Higginbotham leaves Supervisor race amid alleged bullying

July 24, 2015
Shelly Higginbotham

Shelly Higginbotham

Pismo Beach Mayor Shelly Higginbotham announced Friday that she would no longer be a candidate for the San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor seat currently held by Adam Hill. Higginbotham said she is stepping down to focus on her family and her job as mayor.

Nevertheless, multiple sources told CalCoastNews Hill and his campaign have made several public records requests for information on the Higginbothams while dispersing negative claims about her family members.

Higginbotham joined San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter, former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson and Hill in a race for the District 3 seat. The district includes Edna Valley, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach and Grover Beach and a portion of San Luis Obispo.

In 2012, the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce named Shelly Higginbotham and her husband Dr. Robert Higginbotham citizens of the year.

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If she can’t stand the heat now….better to drop out now because Hill and his Democrat party slim balls will do, say anything to hold onto power….are you Dems proud of Hill?

A voting record is one thing. That’s legitimate. Smearing family members like Mike says is quite another.

Politics is the dirtiest business of them all. You have to be scum to participate and the dirtiest of scum to win.

Wow, that’s a pretty sad commentary. I once participated but lost so I guess that makes me just a lightweight scum? So we can just use the comparative adjectives based on how far one made it in the political process: an outright loser would be scum, someone who made it through the primary to the general election would be scummier, and the ultimate victor would be scummiest.

Actually, I admire those willing to serve our citizens and believe we’ve elected some pretty good and honorable people. Katcho, Debbie Peterson and Jim Hill are just a few who come readily to mind.

Unfortunately, power tends to corrupt the weakest among us and plenty of folks who started off in office meaning well have succumbed to it, turning into “scum” if you will. And then there are those, who I prefer to believe are in the minority, who just weren’t very nice people before they were attracted to politics

Mike, …I know you. You are honest, friendly, and a ‘good guy’ . I wish that I knew more like you.

BUT, you’re not a politician that degrades themselves by dealing with the lowest denominator.

Power did not corrupt them. They were that way from the beginning, as you allude.

I am shocked that anyone could possibly believe Adam Hill would stoop so low as to try

to bully a person from running against him. I was just reading some information about him –

1. Outstanding, personable supervisor.

2. Always courteous and kind to his fellow supervisors

3. Conducts all county meetings in a nice, congenial way

4. Has always listened to public comments with an open mind

5. Always considers all sides to an issue before making up his mind

Now tell me folks, does the above describe someone who would sink so low as to bully

another candidate? Possibly not, but please take into consideration that the above

came from an Adam Hill re-election brochure (so it may be just ever so slightly biased).


Vote for me then.

I’ll do all 5 of those things.

Well…I’ll SAY I will. Then I’ll take a poll and tell the losers to spit up a rope.

I’ll be the most friendly fascist you ever met !

1. Ha!

2. Haha!

3. Hahaha!

4. Hahahaha!

5. Not hardly!

I’m announcing here tonight my intention to run for the District 3 Supervisor position. I’ll need some help, though. I won’t take any campaign dough. I won’t even take any ‘donations’. Everything will have to be organic …people powered.

If I do decide to run, and be elected, my decisions will not be mine…but my constituents. Everything will be done by ballot…by mail or online, majority rules.

I’ll be your personal democratic puppet.

Then, you can blame no-one but yourselves when things go ass-end over teakettle, and I’ll still get to keep my remunerations.

Sounds like a good deal, huh ?

I await replies from my adoring fans !

BTW … I know Adam Hill, Debbie Peterson, and Dan Carpenter.

They are all fine people, and I commend them for their service . It is not about THEM.

It’s about YOU ! It’s about US ! USA ! USA !

I do believe most folks would agree with you that Debbie and Dan are fine people. Pretty sure you’re getting all the things down because people do not believe Adam is.

YES! Please run! Don’t you live in District 4, though?

I’m not a fan of Adam Hill but I have to speak out.

These comments are a perfect example of bullying based on rumor and no facts.

I have personally knowledge of emails from Debbie Peterson’s campaign marketing firm asking for Shelly’s voting record on large projects in order to use them against her in the campaign.

Shelly had a pretty good idea that she would loose and loose big. Just look at the pictures that she posted on her campaign page of her meet and greet. All that food and set up and only a small handful of people showed up. Most of the people in the picture were family members. A direct quote from Shelly from a past city council meeting “Its like throwing a party and no one showed up”!

Shelly looks out for developers interest only and has forsaken her constituents which is why she barely won the PB election by 2 votes.

This ust that might explain the two faces of Pismo Beach government, one face tells the residents to conserve because water is at a crisis level and the other face smiles big at all developers and opens its arms wide and say “Come all and build” and use all the water you want. I’d guess she would have a hard time justifying these two faces well enough for the voters to follow her.

Nice try, anonymous Adam Hill team member. Clever. You’re betrayed by your own detail, however. Council minutes are on the Internet. No person would need to send email asking for a voting record.


P.S., It’s spelled, “lose”. Team Adam should practice that word.

I’m not sure whom you are referring to but I AM NOT an Adam Hill team member. You are 100% wrong. There you go with your uninformed accusations. The email was sent to individuals who have been politically active in Pismo Beach, I have a copy of it. It is my understanding that these individuals didn’t respond based on this being public information.

I was bullied once. In 3rd grade.

*If* what you assert is accurate, nothing is wrong with asking PB activists what their thoughts are on past council votes. Are you asserting otherwise? Candidates are supposed to talk to residents about issues. Your comment appears to be an attack based on a candidate asking for voter opinions. Furthermore, “in order to use them against [Shelly] in the campaign” is certainly something you are ascribing (i.e., “uninformed accusations”). Candidates should actively seek out what differentiates them from others.

Finally, any of the above (if it happened) is a far cry from plastering PB City Hall with records requests for every document/email the mayor ever touched—which is not an ‘uninformed accusation’.

So, I would expect that voting records are legitimate topics of discussion. I’m not seeing anything wrong with this. Going after a candidate’s family, on the other hand. . .

Same tactics Hill used in the last election against Mr. Waage! Call people and leave intimidating messages on the phone, threaten upstanding citizens regarding homeless issues in SLO, use the race card in Arroyo Grande when its suits his agenda, hand out medallions for favors when he wants the governing body to support his agenda and just plain and simple bullying people at all costs in the supervisors chambers, public meetings, etc.

Adam HILL needs to go and take his homeless advocate stealing wife with him. This couple should NEVER point a finger at the actions of other people as they are the lowest scum in the political world in the central coast along with his sidekick Bruce Gibson. How dare they point the finger at anyone considering all their corrupt abusive actions towards our community, the perfect threesome!

Anybody that bucks the “Good ol’ boys club” and speaks out against it is labeled a bully as Kevin 99 labeled Kevin Rice below. In fact, there is no greater bully than Adam Hill.