KVEC producer getting kicked for soccer comments

May 31, 2015


Comments made on a local radio talk show Thursday night have turned into a public chastising of producer and on-air sidekick Craig Hill. The incident took place during the 6 o’clock hour of “The Dave Congalton Show” on KVEC 920 AM, which features an “open-line” discussion between Congalton and Hill on current events.

The rebuke began after Congalton asked Hill his opinion of the growing international soccer controversy. according to the podcast.

Hill, hired in April to replace Joe Bowman, then went on a verbal rampage against the game of soccer that angered multiple callers to the show.  Hill repeatedly said he thought the invention of soccer was worse than World War II.

“Soccer, worst thing ever,” Hill said. “World War II and the Nazis, second. There is a direct correlation between the rise of crime and the rise of soccer.”

After multiple listeners told Hill they were repulsed by his comments, he said it was a joke, but then refused to apologize when Congalton asked him to.

After several more negative comments, Hill finally said he was sorry before noting his comments would have been fine on “an NBC sitcom.” Congalton then pointed out that Hill was following each apology up with an excuse.

“Stop, stop, stop right there. You are making excuses for it,” Congalton said.

Congalton declined to comment about the incident on Sunday and referred all queries to KVEC program director Andrew Cannon.

However, Barbara Bolton of Santa Margarita posted this statement on Congalton’s Facebook page:

“I really enjoy listening to your show on my commute home and have done so for years (through Tom, Mardi and Joe). I listen for the traffic reports and the local information I get. I have not fully embraced Craig but have been giving him a chance to get with the program and settle in. Tonight was the last straw. I think I have to turn back to KCBX for the commute home. His comments regarding soccer and Nazi’s was too over the top, and then would not even back down or apologize for what he said. You were right, he just doesn’t get it. It is not a joke. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but my opinion of him is not so good…he is just too annoying to listen to.”

Hill was not on the show Friday and there has been no announcement as to when he might return. Hill previously worked for local FM radio stations in the American General Media group.

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My problem is that he is not being suspended for belittling Hitler and Naziism, I think that people get that it’s a joke, but for offending soccer! Soccer is being rammed down our throats by people who praise “every century but this and every country but our own” (Gilbert and Sullivan). Any wife or girlfriend will tell you that the NFL, MLB and NBA, plus golf, motor sports etc. is plenty thank, you very much. If soccer is the most popular sport in the world then they don’t need us watching it do they? Check out the King of the Hill episode where Bobby forgoes football for soccer. It’s almost as good as the one where Hank joins the co-op for good beef and discovers ridiculous hippy management in “Raising the Steaks”.