Which California counties offer health care to illegal immigrants?

June 12, 2015

Covered CaliforniaSan Luis Obispo County is not one of 11 California counties that provide low-cost health care to illegal immigrants, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

A 1933 California law states counties must “relieve and support all incompetent, poor, indigent persons.” But, many counties interpret the law as not pertaining to illegal immigrants.

A total of 47 counties do not subsidize health care for undocumented immigrants. Of the 11 counties that do provide low cost care for illegal immigrants, some only offer treatment to seriously ill patients or children.

Six of the 11 counties that subsidize health care for illegal immigrants are located in the Bay Area. They are: San Fancisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara,  Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

The Central California counties of Fresno and Kern, and the Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and Riverside comprise the other five that provide low-cost care for illegal immigrants.

Last week, the state Senate passed a bill that would offer state-sponsored care to many of the estimated 2 million individuals living in California illegally. If it becomes law, the bill would allow up to 240,000 immigrants under the age of 19 to enroll in Medi-Cal.

An unspecified number of adults could also enroll in Medi-Cal under the bill. Likewise, if the federal government were to reverse its ban on illegal immigrants accessing Obamacare, others could buy private insurance through the state exchange Covered California.

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Ah…………..and California keeps on going down the shithole.

Just got a call last week for survey on a ballet proposition being considered for 2016. It would make all storm run off from streets have to be collected and treated (for all kinds of things) before it could go to arroyo’s. Um does anyone know what kind of collection system like that would cost in each and every city in the state?!!! Ah yes California land of the idiots.

You think it’s only California ?

We have 320 MILLION dooshbags with their heads up their rectums in this land.

Every 50 persons you meet is guaranteed to be a blithering idiot, and the next 50 aren’t far off.

PS, this is EVERY political demographic.

Conservatives are just genetically stupid. Liberals have to learn to be so.

“Conservatives are just genetically stupid. Liberals have to learn to be so”.

You got it backwards Slower. I know, I know. We all make mistakes.


This whole article stinks to high heaven.

There are those of us who will understand this fact. There are those who will baaa..baaa..baaa….

American people! Wake the F up!

Politicians CANNOT be TRUSTED. Right or Left.

No more do they REPRESENT US, the little people. Their CONSTITUENTS! They are self serving WHORES! Not only here in the US, but the globe.

I HATE MULTICULTURISM. It has destroyed many nations. Mainly due to CORRUPT government and the throwing out of God in all aspects of our being.

Time as we know it is rapidly coming to an end. Time was before humans. Time has existed forever. God existed in that time. The Alpha and Omega. He created Angels, the universe, stars, galaxies, man, and woman from man.

All these things He put into motion outside of the time that we know as it. This story is so minute to history at large. Yet, our interest of history is that of the gnats memory.

Jesus! Give your lives to Jesus Christ! He came on our behalf. His mission from His Father was to be the propitiation for sin. The spotless lamb. Perfect. John 3:16. It is the blood that Jesus Christ shed on our behalf that will save you from the dark days ahead.

Match this news with all other news going on not only in our country, but with the news worldwide. Currently, the god of this world is satan. It is so apparent to those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If this CCN story bothers you, wake up. Connect the dots. It is only going to continue to become worse.

Read the Word of the living God. Who was before Abraham, the “I AM” The Alpha and Omega. Beginning/End.

Blessings to all.

I’m usually not one to pander to religious sentiments, but your statements do beg the question of what you think jesus would do? I’m honestly interested in how you feel about this. Would he leave someone in need down and out, would he give until need was satisfied, or somewhere in between? It’s easy for us to be self-righteous, but personally I feel that my position to pay can be attributed as much to where I was born as talent or hard work.


Being a Christian is not so much being religious as it is having a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Savior of all mankind. John 3:16.

What would Jesus do? He accomplished what He came to do. God, manifest in the flesh was scorned, beaten, spat upon, and allowed Himself to be nailed to that cross to give His life for all that would believe upon His name. He was the spotless lamb of God, God’s only begotten Son, the propitiation for our sins. Eternal life with God/Jesus is a free gift from God that those who ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins, admitting that they are sinners, repenting,and asking Him into their lives, will be forgiven then and there. Of course, it must come from one’s heart.

Would Jesus leave one down and out? A loaded question for sure. My opinion is that yes, He doesn’t want to see inequality. He gave us governments to see to that.That’s why He gave us free will. To do what we want to do. Whether to follow Him or be against Him. I don’t find anywhere in the Word of God, “inequality”. Galations 3:28 says; “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Bottom line is this. Because He created governments to rule the people, I refer you to Romans 13; Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

Government’s worldwide have let their populace down. Gov’t lives in luxury while raping us, the PEOPLE, and disregarding the laws they put on the books and backs of the people of which we have to abide by. In essence, God be damned. There is no God. Only man. We know what is best. Blasphemy!

This is what is happening in our very Nation. Bottom line. Votes. That’s all it boils down to. Dems want to stay in power no matter the cost. Which unfortunately will be the wrath of God. Think. Same sex marriage, Transgender bathrooms, Killing the unborn created in the image of God. On and on. Ideological unbiblical thought.

In closing, I’m not being self righteous. Putting my faith in Jesus Christ only puts a HUGE target on my whole being. A target that the evil one and his fallen angels throw firey arrows at each day. Some hit. Some don’t. Being a Christian and believer upon the name of Jesus doesn’t mean that you will have a wonderful easy life. Quite the contrary. It’s hard. But I keep looking up as my redemption draws near.

Blessings to you my friend.

The State Legislature are taking away incentive to work, incentive to follow the law, incentive not to produce more children than one family can afford. Why on earth would an illegal work harder if they would lose all their free stuff?

Illegals do NOT get taxed more than they receive back on their income tax returns. Especially when you count all the government handouts they receive “free”; courtesy of the US taxpayer.

Why even conserve water? Why even save for retirement? Why be “responsible” when the system is not sustainable? If anyone out there still truly believes the system we have in place is sustainable long term, please explain to me HOW.

I am thinking people should invest in goods. 5th wheel, a few generators, some things to help prepare themselves for the day hopefully never comes.

I never used to be doomsday and tin foil hat sounding, but I never used to think that the day would come that illegals would get better medical care than Veterans, children with serious need, etc…

The state Legislature “IS”. State Legislators “ARE”.

There is actually some very interesting research, articles, and theory out on the internet regarding grammar police. It is relatively new information, so perhaps you haven’t had time to read up on it. You would probably learn some very interesting things about what drives you to do it. Quite fascinating really.

Welcome to good ole US of A, where everyone in the world is taken care of before

our own law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.

Wonder how soon before the wonderful SLO county supervisors will correct the oversight

and add SLO county to the list of 11?

Well it’s clear from the new “Tourism” tax, that the BoS is outwardly, on the surface, maybe leaning conservatively, but in practice, hardly. No doubt they’ll follow along with the pied piper of inclusiveness, diversity, and liberal self righteousness.Using other people’s money freely in wealth redistribution schemes.

Many (most?) illegals do pay taxes for which they aren’t credited and for which they don’t receive benefits because they use phony SS numbers to get otherwise legitimate employment. The problem is that the taxes they pay largely do not go to the parts of government that are providing the services they use.

They are subsidizing the Social Security/Medicare systems while draining funds from agencies that they use for assistance. If we can’t remove them from the country entirely (a possibility unless we are willing to make ourselves into a police state), we should at least find a way to make them responsible for the costs of SPECIFIC services they receive.

May I differ? Most illegals work for cash and pay no taxes. Some do not work, file tax returns with the IRS using a Tax Payers Identification number instead of a SSN. They are allowed to claim “Child Credits” for dependents not living in the USA.

Since these “dependents” are not in the USA, they are identified by name only, not SSN. They do not have to be legitimate “Children” of the filer, only “dependents”.

Billions of dollars of fraud. The whole world is laughing at our socialist state, while we borrow money from China to support the world’s leaches.

New Rule: All expenses incurred by an illegal alien will be paid by the country that exported them to the USA. A Life Time lean that must be repaid.

Rule #2: If you ever enter USA illegally, you may NEVER become a US citizen and NEVER be allowed to vote. There! That otta take the wind out of One Party’s Sails.

California State Senate…Por favor…no mas…no mas! detener la locura!

Americans love their myths. You can show them facts all day long and it won’t make a bit of difference.

What you SHOULD get from this article is that even if counties are supposed to or will in the future offer low cost healthcare to illegal immigrants, THEY GENERALLY DO NOT GET FREE HEALTHCARE, WELFARE, OR OTHERWISE MILK the system like they are accused of. In fact, on an aggregate level, they pay more in than they take out. You know who does that? Americans. Ironically, the ones who scream the loudest about immigrants and entitlements are generally the recipient of the most entitlements, and don’t recognize some of their benefits as such.

These entitled morons are the microcosm of the deadbeat Red states that are the consummate Takers. They hoist selfishness as a kind of performance art. They don’t know what a mirror is, and couldn’t care.

I am not sure that your post is accurate. If anyone goes to a hospital with an ailment, the provider (hospital) is not permitted to question ability to pay. Are you trying to say that are here without following the proper procedures do not receive government benefits? The Congressional Budget Office (Far from being a stronghold of Conservative thought.) has issued numerous reports to the contrary.

those that are here. My apologies. Got interrupted by a call.

“If anyone goes to a hospital with an ailment, the provider (hospital) is not permitted to question ability to pay.” This hasn’t been my experience. About a year ago we drove an elderly neighbor to the emergency room at a local hospital. I was amazed and angered at how the billing receptionist hovered around collecting personal info almost as soon as we got through the door. He had insurance, but i couldn’t help but wonder if he would have gotten the bluelight special if he didn’t. I don’t know if they still have those, but i do know that they did as near back as the mid 90s.

Maybe someone with more experience in the ER scene can comment but here is what I have heard second-hand.

Hospital personnel are under heavy pressure to get every cent they can out of everyone they can. However, they are also under pressure to not waste time which can have a contrary effect.

What it comes down to is that if they even suspect that someone coming in for treatment might be capable of paying, they do everything they can to insure that they will be paid for treatment including demanding every bit of personal information they can think of before authorizing treatment. Those obviously not insured or with means to pay will get somewhat of a pass so as not to waste time.

What I would like to see happen (at the very least) is to put non-insured, non-payers at the bottom of the priority list for treatment at every given level of urgency. Immediate, life-threatening conditions, treatments that require urgency to prevent further major complications, and treatments for non-urgent treatments should be given to those with coverage/resources before those without. This would act to discourage use of the ER for non-emergency treatments by delaying them when others are waiting and make the point that health insurance coverage has distinct benefits in terms of quicker treatment too.

I think your ideas about incentives make a lot of sense and would work. Personally, I find the tricky question comes down to how much care to provide. Do we just save someone’s life, or does care maximize quality of life? The latter obviously costs the taxpayer more, but maybe it improves upon their (and our) potential to deliver end-run returns. I honestly don’t know.

I think a thumbprint in lieu of a social security number or identification would be fantastic. I also think tax returns should have the thumbprint included, as well as each family member on that return; baby to grandpa.That way, when tax returns go back to illegals or legal uninsured, those dollars can be seized to repay those people they owe money. I do think people should get medical care illegal or not, I just think it shouldn’t be FREE. Even with medi-cal, people can go to an urgent care or their doctor for FAR less than the ER. If people go to the ER, it needs to be an emergency and they need to be willing to pay their bills. Non profit hospital have payment plans AND they have appliations to adjust the amount owed based on ability to pay.

markslo70, you are proposing something VERY slippery. Who exactly is worthy of more care? Should we do a second bypass surgery on a 65 year old who isn’t following their prescribed cardiac diet, knowing that surgery and associated rehab costs insurance companies about 500k? Do we offer surgeries and chemo to the lifelong smoker with stage 4 cancer? Who would make those decisions?

Life isn’t fair, and my concern would be that when we entrust a treatment plan to someone else other than a doctor who cares for a patient, corruption and games WILL happen.

Oh dear dear, didn’t we hear the moan and wail of conservatives screaming that Obamacare would create “Death Panels?” And here we are saying maybe that same thing would be a good idea LOLOLOL

The key word is “Entitlements”. These “Entitlements” are things that we work for, not things that are given to us without earning them. I paid into Socialized Society for Fifty Years. Is my SS Check an entitlement or is it a welfare. I paid into my retirement fund for 30 years, are my benefits “Entitlements” or is it welfare.

Yes, I collect “Entitlements”, but it is only the government giving back to me, that which they seized from me for years.

California hospitals are required to treat everyone that comes in. If they claim to be illegal, and indigent, they receive their care anyway. SLO County housing (Oak Park) in Paso Robles does not ask about immigration status. Illegal aliens are welcome. No immigration status is determined before handing out EBT (welfare) cards.

Personally, I think you know not of what you speak.

Health care is already provided to illegal immigrants – they just don’t pay the bills.

With this new law we’ll have one-quarter million new people hitting the welfare rolls. Time to raise taxes on the few left who are pulling the cart.

Another one of their tricks, pregnant girls and women in TJ, cross the California/TJ border when they go into labor.

As soon as they hit the California side, they use their cell phones to call 911.

Paramedics arrive and transport them to the nearest U.S. hospital.

And soon enough we have a brand new U.S. citizen to support, including all the medical expenses for the birth. They know how to milk the system, you better believe it.

People use to come to the U.S. for the opportunity, now they come to America for the handouts. Californians are idiots to spend their hard earned tax dollars to support those who have no right to be here. Eventually you run out of other people’s money. Less than 40% pay state income tax. If you are on welfare or receive any form of tax payer assistance, you should have to show up for work … Wash police cars, sweep streets, maintain parks … Assistance should help people not support them.

It sounds like you want to bring back some form of the WPA. Might not be a bad idea if you go about it correctly — an honest day’s work for any american who wants a job.

That would be socialistic.

Oh CRY, the beloved country !

That is a heck of an idea, but who or what is gonna run that program,we know the Govt isn’t capable of running anything other than right into the ground, it did run the Brassaro (sp) program and still hasn’t paid all the hold out monies to those people.

Social Security and Medicare are successful government programs that have operating costs at 3% ….much lower than the 15%-30% costs for similar privately run concerns.

You only got two things: rhetoric, and wrong.

Talk about circling the drain. Just write off this hallowed state of so many generations of our families; it’s nothing but a one party dictatorship of liberal fantasia.

Central Texas, except for more distinct weather, offers so much. Lower taxes, zero state income tax, many counties require NO building permits for a home, siting of a mobile home, construction of a garage or barn or out building. Just call the authorities when you’re done for a predictable slight increase in property tax. Build what you want. Lay out sandwiches and your neighbors with the Texas attitude will crowd around to help you build. It’s like another planet.

Got a “check engine” light on in your car? Think you have to open your wallet to the mechanic to get it turned off for annual inspection, nope. You can drive around with them ALL lit up, so long as your car passes Texas’ simple sensible brakes/tire tread/horn/seat belts/wiper blades ten minute inspection (OK, DFW/SAC test for smog). They’ll fail you if the tire tread is worn, or brakes don’t work, for SURE, but the “check engine” scam? No problem, been there, passed that. Gasoline? Under $ 2.50 a gallon everywhere.

Go for your driver license and you’ll need a REAL SSN card and REAL birth certificate. Try to claim faked workers comp and you’ll likely fail whereas in Calif you can drain the employer and the system for 18 months if you believe you stubbed your toe on your employer’s door threshold.

Pelican can write words to the Evita song, “Don’t cry for me, California, the truth is you’re in… the…. toilet…………..you’re going bankrupt, you’re run by liberals……….”

“Got a “check engine” light on in your car? Think you have to open your wallet to the mechanic to get it turned off for annual inspection, nope. You can drive around with them ALL lit up, so long as your car passes Texas’ simple sensible brakes/tire tread/horn/seat belts/wiper blades ten minute inspection (OK, DFW/SAC test for smog). They’ll fail you if the tire tread is worn, or brakes don’t work, for SURE, but the “check engine” scam? No problem, been there, passed that. Gasoline? Under $ 2.50 a gallon everywhere.”

The only reason Texas doesn’t require a smog check like California is because all the vehicles sold in Texas since 1996 are California compliant vehicles. And the vast majority of those vehicles would no doubt pass the California emissions test. Texas got clean running cars for free (so did the other 48 states) The entire nation owes California a debt of gratitude for leading the way. The skies are much cleaner all over the country due to California’s Smog laws.

There are plenty of cars manufactured that were California Compliant when built but no longer are compliant. That is why you get them checked every other year after a period of time. I don’t think that I will thank the California Politicians for being the tip of the spear in creating excessive regulations.

No, you are misinformed. The vast majority of vehicles pass without problem and even if they don’t pass the problem is more than likely minor and can be fixed easily. That’s why they have test only stations.

California wasn’t the tip of the spear. As the worlds 7th largest economy and the largest new car market in the hemisphere California is more like the head of the hammer. Laws enacted in California drive the technology for the entire automotive industry and I for one and damn glad for it. If you aren’t, then go spend a weekend in Mexico City or Beijing and tell us how sweet that smog smells.

“The only reason Texas doesn’t require a smog check like California is because all the vehicles sold in Texas since 1996 are California compliant vehicles” – Vagabond.

Wrong, but I am happy for you and your rose-colored glasses you see things through. The spill-over benefits of California over-regulation is NOT why. The reason is: Texas is not yet rabidly over-regulated. Still some hints of freedom, self-sufficiency, and common sense in TX legislature and populace. This applies to automotive issues and social welfare issues, IMHO.

Texas would be if they were choking on smog like Mexico City. Lucky for them California took care of buisness. And I am very right about cars in Texas being CARB certified, just look under the hood. Take off the cowboy boots pardoner you don’t know nothin.

Ya here’s your “free” Texas: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=576_1434062327

Can someone please tell me why again I pay for my own healthcare rather than sticking my neighbors with the cost? Surely if illegal immigrants get it for free….heck all these fools paying for obamacare are suckers.

Rich: Likely because you believe on standing on your own two feet. Unfortunately this is no longer a virtue. Those who succeed are punished and life’s losers are rewarded. It’s insanity.

If you are a taxpayer just look in the mirror to see who the fool is that is paying for Obama care, it often is not the person getting the coverage, as for who the sucker is take a guess.

Tell us you never cheat on your taxes.

“creatively avoiding” taxes is as american as apple pie

I know. These hypocrites and externalizers that post here will never look back or admit who they are.

But we know them, just the same.

Because you were following a rule/mindset that worked for the US for generations. It was quite simple; you work hard, pay your taxes, be nice to other people, and when you get old, you draw your social security and medicare that was taken for your care all your life.

There are no rules now. Our Congress, judicial branch, our executive branch just like to do whatever they like. Remember when proposition 187 passed? It was the CA bill that allowed the state to refuse free stuff to illegals. That bill got tossed out by ONE judge. How does ONE judge out vote the popular voice of the People?

I don’t see why I should even pay medicare, social security, FICA, or any tax that pays for anything other than defense, roads, and emergency services. Look at what it goes toward….

Quite right. So evil, I recall her name without googling it. Los Angeles-based U.S. District Court Judge Mariana Pfaelzer. She said it would take a LONG time to review, and simply parked it in her court room. She

cancelled the votes of millions of Californians, and nothing could be done about it. Vicious liberal judge scum, should have been whacked by the Supreme Court in a special immediate stay of her action. Did not happen. A complicit liberal 9th circuit, whose presiding judge was married to Ramona Ripston, radical leftist ACLU district director, let Pfalelzer’s action stand. A dark day for California and a common sense vote.

Move to the libertarian paradise: Somalia …that has NO taxes, and see what it gets ya !

People like to live where services are nice. That takes taxes ..a communal giving for security and public commons.

You want to LIVE FREE, and DIE ?

Be my guest !

No, I want to live where everyone contributes. That means that when the checkbook is balanced, there is a net contribution.

If an illegal alien couple come to CA, have 4 kids, and only one parent works a job at a restaurant making $10 an hour, a family of 6 will make $1600 a month IF he/she gets full time hours. That is less than $20k a year for a family of 6.

How does a family of 6 living on the Central Coast pay the bills without government subsidies making $1600 a month? The answer is that they DON’T. Anything taken out of their paycheck will be returned to them in the form of Earned income and child tax credits. If the wage earner is using a fake SSN, Social Services cannot track him/her. This means mother to all of those kids can get cash aid and SNAP (formerly called food stamps) for each child. Even a newborn baby will receive food stamps if mom signs baby up. WIC too up to age 5. Medi-cal. Section 8 or subsidized housing. A family receiving these subsidies, and they ARE when dad makes that low of an income, this family is NOT payiing taxes.

We can no longer support a country where people take and take and take. It is bad enough we have US citizens that suck at the teat for generations. The last time I was at the Social Security office, I was taking a family member to get benefits who was dying. This person died before they got their first check by the way. While I was there, a 27 year old seemingly able-bodied man struck up a conversation with me. He was “finally” getting approved for his SSI for his bipolar. $792 a month. He was so happy that he never had to worry about working again. Please don’t assume I am downplaying the seriousness of mental illness, I am simply surprised at the attitude that he was set for life on $792 a month.

This money is not “free”. It is coming from the wallets of other taxpayers. This 27 year old man, the undocumented family with 4 kids, they take from the wallets of taxpayers who are being forced to subsidize their lifestyle choices.

I should not have to go live in Somalia because I disagree with giving people “free” services and there is no expectation of them to do anything to EARN that money. Maybe the person with bipolar can take their meds and can do some community volunteering? Walk dogs at the shelter, pick up trash at local parks, read a book to a senior citizen with no family in a nursing home.