Arrest warrant issued for former Cuesta College analyst

July 6, 2015

Lacey FowlerBy KAREN VELIE

An arrest warrant has been filed against a former Cuesta College human resources analyst for failing to show up for an arraignment hearing at San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Monday morning.

Lacey Fowler is facing three felony charges of possession of methamphetamine and cocaine packaged for sale, a felony charge of unlawfully accessing data, and misdemeanor charges of battery on a spouse and unlawfully violating a restraining order. The court set the warrant at $250,000 and the previous bail of $115,000 is forfeited, according to court records.

Lacey Fowler has a long criminal history that includes a 2005 alcohol related reckless driving, an Aug. 2006 drunk driving, a Nov. 2006 DUI, a 2007 drug paraphernalia conviction and an arrest in 2007 for felony burglary and forgery.

In 2008, Cuesta College hired Fowler.

This year, on May 31, Fowler, who had been out on sick leave for several weeks, allegedly breached the campus data system remotely and then emailed employee names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers to her private email account.

On June 5, SLO County Sheriff deputies arrested Fowler for battery on her spouse and violating a protective order.

Lacey and Chad Fowler

Lacey and Chad Fowler

On June 9, Chad Fowler filed a temporary restraining order against his wife, Lacey Fowler.

On June 11, Cuesta College Police officers and SLO District Attorney investigators searched the Paso Robles home of Lacey and Chad Fowler in response to the data breach and discovered more than four pounds of methamphetamine and heroin. The 30 acre property is owned by retired sheriff deputy Micheal Wasley, a relative of Lacey Fowler.

Campus police then called in SLO County Sheriff’s narcotics investigators to assist. Sheriff deputies arrested both Chad and Lacey Fowler on charges of possession of heroin for sale and possession of methamphetamine for sale, with an enhancement for possessing more than one kilo of methamphetamine. At the time, sheriff officials penned a press release informing the media of Chad Fowler’s arrest, but not that of Lacey Fowler.

On June 22, Cuesta College Police officers arrested Lacey Fowler on a felony charge of unlawfully accessing data. Shortly afterwards, both Lacey and Chad Fowler were released from the San Luis Obispo County Jail on bond.

On July 6, Lacey Fowler failed to show for her hearing on the charges of spousal abuse, failure to comply to a restraining order and unlawfully accessing data. The court set her bail at $250,000.

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I mean “where” they have all kinds of money to flip words around and use spell check but they don’t teach common sense and the use of sound logic.

It just keeps getting better al the time….keep me posted…They should make a film on this and we can write the screen play!

Time to call indog the bounty hunter. We may have a runner. Either that or she has barricaded herself inside her makeshift meth lab with thousands os social security numbers as hostages.

Should be easy to find then. Who is her lawyer? Did he show? If he did I wonder if he has good sense to ask for change of venue? She now looks guilty of something??? Cuesta will only pay $1000 for her legal which has now already been spent on a new pool!

She’d better call Saul.

My apologies to whomever I just stole from who used to post that, but it is so appropriate in the case of our own little Breaking Bad truth mimicking fiction.

That is cool….you are not stealing…you are right about real life and fiction…you can’t make stuff up as good as this…..I haven’t seen any of the Saul shows but Breaking Bad seems about right on…how can you expect us to believe that some no name Lacey has a breaking bad husband who she beat and the she is a part big drug bust. It just doesn’t make any sense at all????

She probably just couldn’t get a ride guys.

Err’body up in here be all judgy n’ “stuff”.

She probably didn’t even know those drugs were hiding out there on that thirty acre property. I am sure she is just high on LIFE.




Should’nt be hard to find is correct.Last seen driving a panga boat with a cuesta college parking permit.


We all will be driving panga boats if we leave Cuesta admin in charge of anything?

Shouldn’t be hard to find her. Just go over to Cuesta- they probably have her back on the job again. After all, she’s “innocent” until proven guilty- right?

Yeah that’s were they put all the criminals or the other side of the road in the prison.