SWAT searches for Santa Maria stabbing suspect in Nipomo

June 12, 2015

police chaseA Santa Maria stabbing suspect managed to evade capture Thursday, prompting local law enforcement to launch a manhunt in Nipomo. [KSBY]

Shortly before noon, a stabbing occurred at a home near 1500 N. Elizabeth Street, according to Santa Maria police. The victim is expected to survive, but the attacker has since been on the loose.

On Thursday evening, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies, SWAT vehicles, and an ambulance converged in Nipomo. The law enforcement personnel and the ambulance stayed in the area of Dana Elementary School near W. Tefft Street and Orchard Road and then left around 9 p.m.

It is unclear how the police chase has since progressed. Authorities have not identified the suspect.

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Why was there no follow-up on this subject?

Just SHOCKING another stabbing in Santa Maria? That place is such a shit hole.

You expect rich Republicans like un-Able Maldonado to pay wages and benefits for illegal families when the government is there to pick up the the tab while they bitch about the Democrats and spending to provide basic care for human beings?