Lois Capps announces retirement

April 8, 2015

Democratic Rep. Lois Capps, who has represented the Central Coast in Congress since 1998, released a video statement Wednesday announcing that this will be her final term in the House of Representatives and that she will retire at the conclusion of the 114th Congress.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done together her on the Central Coast – to improve, education, to expand healthcare, to support businesses and our veterans and to protect the environment and agriculture,” Capps said in a statement. “But now I believe it is time for me to return home back to the community and family that I love so much.”

Lois Capps husband Walter Capps was elected to Congress in 1996, however, he died of a heart attack less than a year into his term. Lois Capps then won the seat in a special election in 1998.

Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

Though she has continued to retain the district seat, in 2014, she had the closest race of her congressional career against Republican Chris Mitchum. Lois Capps ultimately won by a 3.8 percent margin.

Capps’ daughter and son-in-law recently gave up their bicoastal life to settle fulltime in Santa Barbara fueling speculation the Laura Capps plans to run for her mother’s 24th District seat in 2016.

Rumors have been circulating for more than a year that Laura Capps, 42, was planning to relocate to Santa Barbara in order to run for her 77-year-old mother’s seat in the 2016 election.

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“But now I believe it is time for me to return home back to the community and family that I love so much.” Okay then. So, the Central Coast was just a pit stop to pump up your career and image then?

The sooner the American people start opening their eyes and seeing the truth about politics—the sooner things will get better. If you review ancient history—the TRUE democratic position was that everyday citizens—without pay, compensation or privilege–were frequently rotated and worked on bettering their communities. It was recognized that power and riches corrupted–and that it would be the rare person (placed on a pedestal) who could stay honest and forthright while in such positions of power.

Today, we literally walk around with out tongues dragging (or maybe you do–I do not) slurping up every detail about those who are “special”. We idolize. When it comes to politics–we will take sides with some perfect stranger who portrays some false image–and go to blows (or at least argue heatedly) defending that person. [The fame-game is even worse-but for now we will stick to politics]. THE SIDE WE OUGHT TO BE ON IS OUR OWN SIDE!!! We need to look at our communities; is everyone working-do they have jobs, are the children educated and cared for? People have been tricked: they think they are dependent on some “parent” and that “parent” is a government figure. Surprise—this woman is famous and everyone voted for her. But now that it is time for her to retire–your community is not even her true home and family.



Name one positive piece of legislation she authored or contributed to? Name one program locally she has championed that actually did something positive?


or name one vote that was not in line with her party platform?


Why should any thoughtful person take the bait and do the simple research that you are too lazy and cynical to do? Get a life.


Good riddance you extreme liberal, lockstep airhead liar. As Robertson said in “Three Days of the Condor”, “you done more damage than you know.”

Where’s my old Blue Cross plan and doctors, Capps? Oh, let me quote from my final resolution letter from my appeal of loss of my plan. “We have finished our review of your grievance………Covered California…. meet the requirements of the ACA….had asked all participating health plans to terminate individual plans at the end of 2013.”

No wonder the b@$# is retiring; her party has achieved it’s goal of great and irreversible damage to the USA.

Russ J

Hoo-f-ing-ray! Two years can’t go by soon enough. What a dud. She’s almost as bad as Maldonado.

Theo P. Neustic

Way, way worse than Maldo. The damage that her party has done to this country is irreversible.

Mitch C

Useless, absolutely useless. If I had an alternative I’d lobby to abolish congress. The millions it takes to support just one member for which you get zilch is very, very sad. Capps is the worse of the worse. If her carpetbagger daughter runs I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that she is shipped back from wherever she came from and only sees Washington government buildings the same way I do – as a tourist.


You CAN lobby and petition to abolish Congress. Please do.

It will take an Amendment at least, and probably a Constitutional Convention to happen; but it is within the bounds of theoretical possibility.

OR, it could be interpreted as sedition and treason …so good luck.

Mitch C

SF, I said that if I had an alternative to congress, I’d work to abolish it – I don’t have that alternative. But having paid for that POS Capps for 20 years without getting anything in return makes me feel that an alternative may not be out of the question.


What would you, MC, consider ‘a return’ ?

Health care ? Do you support ACA, or would you want the insurance companies to have an unregulated monopoly like before ?

Do you want the continuation of Social Security, Medicare, and the rest of the safety net; or would you want these immensely successful and popular programs eliminated and ‘maybe’ privatized as most Republicans advertise ?

My ‘return’ is being able to worry less, and I for one am grateful that Lois Capps dedicated herself as much as she was able to for people like myself.


Slow down there Slower. Insurance was regulated before. I just don’t want to pay for health insurance I don’t need or pay for someone else’s health insurance. If health insurance costs too much, I want the option not to have to buy it without being taxed. I want Social Security and Medicare to continue. The rest of the safety net (welfare) I want abolished. Finally, I want the Federal Government to have a balanced budget. No more borrowing. Capich?


So, you pay into Social Security and Medicare and want them to continue. Fine.

You do realize that they both are ‘balance transfer programs’ …not paid into ‘insurance’ waiting for your prospective retirement ?

You are paying NOW for current retirees and Medicare recipients. You ARE paying now for someone else’s needs.

If you are of the Baby-Boomer generation then you are paying DOUBLE ( both for current elderly and your own SS ) as arranged by Ronald Reagan as president.

I take it that you are now healthy and working. I congratulate you.

If you were to have an unforeseen accident, or illness; could you afford it ? Or would you have to rely on others ?


Remember when she said she would serve ONE term? Instead she hung around for nearly 20 years. In other words, she lied — and it would not be the last time. A brain-dead loser who did nothing but follow the directions of her party. She should be ashamed of herself. Good riddance!


got sour grapes?


Relief now that she’s packing it in…


Funny how the trolls just cant stop themselves from kicking a gift horse in the mouth, isn’t it? Nobody’s as good enough for them. Geez.


gift horse is an accurate label for Mrs. Capps.


work horse for every person in the district including the hacks


The only evidence of her working hard for me (I am in her district) is a steady rise in my health insurance premiums. Just got ANOTHER $100 month increase this week. Just for me! My wife and kids are on a separate policy and received the same increase. $200 PER MONTH MORE!

Ridiculous! We had just changed our policies to very high deductibles to lower our premiums slightly. That sure was short lived. Now I have huge deductibles and skyrocketing premiums. Thank you “smart people” in Washington, including Mrs. Capps.


How did she raise your premiums? I didn’t know she had the authority to do that. She must have been the person that accidentally lowered mine.

Theo P. Neustic

“Sour grapes”? Because she’s a liar? No,”sour grapes” is not the correct term. How about “disgusted”?


I get so tired of the “One term… she lied” baloney. Be honest with yourself…. if our Congressperson was a Republican, it wouldn’t be an issue and would never be brought up.

Theo P. Neustic

Oh yeah. “Never be brought up”? Right, what planet are you on? Of course you’re tired of it. No one likes the truth when it’s not flattering.


Walter would be proud.


Ten terms are too much for ANY representative–on the left OR the right.


True, but the system in Congress requires seniority to get important things done. Otherwise, you have to sell out on some issues to get little bits and pieces of any kind. I wish I knew a practical solution to that but I don’t see most voters even understanding it or how it hurts the country as a whole.


somehow limit terms and the seniority issue disappears.


Kevin McCarthy is a moron and is the 2nd in command in the HOR power structure ( Majority Leader ), yet is far from being there because of his ‘seniority’.


Why should we believe her now?

She promised “only two terms” when elected, how do we know she’s not going to turn around again?


How do we know that Republicans won’t be obstinate, do-nothing, proto-fascists in the bag for the 1% of the 1% ?

Republicans are the Billionaires, their shills ^^^, and Suckers !


Just read the stuff you posted here, pretty hateful, I’d say. How do you expect to win all those hearts and minds with that trash? Most people enjoy an exchange of ideas and rightfully reject being talked down to.


WHAT hearts and what minds ?

Republicans are idiots; and greedy, bigoted, soul-less ones.

I don’t want them to change. I want them to go away …and they will.


So taking someone else’s money (like the liberals do) and giving away to others, against one’s will is philanthropic to you?


I can understand why you bash the GOP — especially the leadership and the shills that promote them. What I can’t understand is why you fail to acknowledge that the Democrat leadership is equally bad as far as corruption and abuse of wealth for political means.


I am critical of many of the entrenched Democrats more than many heer would know, but do it in other venues. They are not without blame, but it is a false equivalency.

Republicans are the puppet-masters, the war mongers, the military-industrial-complex, the fascists.

Democrats are the bookies and numbers runners.


We get it that you’re a Capps apologist. You’ll not change any minds by being a dick, but maybe Lois will favor you with a smile for being a good little soldier.


Thanks for the props, even liked the ‘dick’ appellation. Cute, in a Gen-X way.

Said before…not looking to change minds. Won’t take me for those of insufficient means to suffer of their own short-comings.


Probably the most hateful poster ever to visit this site. No contest. Why?


I find racists, bigots, militaristic cowards, civilization killers, exploiters, economic royalists, fascists, and sociopathic greedheads to be repugnant.

To quote FDR, “I welcome their hate”.


I think you simply don’t have enough to do. That or you’re like the booger-eating third grader, who’s happier with weird attention than no attention at all.


Curious … So do you identify with and support any of the above mentioned enemies of decency and civility ?

Or are you merely an ad hominem artist ?