Man who shot and killed his father takes a plea deal

May 9, 2015
Brian Reid

Brian Reid

While the jury deliberated, a Santa Maria man on trial for shooting his parents after learning his father had molested his daughters agreed to serve more than 24 years in prison in a plea deal signed Thursday evening.

During a 2012 Labor Day barbecue at an Orcutt park, Brian Reid, 42, armed himself with 40 caliber glock gun, looked at his father and said, “I’m going to kill you.” He then shot both his father William Reid and his mother Pamelia Reid.

Reid’s mother survived the shooting. She was 63 at the time, and her deceased husband was 73-years-old.

Defense Attorney Robert Ikola argued that his client is only guilty of voluntary manslaughter because he killed his father in a “heat of passion” after he was driven insane and his family life was ruined.

During opening statements, the prosecution and defense agreed that Reid had known for nearly 10 years about allegations that his father, William Reid, had molested his daughters. Prosecutors said the jury should convict Reid of murder because the killing was a cold, calculated attack.

The jury began deliberations Wednesday and then reached a verdict on Thursday. However, the judge sent the jurors back to the jury room because court forms had not been filled out properly.

Thursday evening, Reid signed the plea deal agreeing to a sentence of at least 24 years. He will be eligible for parole in 2033.

If convicted of murder, Reid could have faced a life sentence.

His sentencing hearing is set for June 22.

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Seems to me this guy did us all a favor.

A 24 year sentence seems very short for killing one person and trying to kill another. This case never should have even gone to trial. It was a ridiculous defense that would never work. But, now the state won’t have to waste a bunch of time in the Court of Appeals. If paroled at his first opportunity, he would only serve 18 years.

He should have received a Medal of Honor. Society was done a great favor that day. It’s a shame he will be punished for metering out the correct form of justice.

It is possible this man’s own sexual molestation memories flooded his conscious memory bank during this reaction to finding out his father had carried on with this behavior and didn’t seem to care who’s life he ruined. That should have been a consideration–and it merited a much lighter sentence if that is a fact. They used to have “crimes of passion” and recognized amygdala hijack could literally overwhelm all senses and rationality in one brief moment. I am very regretful this man will spend so much time behind bars-because I believe he did the community a favor. In Mexico–this is still how they handle pedophiles. And, it is rumored in some history books that American Indians drowned anyone they caught in this act in the local watering hole. I doubt anyone mourned that murdered man’s death—people are sick and tired of seeing these predators ingrain themselves into the community—just to have sex with everyone’s children. They are sick—but not sick in the traditional sense—they are evil. They inflict physical damage that many times requires suturing–they inflict psychological damage on children to the point they can never trust again—and may NEVER have a healthy sexual life with ANY partner. The suicide rate is higher for those who’s repressed memories flood back suddenly–and apparently–the homicide rate is also. These are child rapists evil monsters–and they deserve to die.

So you believe that Brian did the community a favor by trying to kill his mother???

What F#ing service was that? Do you really think the mother deserves to die because her husband molested their grand kids? By your logic, perhaps Brian’s ex-wife should be incarcerated because Brian tried to kill his mother.

WHOA!!!! I didn’t hear before that he also killed his mother. If just father than I could understand more but just because mom is married to not enough reason. Prosecution called this one right. Now go hit the down arrow.

She knew. There is NO WAY she did not know.

Well let me simplify my statement for you. Dad committed the act and best of our knowledge mom didn’t. Also like prosecution pointed out he (son) knew for ten years, so even more reason of why kill mom? Yes she MIGHT of been an accomplice in silence but not enough to raise to taking her life.

For the record it is two things I am talking about. As far as dad, he got what he deserved, my point is on the mother.

His mother managed to survive. He believed that she had known about the molestation and did nothing to prevent it. Who knows if that is true.