill or was it…..well anyway it sounds like a lot of petty chatter among inbred relatives to me. The worse part of it is that we are enabling it all by commenting on it (myself included) These people are extremely insignificant and should be treated as entertainment without serious value as we should treat Rush Limbaugh and the other talking heads. When they stop being funny we need to ask them to kindly shut up and go away….

Aaron, you are beginning to bore me. Please shut up and go away.

For the record, Sandra (yes, she is one of several ex-wives of the former Sheriff) said nothing

to me about anything for at least a year. I saw her at the recent sewer townhall meeting and we spoke about the sewer.

Weeks later, her voicemail was posted on the web. When it was,

she telephoned to apologize that her laughingly said words had been twisted in this way.

She assured me my name was never used.

In fact if you listen to the tape, I’m not mentioned at all.

It may seem like “he said, she said” gossip, but it’s slander and should be removed from the internet.

Thanks Sandra for being brave enough to post here on CCN.

And where is The Tribune when you need them? New Times? CNN? They are running.

You’re right Julie! Not only is Sandra Pat Hedges EX WIFE, she’s also the MOTHER of his ONLY CHILD! How many knew Pat has a son?

Why the “THUMBS DOWN” for disclosing the FACT that “former Sheriff Hedges”

has a SON? Does HE want this FACT “HIDDEN”? Just wondering…

Sandra Hedges is the ex-wife of former sheriff Pat Hedges.

Completely different person.

abigchocoholic & BeenThereDoneThat – This “story” (for lack of a decent name) has been floating around for quite some time. Honest to god where have you been? I’ve seen your posts from time to time so seeing that one of you is clueless and the other one is all over agreeing with you makes me suspicious at best.

The piece is posted as an opinion. Do we need to be that critical of another human sharing their side?

Run Forest… but, show some respect along the way.

Honest to god where have you been?


Working. Recreating. Living in the real world. Don’t follow internet gossip.

Any more questions?

Thanks for setting the record straight.

Ah Sandra,

who are you and what are you talking about and why do I care this intimate personal problem of yours?

You are speaking to an audience that has no idea who you are or what your personal problems are and you give no explanation about so many essential detail.

Agreed. I felt like my I.Q. was lowered to that of Forest Gump after reading this.

Seriously who the fudge cares?