Santa Maria teacher gets year in jail for sex with student

April 3, 2015
Brian Hook

Brian Hook

A Santa Maria judge sentenced a former high school teacher and coach to one year in jail for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. [KEYT]

Brian Hook, 54, taught social science and coached varsity girls’ basketball at Santa Maria’s Pioneer Valley High School. Last month, Hook pleaded no contest to charges of sex with a minor and sexual penetration with a person under the age of 18, and to two counts of oral copulation with a person under 18.

As part of his sentence, Hook received five years of probation. He must also register as a sex offender and pay for counseling for the victim’s family.

Hook faced up to five years in state prison. Prosecutors argued that he belongs in prison.

During sentencing, a victim witness advocate read a letter on behalf of the parents.

“She was someone that he found very easy to manipulate because of her noble kindness,” the letter stated. “Manipulated and worked on her until he was able to get what he desired. A person who is 53 years old with our daughter who is only 16 is a world of difference in their ages.”

Santa Maria police arrested Hook in Feb. 2014. At the time, his wife, with whom he has five children, was working as an administrative assistant at the same high school.

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You area despicable person. She is a child, she can’t consent. He can go bed the 25-year-old barfly, leave children alone!

Here is what is despicable:

– we allow children to operate motor vehicles (Driving accidents are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 18. More than 4,000 teens die in car crashes every year. Teens crash four times more often than members of any other age group. Source: Allstate)

– we condone and encourage child labor

– the State of California sanctions child marriage (with parental permission at age 16, younger in other states)

– the US Military recruits child soldiers (with parental permission at age 17)

– the State of California routinely prosecutes children as adults (as young as 14 in California, younger in other states)

– in half the states in this country sex with children is perfectly legal

The children! Won’t someone pleeeease think of the children!!!

I feel the need to add that, of course, I do not approve of teachers having sexual relationships with students, at any age or of any gender. It is inappropriate and illegal, as well it should be.

The man is there to teach the students and not b**nk them – regardless of who does what and what transpires. But pleeeease, let’s get a grip here and stop with the knee-jerk hysterics about the ‘children’ – when it is not warranted. Just saying.


Are you against the godly Christian Bible Belt having the age of consent of “children” to be the age of sixteen? Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

Lest we forget, Mother Mary, in Hebrew tradition, was assumed to be around twelve years old upon her Celestial Impregnation by the Hebrew God. NO, I am not going to mention that if Jesus is God as the scriptures state (1 Timothy 3:16), in what this infers at the time of her impregnation, okay?

Such a shame he didn’t take lessons from Mr. Smith former San Miguel School

District Superintendent and former principal of Templeton Middle School. Mr. Smith

groomed an 11 year old for 7 years but waited till her 18th birthday to have sex with her and

leave his wife. Now he has a brand new family and someone who will change his diapers in

his old age , plus full pensions from two school districts and no criminal record. Just

because he had the patience to wait another two years. Mr. Hook, you should have

been more patient. Hope you all realize this is tongue in cheek. In my opinion both these

men are self serving sociopaths. So sorry for all the families involved.

@Lilylu –

Okay – way to stay on topic! What I am getting from your contribution:

– two legal adults got married (not a big fan of the institution but to each his own)

– one of the spouses left a previous spouse in favor of a younger female adult (shocking! NOW I have heard it all)

– at time of this writing they are still married (how wonderful – as more marriages end in divorce than not, and many fail rather quickly)

– at least one of the spouses does not have a criminal record (that is excellent as 65 million Americans – 1 in 4 American adults – do)

– one of the spouses has been a contributing member to society to the point where he is entitled (!) to not one, but two pensions to which general fund he presumably contributed his entire working years (as a tax payer I am quite thankful he won’t become an elderly ward of the state, and thank him for his prior tax contributions)

– the younger one of the spouses will be able to take of the older one due to finances and physical ability (and here I lie awake at night worried about what home my children will ship me off to in my old age)

I fail to see the problem. Seems like everyone is happy – the husband, the wife, the State of California – with the possible exception of the previous Mrs. Smith (that happens)… and you.

From my (admittedly limited) knowledge of psychology neither of these two men fits the definition of ‘sociopath’. Someone who takes to the internet to shame a family under the mantle of anonymity seems much closer. Your little qualifier about ‘tongue in cheek’ does not detract from the fact that you are a hateful judgmental person who has no problem humiliating others. On Easter Sunday, no less.

So, as we (if you were so inclined) today celebrate the Ascension of the man who died for our sins, I wish to extend blessings to (the current) Mrs. Smith and wish her a Happy Easter. To you I say “For Shame!”

Earlier posts here refer to a “minor child”.

Isn’t that redundant? Attorney law makers with not enough real work to do.

Oh, I get it, so when it’s okay to enter the army at 16 years of age, then this is the reason we say we’re sending our “children off to war.”

Don’t worry Brian, when you get out you can get a job working for the City of San Luis Obispo. You will fit right in

When he is someone’s girlfriend behind bars maybe he will learn what predator and prey are all about.

Dude, you need to turn off the TV every now and again.