Munitions firing starts 3 fires near Camp San Luis Obispo

May 10, 2015

camp sloCal Fire crews extinguished three separate vegetation fires Saturday night at Camp San Luis Obispo suspected to be caused by munitions firing.

Shortly after 11 p.m., the first fire broke out, according to Cal Fire. Within the next three hours, two more fires were discovered.

No one was injured and no structures were damaged. The fires burned about seven acres.

Cal Fire investigators said it appears the fires were sparked by military ammunition firing.

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Those munitions being fired are the sounds of freedom.

Normally, tracer ammunition is not used after May, according to Camp SLO and Camp Roberts range regulations. However, the dry conditions should have been taken into account, and trace ammunition should have pulled from being issued prior to the end of May deadline.

No biggie. A few quick fires will keep future range time safer, since no brush will be available to burn when it gets hot and windy out there.