Man arrested for robbing Atascadero 99 Cent store

May 28, 2015
Kyle Kitchin

Kyle Kitchin

Atascadero police arrested a 25-year-old man shortly after he allegedly robbed a 99 Cent store early Wednesday morning.

Shortly after noon, Kyle Kitchin carried a handgun into the 99 Cent store in the 7100 block of El Camino Real and demanded cash. He then fled with an undisclosed amount of cash, according to a police department news release.

About three hours later, police found Kitchin walking through the Vons parking lot. Kitchin had a loaded firearm and a large amount of cash on his person  when officers located him.

The officers arrested Kitchin and charged him with robbery, possession of a concealed weapon, criminal threats, brandishing a firearm and having three outstanding warrants and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $140,000.

No one suffered any injuries during the robbery.

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Twenty-five years old?

If he doesn’t know right from wrong by now, he’s a lost cause.

I am sure that he knows right from wrong, he just doesn’t care about anyone else’s rights. Now, whether that is a temporary situation fueled by addiction or being under the influence or whether it is a more permanent state like sociopathy or psychopathy is a different question.

A clerk at the store remember him being in the store earlier in the day because he asked for ‘price-checks’ on several items.

Get it ? … 99-Cent store? … price-check?

Oh, just forget it. Some people never get anything.

He might’ve escaped if he hadn’t stopped to count the change.

Important to remember that this clown had a loaded gun. Very easily could have been a tragedy instead of the joke that we are all making it out to be.

It looks like someone got in his Kitchen!

i don’t know slophocles but he hit the nail on the head. he beat me to the punch. i would love to count his take. enough clichés?

He should have robbed the Dollar store, easier get away, paper money vs all that change…

I’m not a professional comedian, but there’s got to be some cracks out there about the aspirations of a 99-Cent Store robber. What, Dollar Tree was closed? Please, someone step in here …

i would like to Seinfeld step in

Oh please no! Seinfeld is not even funny. Not sure what the hype on him is. It was all the other cast members that made the show good. His stand-up wasn’t even any good.

Toughest gig in showbiz is to be the humorless straight man that never laughs.

That was part of the schtick, that Jerry was supposed to be a professional comedian.

Looks like someone suffered injuries during the arrest though! LOL!

Parking lot take down, where the head meets the road.