Health Care for illegal immigrants could cost hundreds of millions

May 4, 2015

moneyThe cost of extending state-subsidized healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants is slated to cost California as much as $740 million annually, according to a Senate fiscal analysis released Monday. [LA Times]

Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) introduced SB 4 last December. SB 4 is Lara’s second attempt to provide health care coverage to immigrants who are not covered under the federal Affordable Care Act.

According to researchers at UC Berkeley and UCLA, about 1.8 million people who are in the country illegally lack healthcare coverage and around 1.5 million of them would qualify for Medi-Cal.

The report estimates that between 50 to 60 percent of eligible immigrants will enroll in the healthcare program at a cost of between $280 million to $740 million annually.


B.S.! Everybody knows illegals are NOT a drain on our economy and they are not criminals. They contribute to our society immensely. All you white folks would starve without them picking your crops.


Yes, and by that logic, we need to guarantee that illegals can reach the state

median income of $61,000 and eliminate poverty and income inequality here.

After all, California is one of the worst states for income inequality. Since we have

such a huge majority of democrats, it should be easy to vote this in. If one can

just cross the border with no education and skills and get instant guaranteed

medical care-why not guaranteed salary, too? And we can even get rid of our

guilt for being more successful than Mexico, and even eliminate class envy!

And it would be free-taxes would not even change for most people since the

government would be paying for it!


The problem is not the supposed ‘illegal aliens’ , but the ILLEGAL ARYANS that have polluted the American Way.

MILLIONS of bigoted, racist, low brow CONFEDERATES have been allowed to reproduce, invade, and infect the body politic…here in California, and all across AMERICA from their traitorous ‘Old South’ home base. This type is not only worse than useless; they are the supreme takers, criminals, and hypocrites in any society.

They’re the ‘white’ privileged bums that make idiot babies on the fly with breeder females that are nothing but walking incubators.

You ALL know the type.


Like your mother.


Insults are like flies. They bother, but are temporary. The truth is permanent.

You right-wingers are the scourge and the enemy to all mankind.




Dude get the mental help you need. Now there is TRUTH!!


He is way beyond help he is an angry liberal ideolog


“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

Mitch C

With stupidity like this, I took my pension and left the state. As the makers leave, the takers will have fewer to depend upon to support their illegal gains. As Margaret Thatcher once said “pretty soon you run out of other people’s money”.


Xenophobes always try to hide their inhumanity . What they REALLY are saying is that some people…people they consider sub-human, should just die.

Oh, they won’t say it THAT way. It might offend their Hebrew-Christian YAHWEH.

No, neglect and feigned ignorance is so much more palatable and socially acceptable.


Difference you are referencing is that your type just want to give a hand out. The other want to give a hand up.


Helping or desiring to keep people alive is not a ‘hand out’. A ‘hand out’ would be giving someone something that they don’t already have.

Just exactly how would anyone give a ‘hand up’ to life ?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE rights; that among these are LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

America was a land of immigrants back then, and I do not reason that these basic precepts have changed since.


“America was a land of immigrants back then, and I do not reason that these basic precepts have changed since.” Except for one minor detail you forgot to mention, AMERICA WAS A LAND OF LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!


Hand up? Puhlease…


Feels good. Really good. As I was one who was nearly bankrupted from a unforeseen medical problem. That was with insurance and doing everything a citizen does.


What can the American Taxpayers do to stop the invasion and allowing elected officials to let it continue?


The problem is not the health care costs, that is merely a consequence of our open border policy. We must close the border to fix all of the problems associated with the illegal influx of non-citizens. Until we close the border more will come and we will be stuck paying for them. So get after your spineless political representatives to close the border and control who comes into our once great nation.


But common now!! The naive moron’s say we need to take care of the whole F**KING world!!


Big AG in the Central Valley realized they could get cheap labor from Mexico. So, they did. The more fields they grew, the more Mexicans came. The more profit they made. All, at the expense of Californians. Now, we have no water, and a herd of useless illegals.


If we don’t have the stomach to send them home then we need to keep them healthy. Having sick and contagious people running around California is not a good thing. We allow them to drive, when people take to the roads they run the risk of getting into accidents and injuring themselves.

When politicians say things like compassionate borders or claim their city is a sanctuary city or demand that we allow streams of illegal children to cross our borders they always leave out the details. Details like healthcare coverage, welfare, medicare, incarceration, education, retirement and the costs related to these inconvenient details.

When pandering to illegal immigrants is a political win, we have already gone over the cliff.


Well, one thing they are not, is contagious. In general.

As i said, they LOVE medications. LOVE THEM. They WANT vaccines. Mexico has the BCG vaccine, which is for Tuberculosis. I don’t recall an illegal family ever refusing a vaccine.

Illegals want medications for EVERYTHING. A cold. A stomach ache. I have had ER doctors write out Rx’s for mylanta and Vicks Vaporub. Pedialyte. I have to write down a list of “to do’s” and tell them it is “nature’s medicine”.

These “plagues” are being brought back by ignorant people who think the CDC is poisoning them. All we need is one big case of smallpox to come back around, and the ignorant will see the light.

Just keeping things fair and balanced.


Sounds like knowing where to put the catheter makes you an expert, CC RN.

The hordes crossing the border most definitely have high morbidity reports, and the downtown El Salvador looks of downtown Los Angeles doesn’t seem like our new guest residents are high on the sanitation and health lists. I object to you attempting to give them a “pass” based upon your limited experience.


I suspect that CCRN is far more expert on the subject than you. I know a doctor who concurs with her opinion as far as communicable diseases are concerned.