Mushroom truck catches fire near Paso Robles

June 1, 2015

CHP@A semi-truck loaded with mushrooms caught fire Sunday night, shutting down both eastbound lanes of Highway 46 East just outside of Paso Robles. [KSBY]

The California Highway Patrol received a report of the truck fire shortly after 11 p.m. It is unclear whether the driver suffered injuries in the fire.

CHP officers redirected traffic at the intersection of Highway 46 and Jardine Road. They expected to reopen one eastbound lane by 4:30 a.m.

Both westbound traffic lanes remained open.


Did it smell like teen spirit?


This explains the hallucinogenic outbreak of partying Paso Roblans along 24th Street last night.


Anyone partying around 24th street at night in paso probably aint on shrooms my friend. Thats the crack or smack district.