Santa Maria police kill murder suspect

June 6, 2015

tape 1Santa Maria police shot and killed a man Friday night they believe murdered a woman.

Shortly after 9:30 p.m., officers responded to reports of a possible stabbing at an apartment in the northern part of the city. The suspect, who was in his residence, told officers he was armed with several firearms and would shoot anyone who came near his apartment.

As officers approached the residence, shots were fired. At least one officer shot the suspect who later died at the hospital.

Officers found the body of a woman inside the residence. The names of the deceased man and woman have not yet been released.


Russ…..Hot girls of SLO? So what the ugly ones go solo or what? Doesnt matter what you look like, if someone has their eye on you, they are going to do what they want. I will remember to keep an eye out for a guy watch hot girl packs in SLO from now on, cant ever be to careful these days.

Russ J

As bad as north S.M. is when it comes to crime, SLO county tops it’s blue collar neighbor. Richard Allen Krebs took the prize for over the top crime spot and hasn’t been beat yet. OBTW all you Mike Farrell fans, Mr. Krebs still sits in a San Quentin cell and enjoys his favorite past time of watching sports on T.V. Hot girls of SLO town, travel in packs because there are more out there just like him.


Good job officers. Clean up Santa Maria now. Get rid of more gangsters in the NW part of the town.

black sheep

damn, sm continues to just get worse… glad we don’t have to waste much of our tax dollars on that guy