Pismo Beach plans to recycle wastewater

April 29, 2015
Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham

The Pismo Beach City Council voted unanimously on April 21 to begin pursuing a recycled water facility at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

City staff estimates that recycling wastewater could add as much as 950 acre feet to the city’s water supply once it is completed. After an analysis of several alternative approaches to using recycled water to augment the city’s water supply, the council approved the recommended option of full advanced treatment with direct groundwater injection.

“The City of Pismo Beach is excited to move forward in planning a water recycling program, Mayor Shelly Higginbotham said. “Working with our neighboring communities, we will have the opportunity to plan to bring a new water supply to the south county.”

This project is slated to provide a local, sustainable and highly drought resistant source of water for the South County.

The next steps moving forward are:
• Preliminary and Final Design
• Permitting
• Environmental studies
• Securing funding

“We are excited to move forward in our goal of increasing our water supply by recycling our waste water,” said Ed Waage, mayor pro tem. “We not only increase our supply, but we will also reduce the amount of water we discharge into the ocean every day. It is more costly, but it is reliable especially in times of drought.”

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In truth what Higginbothom wants to do is use south county sans dist not her own sans dist. and the reason for this is because she would have to deal with the coastal commission.

So Pismo wants to build hotels, and expand out on Price canyon but they want to use the water system that GB,AG and Oceano pay into. Pismo pays nothing into it yet wants our water.

Higgy go screw someone else over, we know how you roll and will fight you all along the way.


If you think that people paying 400 bucks for a hotel room are drinking tap water think again.These people are supplying the tot tax to pay for this project also . It would not be possible otherwise. As far as building motels Pismo has a stop on permits everything there building or getting ready to took a couple years to permit and there just being allowed to do a project they started years ago


DIRECT GROUND INJECTION !!!! Finally, someone uses their brain. Orange County has used this system for years to supply almost 50% of their water. If they add storm surge water to the injection, the city will have a major water source and they’ll halt all the salt water intrusion into the ground water. Pay attention Los Osos. The same technique could save your aquifer if you act quickly.