California governor signs mandatory vaccination bill

June 30, 2015

vaccineCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that will require almost all schoolchildren in the state to be fully vaccinated, even if their parents object. [Mercury News]

Senate Bill 277 eliminates a provision in California law that exempted children from vaccinations on the grounds of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs. Now, California joins two other states — Mississippi and West Viriginia — in only permitting medical exemptions as reasons to sidestep vaccinations.

The new vaccination requirements apply at public and private schools across the state. Other than obtaining a medical exemption, homeschooling and independent off-campus studies are now the only ways for schoolchildren to avoid vaccinations.

“The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases,” Brown said in a statement released Tuesday. “While it’s true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community.”

Opposition to the personal belief exemption increased after a measles outbreak began last December at Disneyland. State health officials declared the outbreak over in mid-April after confirming 136 measles cases in California.

SB 277 received widespread support from health and education organizations, including the California Medical Association, California State PTA, California Immunization Coalition and the California Children’s Hospital Association. A recent Public Policy Institute of California poll indicated that two-thirds of Californians believe children should not be allowed to attend public schools unless they are vaccinated.

Vocal opponents rallied against the bill, arguing it violates parental rights and that some vaccines are dangerous to children. Opponents also said the bill will create a hardship on parents who must homeschool their children or place them in off-campus studies in order to avoid vaccinating them.

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I am always surprised to see how many people are completely fooled by government.

Nothing like wrapping up desecration of the family unit under the guise of what’s perceived as best for society.

This is not about vaccines, health, children or anything else. This, like everything the government does, is all about control and being paid off. Period.

So few see beyond the veils – and they are thin.

I was drinking the Kool-aid myself for 40+ years as a medical professional. Bottom line is following the money.

On February 22, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court shielded drug companies from all liability for harm caused by vaccines mandated by government when companies could have made a safer vaccine.

How much money do you think the pharmaceutical companies give the medical schools? Look it up.

In reading all of these posts about being afraid of vaccinations of children, I am astonished that Christians are worried in this respect, because they slap Jesus right in the face!

This is because when the Christian parents “believe” they are given whatever they ask in prayer. Therefore, all they have to do is pray that their children will not be affected in any way from said vaccinations. When their children also “believe,” then they can be assured that Jesus will protect them too as the passages herein so state.

Jesus stated; “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, BELIEVING, YE SHALL RECEIVE.” (Matthew 21:22) Key word: “believe,” which triggers the prayer in a direct absolute manner in receiving your prayer request, like healing oneself of any malady or sickness, or protection from them at the onset. It’s just that simple.

If one is a member of a Christian church, then call out the elders of said church to pray for your child to heal them if you didn’t believe enough per Matthew 21:22.

“Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. AND THE PRAYER OF FAITH WILL SAVE THE ONE WHO IS SICK, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” (James 5: 14-16)

If a Christian really wants to push their faith to the envelope because their child had a bad reaction to a vaccination, then this time they truly will have to “believe,” then they can heal their own child of any malady. This will save the middle-man of the church, and costs involved, so saith our Lord and Savior.

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; THEY WILL LAY THEIR HANDS ON THE SICK, AND THEY WILL RECOVER.” (Mark 16: 17-18)

Just more hot air from Slanders. Most Christians I know are wholeheartedly in favor of this law. But why pass up a chance to mock others?


I take offense in you calling the scriptures “hot air” along with their propositions that are to be held as the godly truth! Where do you get the authority to usurp the word of our Hebrew Christian God?!

What I have never understood is the fact that when one says I am allegedly mocking another due to bringing forth God’s word, then that person in turn, like you, are mocking God by me using His words. Blaspheme!

The bible says what it says, irregardless of whether a person has to agree with it because of it being the word of God, or if a person can’t agree with it because they don’t want to test God’s words in the respect given in my post above. Either way, a serious Catch-22 to say the least.

I will pray for you tonight.

Per RN, “There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism or really any major side effects with the majority of the population.” This statement, read and understood in simple english, could mean that only 49% of children that get vaccinated become autistic or have major side effects. Even if the casualties were .001% would that be ok? As a parent I would want to know what the level of risk is for doing nothing is before considering the level of risk for a vacinated child.

I doubt that the studies indicate that 49% of the people vaccinated have undesirable side effects. The medical research is available on line to everyone that knows Mr. Google so you have the ability to fully understand the risk. I think it is safe to say that the risk of being vaccinated is less than the risk of the particular disease if you go un-vaccinated. Now, I have heard this argument in the past. “If everyone else is vaccinated, then my kid won’t be at risk so I will skip it.” I am sorry, but, that is not a valid argument. If everyone can opt out, then the risk increases for everyone. Having a family member with polio (contracted before the vaccine was available) I have first hand knowledge of the devastation of diseases that we can deal with. And yes, is the casualties were .001%, that is much less than the risk of going untreated.

Autism isn’t caused by vaccinations. That was nonsense that has been completely refuted. On the other hand, there’s considerable evidence autism may be caused by bad bacteria in our guts and the nasty neruo-chemicals they produce. So, one possible remedy for autism that’s being investigated is fecal transplants from non autistics to autistics. Now how do you feel about that?

Kinda like how koala bears have to make sure their babies ingest some of their ( the parents ) poop, so that the kids can eat their diet of eucalyptus through the parents toxic immunity, and not get poisoned.

You could choose measles, which has a 90% transmission rate if an unvaccinated person comes into contact with it. Compare this to the rate of “severe reaction”- a reaction to the vaccine that leads to hospitalization, which is 1 in one million.

Of course people have a right to make a decision. Parents should ask their doctor, do their research. I am just a parent who happens to be a nurse who happens to have an opinion on this subject, and many other subjects in our community. I do not expect nor wish my PERSONAL opinion, which just so happens to be based upon medical research, to replace the opinion of a doctor of loving parents.

That said, I don’t want my kids needlessly exposed to diseases. For that matter, I do not want to be needlessly exposed to diseases.

I know of a stay at home mom who swears that a vaccine caused autism in her baby boy. I mention that she is stay at home because she was with him 24/7. She say’s that he was perfect, bright, inquisitive and interacted with her and the things around him all the time. Then at the age of 2 he received a round of shots, I don’t recall which vaccine that she say’s caused the autism but she said that by the next day, the light had gone out of his eyes and he was never mentally the same again in fact he acted as if he no longer had an interest in anything. She knew he was very sick and the doctor said it would pass but it never did and within the next 6 months he was diagnosed with autism. Why should i not believe her?

She has since joined with other mothers who make the same identical claims.

Happened also to my best friend. Raise the darn compensation limits!

“Raise the compensation limits”??? This won’t cure the child that has developed autism from a mandated vaccine. Parents with these autistic children that developed autism after a vaccination (I personally know of a family that had this happen to two of their kids) would much rather have their healthy kids back than win the lottery.

To two of their kids? Sounds like a family issue, like bad genes, poor hygiene, junk food, or whatever.

I totally agree, but my friend is financial burdened with her child who needs constant care. BTW her child doesn’t have autism.

I have a neighbor that sees flying saucers and is convinced of it. Should I believe him? In all seriousness, many things affect health and a mother can’t protect a little one from everything. Could it be a reaction to a bug bite? Lead paint? Allergic reaction to something the baby ingested or was exposed to? A fall that caused the baby to hit their head that she didn’t recall or maybe she does and didn’t think it major.

Once you have two neighbors who see flying saucers, it must be true.

In an NSF survey, one quarter of the people said that the sun revolves around the earth. With that level of agreement, it’s got to be true!

What happened to you ?

You do know that the original diagnosis for the cause of autism was bad mothers ?

That was incorrect, too.

Researchers are looking at more long-term environmental causes such as modified foods in the regular diet, gluten, residual pesticides, metal utensils and food containers, and household poisons; rather than vax’s.

There is a possible correlation with Alzheimer’s, too.

Claims of associations are just that — claims, unsubstantiated by science or fact. If some bozo hadn’t published a bogus science article, long since refuted, claiming this connection, I daresay the connection would never have occurred to stay at home mom.

“the connection would never have occurred to stay at home mom.” NOT TRUE, This connection would have occurred to ANY mother. A perfectly bright child who changes over night and never recovers after a round of vac’s? Really, never occur, maybe not to a dimwit.

I hear what you are saying Cindy. I get it.

As a parent, it is horrifying to see something seemingly change in a baby/child overnight.

I would love to see someone do a truly thorough information gathering research investigation on this subject, but it would need to be an investigator with no agenda, no personal opinion on the subject of immunizations. Families would need to be interviewed, information collected on the individual family activities; where do they get their food, water? Where do the parents work? Where do they go on a routine basis?

To link Autism to vaccines and not sound like a nut, it needs to be a disease/illness of true exclusion. There are and have been scientists who are at the vaccine end of things looking at potential causes/links and then removing them. Around 2002ish, not long after the Autism fraud doctor, and forgive me that I don’t know his name off the top of my head, he was claiming Autism was CAUSED by vaccines made the claims he did, thimerisol was removed from almost all childhood vaccines, except I believe a few brands of the flu vaccine, of which there ARE preservative free flu vaccines available. We cannot rule out that autism is being caused by the chemicals in pesticides, heavy metals in our water supply, toxins in our air, preservatives in our food (a lot of which comes from CHINA).

I ask you to consider the fact that the incidence of autism has increased multifold in correlation with the import of items from China. It is only my personal theory, but it seems more likely than vaccines to be a cause of autism. Babies are putting their mouthes on toys that are manufactured in China, dinnerware made in China, clothing made in china, etc.

I have an open mind. Something is causing a change in these babies/kids. I am just not certain what it is. Do not rule out environment as a cause.

The one other thing I will say that I have not said is that a mandate is kind of overkill in all actuality. When and if there were an outbreak, any child without their vaccine for that illness for ANY reason would be forced to stay home from school until the Public Health Officer from XXX county cleared the students to return. So if measles hit Pacheco school or Georgia Brown School, the vaccine records would be looked up by school officials and the nurse could verify that the child did NOT receive those vaccines. The child would have to stay home. If it took a month for the disease to run its course, then so be it. Parents would have to make arrangements to pick up homework, probably take phone calls from the teacher, etc. But the kids get quarantined effectively anyway.

Thank You CCRN for your eloquent reply. I agree with your reasoning 100%. I do appreciate a thoughtful, honest response which is rare to find on these threads. I have also had all the same thoughts and considerations that you mention. I am also cautious of foods from China for many reasons which can be known to anyone who investigates if they have a mind to. I’m also cautious of some of our own home grown products. There is no question in my mind that alzheimers and autism are far more prevalent than ever before and I’m talking about stats per capita. I seriously suspect environmental toxins/causes as the culprit. My father had alzheimers and I racked my brains wondering what the “source” might have been. I studied for many months and startling facts came to light while I reviewed studies surrounding alzheimers including the development of lewy bodies and an early study of 12 US citizens who were the first to develop a form of mad cow disease. This was before mad cow disease was known of. The ONLY common denominator between the 12 was the use of a “bone meal” nutrient used for growing roses. All 12 used bone meal powder and grew roses, although they were from different states and of various ages, it was the only common denominator that could be identified.

This brings me to the point. While not all people who used bone meal developed a form of mad cow disease, these 12 people had a predisposition that manifested when they encountered this type of compound. Sort of the same reason that some people are allergic to certain meds. The same certainly exists with certain children and vaccines. NO? And if so, what form might the allergic reaction take? Autism?

Big Pharma wins again. unmitigated immigration has caused the return of many of these diseases.

By parents fighting back, they have removed the mercury from vaccines. But when government starts mandating instead of educating freedoms are removed. Parents need to raise their children, not the state. The incident at Disneyland was blown way out of proportion, so a faux crisis drove the legislature to attack people who choose not to vaccinate. Bad form in my opinion.

Because 100 people got the measles every child in California must receive 42 immunizations before the age of 6? This makes no sense. I’m disappointed the Gov. Brown signed this. !!

I wholeheartedly support the full vaccination of children and adults, from HPV to shingles vaccines, pneumonia to pertussis. There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism or really any major side effects with the majority of the population. Thimerisol has been removed from virtually every recommended childhood vaccination. We get more mercury from the environment everyday than kids get from vaccines nowadays.

Public schools are a government run program. This means they can regulate what mandates are passed, including immunizations. Children are the responsibility of the school while at school. I personally do not want my kids sitting next to a bunch of vectors of disease. Herd immunity works when 95 percent of the herd is immunized, and it is a shame to see totally preventable diseases making a comeback when we have VACCINES to treat.

I am too young to personally remember polio, but my mom sure does. She told me some stories of how frightened people were to even go to the local pool. A coworker’s best friend spent 18 months living inside an iron lung. She went back to visit “her” iron lung a museum had on display. The non vaxxers didn’t have to live through something like that, or they might change their view on vaccines….

If parents do not want to immunize their kids, they can still choose not to. They can opt to home school, send them to private school, maybe a charter school for non vaxxers will open up, who knows? This is a capitalist world right? If there is a demand, someone will supply a service.

Keep in mind that for many working families, homeschooling their children is not an option; neither mom or dad is available to teach the kids.

Also few families nowadays can afford private school ($) and your comment about a “non-vaxxer” charter school is just plain snarky.

So now in California, parents’ rights are once again being taken away and the government is continuing to take over.

Last time I checked nobody had a “right” to infect other people with disease, if fact you can be forcibly contained if you try.

Those who have been vaccinated should be fairly safe from those who haven’t. Viral mutations (which can occur in someone who is sick) can lower vaccine efficacy, but the consensus seems to be that this isn’t very likely. But theoretically it is possible.

It was not my intent to be snarky.

I find this an interesting debate, and to be honest, it is hard to know which side of the fence to sit. I am a HUGE proponent of personal liberties. To FORCE this pains me. However, health trumps “personal choice” every time. Without health, you have NOTHING.

If we allow non vaccinated children in the schools, would their parents be financially responsible if their kid spreads measles, pertussis, or chicken pox to the other students or their younger siblings who may not be old enough to receive the vaccine? Chicken pox can sometimes still be acquired AFTER the vaccine, although the illness is MARKEDLY reduced from pre vaccine. (Imagine 10 pox on the whole body vs 1000) Should the non vaccinated parents pay for the vaccinated parents to stay home and care for their kids? Should they pay the school district for missed days of instruction the school will lose on each kid?

I am just ASKING. Deep down, I really don’t care what people do. My kids are vaccinated. They aren’t going to get some preventable disease.

Back in the 70’s my second cousin developed Polio from the vaccine. Very Rare to happen I know. But he has had to live his life with the effects of that shot. I understand vaccines do more good than harm. And I for one want all kids in school vaccinated. If you are against it, then that is ok, plan to home school! But no sense in allowing these diseases to come back by not protecting the kids. Disneyland was the perfect example of that.