Pismo Beach Diagnostic Center accreditation revoked

May 2, 2015

medicalThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration revoked Coastal Diagnostic Center in Pismo Beach’s accreditation and is asking women who had mammograms at the facility after February 24, 2013 to consider having their mammograms re-evaluated.

After issues with several people who had mammograms at the Pismo Beach center were discovered, the American College of Radiology (ACR) conducted a clinical image review of mammograms performed by Coastal Diagnostic Center between February 24, 2013 and February 24, 2015. Following the review, the ACR revoked the facility’s accreditation.

Patients have the right to request their mammogram and copies of their medical reports from Coastal Diagnostic Center, which is owned by Dignity Health, the FDA said.

“The FDA is alerting patients who had mammograms at Coastal Diagnostic Center located in Pismo Beach,” the advisory says. “This does not mean that the results of the mammograms were inaccurate, but it does mean that the patients should consider having their mammograms re-evaluated at a Mammography Quality Standards Act certified facility to determine if the patients need a repeat mammogram or additional medical follow-up.”

On April 24, the FDA required the facility to notify all patients who received mammograms any time on or after February 24, 2013, and their referring health care providers, about the problems with the mammography quality at the facility.

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Dignity Health owns the Diagnostic Center. If I was one of those women, I would be demanding them pay for a re-screening at a location of MY choosing.

They one thing they did not mention: False negative, false positives–or both?

scary to think how some lives might of been altered because of this. I hope all involved on the pt end are doing well and not have to incur any costs or loss of a loved one

Who is going to pay to have these ladies’ mammograms reviewed? Did any cancers go undetected causing harm to patients? How did this issue first develop, what problems were first noticed and when were they noticed? Have any lawsuits been filed? Cal Coast, we need to follow up on this report.