Open letter to Tom Fulks

May 28, 2015
Tom Fulks

Tom Fulks


I knew you over thirty years ago when you were a reporter for the Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder. You did a good job following local politics and wrote pretty balanced stories, even about those people with whom you may have personally disagreed. We could talk to one another, and I had confidence that you would not intentionally misquote me or take a word out of context or pull any punches to make my boss look bad. We had a good working relationship that benefited both of us.

I don’t know what happened over the years, but your hate-filled, vitriolic writing is a far cry from the professionalism you demonstrated years ago.

The merciless personal attacks on people who have been duly elected to serve says more about your anger than their actions, whatever their alleged motives may be. What happened to you to make you so hateful? If I were still in my previous position today, I would never speak to you.

If your goal is to rile incumbents to try to make them misstep or misspeak, you are working very hard to get there. If your goal is to stifle honest communication, you are accomplishing it.

At a time when our county and the country at large face so many serious challenges requiring open communication and a willingness to work together creatively, you are spinning your wheels to slow down any search for solutions, destroy cooperation amongst diverse leaders, and ultimately sow hatred and fear among uninformed citizens. Why?

Whatever happened to the young man who sought the truth, worked with people, and made an honest living, in the process keeping the public informed and educated about local politics? Do you imagine your present role is a higher calling? Seriously?

It pains me, Tom, to be writing this letter to you. I would encourage you to do some real soul searching and ask yourself what happened along the way. I guess I liked the old Tom Fulks better.

Leslie Ramsey was the Administrative Assistant to the late Assemblyman Eric Seastrand from 1983-1990.

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I just read Tom Fulks trib piece about the quarry vote in Santa Margarita. Now I am not a fan of more quarries, noise etc but really using the concept of murder as a conversational enhancement, then comparing a Woman/s to a maligned breed of dogs:

“The mercy kill came seconds later. On a motion by Gibson, seconded by Mecham, the gravel mine was euthanized 3-2 and the public finally put out of its misery.”

“It’s like a pit bull that bites you in the face when you cozy up for a kiss after a loving belly rub.She can’t help it. It’s just her nature.”

It’s just offensive and misogynist, but perhaps that’s just a new way of communicating by an expert….”Tom Fulks is a recognized expert in the emerging discipline of crossover communications in land use planning and development, transportation systems, the California regulatory and political environment, and news media management.”

Indirectly calling a woman a B!#ch is hardly an “emerging discipline of crossover communications”

Very telling that the trib would print this, the campaigning for 2016 has already begun, news media management indeed.

Rubber boots everyone, you are going to need them

Sorry to hear Leslie Ramsey, a.k.a. Leslie Halls is so upset with Tom Fulks journalistic directions.


Well if I were to take a pretty good guess her dismay was about a recent piece in the Trib by Tom Fulks….Don’t be surprised when ideologues turn on the people who elect them

Read more here:

The editorial was a very scathing and colorfully written opinion about the Las Pilitas Quarry issue in Santa Margarita and how it was so poorly handled by Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold at a recent SLO Board of Supervisors meeting.

Basically Mr. Fulks so eloquently pointed out that Compton’s filibuster failed as Did Arnold’s attempt to send the entire matter back to staff to somehow make the many immitigable environmental impacts magically disappear.

The two puppets of COLAB lost and the ‘sour grapes’ fallout continues to flourish in Leslie’s diatribe as well others.

Interesting tactic of taking what is written as a personal letter and making it public.

If she actually has or had a relationship with Tom Fulks, wouldn’t a conversation be in order? Who does he write for by the way, I’d like to read his stuff.

He writes for the highest bidder. Ask Bruce Gibson.

I have a little problem with that last paragraph, starting: “It pains me, Tom, to be writing this letter to you.” You’d think that if it was that painful to compose that the next step (submitting it for publication) would have been too excruciating to go through with.

So the man in the picture next to the byline: LESLIE RAMSEY, is not Leslie Ramsey, but is Tom Fulks? I am so Fulking confused. If that’s Fulks, he doesn’t look anything like the Fulks I pull up on a Giggle search. Is Leslie Ramsey a man, or a woman? Is Tom Fulks a Left-Wing Hater or a Right-Wing Hater? And what exactly is a Left-Wing Hater? A member of the Left that hates the Right or a hater of the Left? What of the Right-Wing Hater? Is he or she a member of the Right that hates the Left, or simply a hater of the Right? Can the Right hate the Right? Can the Left hate the Left? Who does Tom Fulks hate, and who does he write for? When Bernie Sanders is our president, this will all make sense.

That’s easy for u to say…

The person in the photo is Tom Fulks. Leslie Ramsey is female and was married to attorney Leland Ramsey, who died in 1994.