Velie on KVEC tonight at 5 p.m.

June 9, 2015

Dave CongaltonWith only 20 days left until former North County Developer Kelly Gearhart is sentenced for fraud, KVEC’s Dave Congalton and CalCoastNew’s Karen Velie will replay and discuss segments from a 2008 interview on the Dave Congalton show Tuesday at 5 p.m.

In early 2008, CalCoastNews broke the story of how Gearhart’s multi-million-dollar Vista del Hombre development in Paso Robles was drastically over leveraged because Gearhart had secured multiple loans through faulty deeds of trust. An article Velie and Congalton later discussed on KVEC.

The next day, Gearhart went on Dave Congalton’s talk radio show to rebut the article, but the facts kept getting in his way in what resulted in an explosive and intriguing interview.

Turn your radio dial to 920 A.M. or listen live at Tuesday at 5 p.m.

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Karen Velie and CalCoastNews represent the “cutting edge” in frontier journalism. Her class and standard can be “morphed” across the Country. I predict this may happen.

Why? For the simple reason that there are many small population areas thirsty for the truth on the local scene — that cannot be seen by the large interests in print and TV media.

There is something very special here — and my hat is off to Dan Blackburn, Josh Freidman and KVEC’s Dave Congalton for their contributions.

Two things, Otis: 1) I agree, we have to call it “frontier journalism” because 2) “journalism” as it stands today is not actual journalism, but regurgitation of propaganda (aka Press Releases).

Pretty sad times; back in “the day” we’d just call CCN journalists, and there’d be a point of pride (one would hope). Today, we have to call them something else (frontier journalists) lest they be lumped in with all the… well, lumps.

Hey, it ain’t Ron Roy…Its Ian Parkinson that threatened the station if Karen was allowed to stay on. I would be a bit afraid as well. What is it, 5 unarmed men have been killed by sheriffs in jail in the past 3 years. I am all in favor of capital punishment but ………..

Out of town and missed this events. I do look forward to the trio Dave, Dan and Karen in the future, a social centrifuge, watch out!

I agree. Karen should be allowed to come on the air when something big is happening…

it’s usually going to be a story that won’t appear in the Tribune or New Times.

Welcome back Karen!!

“Should be allowed” – what is this, Soviet Russia? Last time I checked it was a FREE and OPEN society (well, at least pretending to be one). The station should be allowed to have whomever they want on the air as a guest, without some government flunky telling them otherwise. As long as it’s not violating local standards or obscenity or what have you, it should be fine.

Telling a media outlet not to have an investigative reporter on the air is bad and wrong, but it is worse to be a cowardly weasel and agree without issue. “Spineless” comes to mind.

I was pleased to hear Karen on Dave’s show, unfortunately I only caught the end of it; however, my kids were in the car, so this allowed a very good conversation / lesson afterwards (informing them of the Gearheart thing, the station manager’s standing up to the illegal request of the sheriff like a strand of hay in the wind, etc).

Now Dave, let’s get Ron Roy and Karen Velie on at the same time! Let them have a discussion: you want ratings, there it is! =) I might have to start listening regularly again.

If you don’t like the news….the solution isn’t to BAN the messenger!

It’s about time!

Ron Roy needs to get off his high horse and quit ignoring the fact that CCN is responsible for breaking some important local stories. To continue his ban is ridiculous.

Don’t hold your breath, Mr. Roy won’t announce his station will support the SLO symphony orchestra and cancel their support for the Pops concert and the way the egotistical board, ED and president fired Mr. Nowak

Actually Pops likely will not be happening this year, so no need to worry.

Even so having Mr. Roy announce that regardless of whether Pops happens or not that KVEC will not support the symphony board, ED or president, that Eldorado Broadcasting, owner of “Home Town” radio supports the orchestra… but no not a word from SLO’s local????? station….. I guess not so local after all.

Anything announced now is a little late.

Good news….the Velie on KVEC BAN is hopefully over!