Wanted Nipomo man arrested

July 6, 2015

Hermes Jose Rodriguez

A Nipomo man featured last month on the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page is now in custody.

Hermes Jose Rodriguez, 20, was sought for inflicting corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant, preventing and dissuading a witness or victim by force and failing to appear after posting bail. The sheriff’s office featured him in its “Most Wanted Wednesday” Facebook post on June 10.

Rodriguez was arrested around 6:15 p.m. Friday during a call for service in Nipomo. He is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $100,000.

The jail website states Rodriguez faces charges of exhibiting a firearm and threatening with intent to terrorize, in addition to two counts related to not appearing in court.

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Maybe there are some cultural barriers here. Some people come from a culture where some level of physical aggression- hair pulling, slapping, screaming, is acceptable. Some people are not raised with Main Street USA social norms; sometimes not even our own citizens.

This person is 20 years old; young and too stupid for his own good. He needs time enough in jail for anger management and some acculturating to Main Street USA. He can learn consequences for his actions, maybe some ways to deal with frustration. Obviously, waving a gun around and scaring your loved ones isn’t happening here.

If this young man IS undocumented/alien, well, more the reason to write your congress people over and over until someone listens to citizen concerns.

Ah….there they are again….dead sociopath eyes in a mugshot picture. Glib and superficially charming, manipulative and conning, pathological lying, criminal or entrepreneurial versatility…the list goes on…..http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html

Just the kind of guy you would want your daughter to date.

Moderator, immigration status is important, if you are here illegally you have already committed at least one crime, the chances that you will commit another increases exponentially. We are a nation of laws, those living here should abide by them ALL.

Laws are important, however this website is not available for people to push race based agendas every time a Hispanic named person is arrested.

This is not about you Mitch C, this is about the same commenters, in every article with a Hispanic named person.

Plenty of websites full of anti immigration or general “dislike” for Hispanics, this is not one of those.

No offense, Moderator, but that is like saying that profiling is racist – no, it’s just accurate and successful policing; I’m sorry that (probably) well over 90% of illegals have brown skin and that triggers your self-appointed hero-of-the-hour anti-racist feelings, but at the end of the day, we have an illegal alien problem. Burying our heads in the sands of political correctness will not alleviate this.

When it is a white person doing the petty violent crimes (such as in this story), everyone claims the perp is a “meth-head” and no one screams racism (again, because it isn’t: it is profiling, successfully).

Is profiling always right? No, sometimes we get it wrong, but it’s that 9 times out of 10 part that usually wins the day.

“your self-appointed hero-of-the-hour anti-racist feelings”

No you are confused, this is about the pile on in these comments, every time there is a article about the arrest of a Hispanic that certain people here then go all frenzy over it, the same ones every time.

This is not about profiling, white person, “meth-head”, history or any of that. Just that simple, it’s about anonymous commenters picking a fight or trolling, period.

Feel free to host if those are the people you want to have in your home or business. Discuss further by email.

This was the carrot……..

Fair enough but this is not about race but illegal immigration. As long as people automatically equate illegal immigration with racism, we will never be able to have a nonpolitical, reasonable discussion about this and controlling our borders. Most people on this forum do not object to legal immigration; it is true that our country was built on legal, controlled immigration and we depend on the brain power and work ethic that immigrants bring to make this a great country. Just because we don’t want to be a racist doesn’t mean that we have to allow anyone and everyone to cross our border anytime they want and live here like we are doing now.

flytrap says “Fair enough but this is not about race but illegal immigration.”

Wrong, this is about commenters going off topic for there own agendas.

Some people want to turn every article about something something Hispanic into a shouting and slogan slinging contest as they argue….. and so on.

Enough is enough.

Are you one of those people?

This is carrot, with stick there will be no message.

don’t mean to put my head on the mod chopping block, however; respectfully I submit:

in the past, Moderator here has long behaved with admirable restraint and discretion, such as only busting or queuing me or others properly and fairly for MAJOR hijacking a topic when I was out of line.

This however now smacks of restraining speech, a new day at CCN. (This is your board, you make the rules, but this has been a good fair and open board of remarkable growth and factual quality.)

People are passionate on this board and in this county, sometimes passionate about noticing OVER-represented by statistic people and groups that commit crimes and appear a public threat in booking or arrest photos. This applies to pockmark-faced heavy meth users, aggressively tattooed sociopathic-looking people, AND sadly but honestly, illegal aliens.

Kindly give us a break, err on the loose or edgey and open-communication side, we importune the Moderator.

Agreed, the Moderator certainly has recently taken on a different tone, as you said it is the Moderator’s site and can do as they please but their actions recently certainly change the openness of the CCN.

Moderator has cost this website my monthly contribution for the last several months, to be honest.

Why some people are eschewed their vitriol and others are completely ignored or encouraged (depending on ideologies) really rubs me the wrong way.

Please feel free to discuss this with us.


Fair enough but this is not about race but illegal immigration. BS read the article, NOTHING about immigration . topic ?

Mitch-you are right. Immigration status is the most important question. If you are illegal, you are released or deported and allowed to commit another crime in the US.

Bull flytrap, if you are NOT a legal citizen you are bussed off to just over the boarder and left there to fend for yourself. Homeless and penniless. That is what is happening. Even if he grew up here and speaks no Spanish. Even if he has a family here and all his kids live here, even if he is married to an American. Contrary to what you believe, illegal aliens do not get a free ride.

In this case you should read the article before bloviating about immigration status.

nothing at all to do with this story this is a local family macho trauma drama I suppose. crap he is only twenty years old, cradle rubbish. shut up and stop picking fights with the mod. read the story and tell us about that instead

This is HOW MANY felonies? Hope this doesn’t get plea bargained down to a misdemeanor and he’s out again. This is why we have the three strikes law.

It likely will but not to worry the DA’s stats will still look good because he will count the plea bargain as a successful guilty and a win in his book.

Now, let’s see here…… he is arrested for failing to appear after posting bail….and…and…so now he’s been offered a reachable bail amount again?

How do you spell “revolving door justice system”?

plea bargin

visa master card

Hermes – the son of Zeus known for his cunning and shrewdness. He was also the protector of theives. Aptly named.

that explains the expensive exclusive leather luggage !

Have we found out his immigration status? it might be good to find this out and begin reporting these facts!

No we have not, this is not borderland beat. Further shouting at people about the border and your dislike of ILLEGAL ALIENS shall be rewarded.

Every time a Hispanic gets arrested the same 5-6 commenters have a go at the “it’s not race he is a criminal” yet only when it is a Hispanic name.


Don’t hold your breath!

Would you ask the same question if he were asian? Caucasian?

And if not…why?

Illegal immigrants come in all colors.