Los Osos man charged in alleged rape of disabled teen

April 2, 2015
Steve James Linzmeier

Steve James Linzmeier

A 57-year-old Los Osos man is facing three felony charges and one misdemeanor for allegedly raping a developmentally disabled girl who was spending the night on his couch. [Tribune]

Last Friday night, the 16-year-old girl spent the night at a friend’s home in the 1200 block of 11th Street in Los Osos. After the friend and three family members went to bed, the teen retired on the couch.

Her friend’s father, Steve James Linzmeier, was in the living room watching television when the girl retired for the night. At some point in the night, Linzmeier allegedly raped the teen.

On Wednesday, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office charged Linzmeier with forcible rape of a child over 14, sexual penetration by a foreign object on a minor child over 14, sexual battery by restraint and child molestation. The child molestation count is a misdemeanor charge.

Prosecutors also tacked on sentencing enhancements because the girl’s disability makes her a vulnerable victim.

Linzmeier remains in custody at San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $175,000. He is due to appear in court Thursday morning for an arraignment.

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Good Grief….

If the facts prove this assault to be true, this guy should spend the rest of his life in Prison.