Morro Bay council rejects building moratorium

April 15, 2015

morro bay plantThe Morro Bay City Council voted down a proposed building moratorium that would have put a halt to new construction for 45 days. [Tribune]

Citizen group Neighborhood Compatibility Coalition (NECCO) asked the council to adopt the moratorium, citing concern that the construction of new houses would block the views from existing Morro Bay homes. The council rejected the urgency ordinance proposal on a 4-1 vote Tuesday, with Councilman Matt Makowetski dissenting.

If the council were to adopt the moratorium, it would bar the city from issuing building permits for 45 days. The urgency ordinance could then be extended to last a total of two years.

NECCO advocated for a construction moratorium that would last until the city adopts new building design guidelines. The city is currently developing interim design guidelines, which are expected to come before the city council on June 9.

The city is also working on updates to its General Plan and Local Coastal Plan, which regulate future growth. The council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution committing the city to updating those plans within three years.

After attending a NECCO forum and receiving requests from its members, Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons placed the urgency ordinance proposal on Tuesday’s agenda. However, Irons argued against the idea and vote against it, as well.

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Common sense doesn’t seem to prevail on this council,doesn’t this strike anyone as odd that this bunch of nimbys voted this down, this would have been the perfect time to have stymied growth in MB,I think there is a bigger plan in the works and this is just apiece of it.

That will teach local builders to contribute to the Irons fund. Don’t give money to Irons and he goes after your livelihood. Step up builders and developers in Morro Bay – pay the King and his you know what their due.

Well, had this gone the other way, it would have been the last nail in the Irons’ and friends coffin

NECCO is the newest version of what use to be called CAL and ABC. They want building moratoriums, FAR (floor area ratio) and nothing over 2499 sq. ft.. As for compatibility, with what the non conforming sub standard houses around town built back in the 50’s. A new house on those properties are many times more water and energy efficient not to mention the increased property taxes in our coffers. Why would we want that????

Don’t ask questions. The NECCO people know what’s best for you.

Name needs to be changed to NUTTO. Thanks to the mayor and council majority for FINALLY getting something right.

I am very glad the Council voted this down. Funny how the people pushing this dont admit, that if is was approved, the urgency ordinance could be extended for 2 years. If we work hard and buy a lot to build our dream home, and we folllow codes and standards- who the heck do these people think they dictating what I build? I would really like to see an example of what is “compatible”, or does it change at different parts of the town? As of now the town is a hodge podge of houses from large to small, street to street, 1 story to 2.

NECCO: Protecting your community from people like us.