Paso Councilman John Hamon to run for supervisor

April 30, 2015
John Hamon

John Hamon

Paso Robles Councilman John Hamon has announced his candidacy for the San Luis Obispo County supervisorial seat that 1st District Supervisor Frank Mecham is vacating.

Hamon is the first person to declare intent to run for the North County supervisorial seat that is up for election next year. The Paso Robles councilman describes himself as a conservative Republican.

Hamon’s campaign website states that he was the only member of the Paso Robles council to oppose recent increases to city employee pay packages. Rising city revenues should go first to public services and facility maintenance, not to increasing employee wages, he said.

Hamon was first elected to the council in 2006 and is now in his third term as a councilman. He represents Paso Robles on the regional boards for both the county air pollution control district and integrated waste management authority.

As a member of those boards, Hamon voted against both the APCD dust rule and the county plastic bag ban. Both initiatives passed, though they were highly contested.

The dust rule, which requires state parks to obtain a permit from the APCD in order to operate the Oceano Dunes riding area, is still being contested in court.

District 1 includes the city of Paso Robles, parts of Templeton and much of the northeastern section of the county. It is a conservative-leaning district.

Mehcam, who plans to retitre at the end of 2016, has held the seat since 2009 and did not face a challenger in his bid for reelection. Mecham is a Republican, but he has often voted with Democratic supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill, particularly on matters relating to North County water policy.



In his own words, this is what John Hamon said about Lisa Solomon ““I did not express any opinion as to any of the current allegations,” says Councilman John Hamon. “Lisa is a trusted friend and I will always support her. She has protected this city with her many years of exceptional law enforcement knowledge and skillful management of our Police Department.” In fact, Chief Solomon was incompetent to the point that the Sheriff’s Office had to intervene with gang control in our city, and she was found to have sexually harrassed her own police officers.


Your facts are very wrong. The Sheriff did not “have to intervene with gang control” in Paso. In fact that was an operation that was set up by PRPD, who also supplied officers. Since the Sheriff has more personnel, they can lend more cars to the task at hand. It was a “saturation” patrol where PRPD and SLOSO both did the same thing. There were more SLOSO because they have more people. Control was not just handed over.


Hamon did support Lisa and for that reason, if no other, he does not deserve my vote

for any office. It now seems appropriate for him to state that city revenues should go to

public services; whereas he was all in favor of spending $250K of city revenues on

the pay-off to Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. Voters – don’t ever forget – actions always speak

louder than words – judge Hamon on what he has done, not on what he has said.

Politicians are very adept at saying what they think people want to hear – while hoping

people forget what was actually done not too long ago.

Add to that his undying support of dictator App and you get what you get.

As JB Bronson notes – Hamon is a perfect “status quo” candidate — SLO County and

particularly the North County does not need or should be satisfied with a ‘status quo’


Hopefully someone else will decide to run for this office and force Hamon to show his

true colors on the topics that are of profound interest to the citizens in the north county.

Right now, my feeling is that he believes he has this wrapped up and is already printing

business cards with Supervisor Hamon on them.

JB Bronson

IMO, he sounds like a good man like all politicians do going in.

Upon closer inspection, not only do we see the passive stance on the Solomon issue, but also the passive response to Jim App as dictator of Paso City Government.

Mr. Hamon is a perfect “status quo” candidate for SLO County Board of Supervisors.


He supported the payout to Lisa Solomon?, if he didn’t it doesn’t seem he spoke up about how wrong it was, that would be enough to not vote for him for me.


Yep. You said it, kayak.

Mr. Hamon lost my support after he wrote that awful Trib op-ed on March 28, ’12.

I’d encourage voters to go back and read just what Mr. Hamon wrote about Paso’s disgraced former top cop: “Lisa is a trusted friend and I will always support her. She has protected this city with her many years of exceptional law enforcement knowledge and skillful management of our Police Department.”

And “Chief Solomon served our city honorably for 26 years…” (WTH?)

And “But we could see the toll that the rumors and mean-spirited attacks on her character — the majority of them from anonymous bloggers and other on-line sources — was taking on her…” (Um…so it’s the community’s fault? Not Lisa’s?!)

So no, Mr. Hamon. Based on your very poor judgment re. Lisa Solomon Chitty’s completely awful job performance (not to mention her questionable treatment of subordinates!) I would never EVER vote for you to become a county supervisor.


He sounds like a good man. I wish him well.