Former SLO County narcotics officer arrested for perjury

July 27, 2015

barscuffsThe California Attorney General’s Office filed a felony charge of  on July 17 against a former San Luis Obispo County District Attorney investigator who allegedly lied in an affidavit to a judge while on loan to the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force.

The felony complaint says that A.J. Santana, “while under oath, did willfully and unlawfully state as true a material matter which he knew to be false,” the criminal complaint says. “Conviction of this offense will require the defendant to provide DNA samples and print impressions pursuant to Penal Code section 296 and 296.1.”

On Aug. 27, 2014, Santana filed an affidavit with San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Rita Federman seeking a warrant to search a home and car for evidence of drug dealing. Santana was successful in his request to have the affidavit sealed by the court in order to protect an ongoing investigation, according to the warrant.

After it was discovered Santana allegedly lied to a judge, the district attorney’s office made a motion to drop all charges against the 42-year-old suspect because of lack of evidence.

As of Feb. 14, Santana is no longer employed by the county prosecutor.

Santana is the second member of the sheriff’s narcotics task force to leave his employment while under investigation for alleged illegal acts.

In 2013, a judge sentenced former San Luis Obispo police officer Cory Pierce to 18 months in federal prison. While working as a member of the San Luis Obispo County Narcotics Task Force, Pierce stole drugs from the sheriff’s department evidence locker and manipulated a probationer into selling drugs for him.

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The activities of the crooked police officer and D.A. investigator were uncovered and reported by the sheriff’s deputies you claim are part of the problem. so get your facts straight and no I am not a schill for the sheriffs.

The bogus facebook page, again was something undertaken by an employee of an outside agency, not a sheriff’s deputy.

Jana your very wrong I reported them long ago, especially AJ Santana i personally informed Dan Dow long before he was elected, as well as commander Voge who was at my home. I have hundreds of documents and evidence.

I worked on the Summer Johnson scandal, go to the county clerks office and pull up my formally filed claim and complaint against AJ Santana, Dustin Alexander, Vic Nunez and others. Filed 1-6-15 all on the public records.

I delivered to Captain Statley for months files, evidence , cell numbers, surveillance photos and oh so much more all sealed and given to him. Then i was instructed to seal them and deliver them for months to the SO HQ which i did all on taped video, not to mention the Federal Agents who were on the know, they did NOT want SLO to know since so many officers have been charged, fired, retired early we call it corruption.

Ask Dan Dow or Capt. Staley or i can show you actual evidence I can hardly wait for the criminal trial SLO is ripe with dirty cops. Today the court notified me the Confidential records delivered in a signed sealed package addressed to Judge Umhofer disappeared ? But the forgot to realize cameras caught it all on tape.

once again, slo’s finest.

I think Sheriff Parkinson made a very poor decision when he took the SLO County Narcotics Task Force and brought its personnel into the sheriif’s office. In 4 years two narcotics detectives, neither of them a sheriff’s detective, have been caught by deputies committing acts.

How many more bad apples from outside the sheriff’ department will be sent to the sheriff’s narcotics unit by the local police agencies looking to move dead wood?

Your joking right? Who oversees the NTF? It runs out of the sheriff’s office. The drugs were removed from the evidence lockers. The unit is supervised by a deputy of the Sheriffs office. So your trying to cover up these obvious issues and blame other local agencies. So I am guessing you must be an employee of the Sheriff’s Office.

Indeed the Sheriff and his thugs including those in the DA’s office failed to realize, they are under the eye of other agencies. Here is a well documented public document filed against the County Sheriff’s Office and the County.

Filed Jan-6-2015 signed off by one of Tommy Gong’s clerk and then sent upstairs to the corrupt and lying County Counsel Rita Neal to cover up. It is a formal claim against the County, naming none other than AJ Santana the recently indicted corrupt Narcotics officer from the DA’s office long before he was indicted, it also names others involved in the corruption as his partners as well Under Cover Vic Nunez, Dustin Alexander as well as AJ Santana all as being corrupt .Naming Ian Parkinson as well as many others in the ongoing cover up of the disgraced Narcotics task force.

These are all now public record submitted under the penalty of perjury, Rita Neal hired at tax payer expense local Private Investigators to follow me and my family. She hired Gregory Clayton as one PI who got caught trespassing, picking into windows of homes, and lying to the County and getting paid to lie. The claim is pending and a Federal Lawsuit is being done to file now that AJ was indicted after the cover up he will be included as well as many others in the corrupt task forces along with the exposing of “Summer Johnson” the fake FB used by the Sheriffs office as a ruse to entrap Judges, investors, local Criminal Defense Lawyers and so many more.

The claim is 3 pages anyone can go and get a copy it was filed and received by County Clerks office 1-6-15 long before the state indicted AJ Santana and others still to come. Today the Court notified me the personal records and evidence never was received ? well it is on the Court Clerks camera me giving the sealed signed envelope to the Court addressed Personal and Confidential to Judge Umhofer the county court admin in email said they can NOT now find it ? glad i emailed him as well. Corruption is blatant in SLO

Law enforcement definitely is a team venture. Are they all innocent, all guilty or was this an isolated case that needs to be re-reviewed? As Sponge Bob would say,” I smell a smelly smell of something that smells smelly.”

What lies is he accused of telling on the affidavit ?

Do the prosecutors suspect that he did this before ?

Did he pick up this behavior before joining the Sheriff’s Task Force or has he been doing this all along ?

Who was supervising his work ? Were other people involved, was this standard operational procedure?

Do prosecutors have to go back though other cases that he worked in the past ? What are the chances that other cases would be overturned ?

Is there some chance that he was helping one set of drug dealers by going after other drug dealers ?

There are many questions that I want answered.

Who was supervising his work ? who is in charge ? Inquiring minds are inquiring.

Yes, there are many others involved not just AJ or Cory Pierce these are just two from the same unit that the Feds and State got, you notice no one of them was caught by there own people ?

All the CIty and County Task Forces, Teams and Units need a 100% overhaul and an outside independent investigation from both the US DOJ and a Citizens Board as to expose the long history of LEO corruption, misconduct. An interesting example is so time ago i sent to one of the Judges on the Bench some confidential information on AJ and many others, today suddenly i get a response from a NON Judicial County office saying they got the email in stead of the Judge ?

I reported several members of the TF to SLO PD and Sheriffs Office I was asked to provide evidence and asked to set up deals, take license plates, cell numbers, FB accounts, bank accounts, photos and locations where Major deals were taking place, in addition to accompany the TF fake “Fishermen” watching for Pangas.

Odd thing is the TF’s did nothing and allowed 7 major deals including human trafficking of children to occur. I gave them photos and locations of private airstrips, tunnels, even the Beacon Locator which is or was a camoflodeg

locations. I met with members of several gangs and cartels took photos as they requested. Yet the TF failed to arrive and i suspect snitched off the dealers that they knew.

I delivered hundreds of photos, tapes, wires, plates, address, lab locations and again nothing. So when MONOET, SABRNET, and others unnamed told me to cease all contact with all LEO’s in SLO including the DA’s office due to mistrust and misconduct on 3-13-15 I told Special Agent due to safety and lack of trust locally agent Nugent, Ramos, Lindquist, Martinzez and two SAC.

Even one US Military agent whom i was assisting confirmed they do NOT trust the SO in SLO. There are indeed far too many unanswered questions, too many corrupt LEO’s in high places. As was demonstrated last week when a close personal friend of the Sheriff called him on his private cell and asked that i be removed from a location (Public) where several of us were to met to inspect a County Vehicle involved in a Felony Hit and Run . Who shows up is a few minutes is 5 U/C Deputies, thugs making threats of violence and arrest, the highest ranking person was a commander, Sgt’s etc.

As they soon realized they were being recording decided to leave after trying to intimate me from being a witness in a ongoing case, by displaying there weapons in a hostile manner, finally one Sgt. admitted he was recording the entire incident, then later i was told he would alter it to appear different.

Remember ALL LEO’s uniformed or not carry “Pen Mic” and they can and altered, I now wonder where ALL the seized monies, guns, and cocaine went ? This Task Forces have run-a-muk no proper of ethical supervisors, evidence tampering , lying to judges, covering up misconduct, harassing people, illegally stopping people with NO P/C making up stories. Judge Rita Federman is a honorable and great judge. After the Summer Johnson scandal was broken by this very CCN last year, all they did was change names of the Fake FB accounts they still have going.

Really sad part is our county has NO Criminal Grand Jury, no authentic Public Integrity Units, after SLO SO IA Commander Jim Voge came to my home and saw his boss on the secret list along with many others including judges, businesses, investors etc. Ian took down the site to protect himself.

Santana is being called into account like he should be.

When the former CRLA Director in SLO recently got caught with “discrepancies in his billing”, he was allowed to resign.

Adams, Solomon…get payouts.

App, Ferrara couldn’t get out of town soon enough to suit us.

Santana will get what he deserves. The others?

Of course it’s always a good day when anyone crooked is removed from their position of authority. What saddens me is that there are so many in our midst.


this action is to say “we took care of the bad apple – and we take these matters seriously – sending a message to the good not to turn bad – we have effectively cleaned house”

BFS. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What I have to say it I was 100% on spot as i reported AJ Santana to DA Dow long ago, as well as ove4 5 other corrupt members of the NTF, as KSBY was at my home today to see the facts I turned in AJ long ago.

As usual i am vindicated as reporting the corruption in the Task Forces that is what i have to say……………………….I over two + years ago turned in over 5 members of the TF including AJ Santana and others so I was correct as usual.

So, “Scott”, what have you to say now? Especially after your rampage regarding Santana and “Dow letting him off the hook with no criminal charges” in that other, unrelated thread? You are such a chump.

You must not know who, what , why or anything it was me who turned in AJ and it was me who reported it to the media you dork

Enough about each other.