Latinos surpass whites in California

July 8, 2015

race relationsCalifornia’s Latino population now exceeds its white population, recently released census figures show. [LA Times]

As of July 1, 2014, about 14.99 million Latinos lived in California. California’s white population, as of last summer, was 14.92 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

California had approximately 38.8 million residents in 2014. Latinos are expected to account for about 49 percent of the population by 2060.

In 1970, 2.4 million Latinos lived in California, accounting for 12 percent of the population. At the time, 15.5 million whites live in the state and comprised more than 75 percent of the population.

By 1990, 7.7 million residents, or 25 percent of the population, were Latino.

The current Latino population has a median age of 29. The median age of the white population is 45.

California is now the third state that does not have a white plurality. Hawaii and New Mexico are the other two.

Both California and Los Angeles County have the largest Latino populations among states and counties in the United States.

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Now that the mandatory vaccine law is in effect, its a huge win for the drug companies, Immigration…..follow the money.

Whuuuh ?

You’ve been watching too many Sarah Palin videos ?

Call the paramedics, or put down the crack pipe.

You must have a poster of Palin on your ceiling over your bed because she is on your mind daily.

No poster over my bed …but yes, she is juicy low-hanging fruit.

I lerves me such easy Republican embarrassments that won’t go away !

When people ask me what a Republican is, I direct them to Palin’s facebook page.

Yay! I get minority status preferential treatment now!

I wonder if everyone who raves about the Latino “culture” realizes that in a lot of instances they’re having “babies” (for free) when they won’t be able to SUPPORT THEM! So, guess who’s taking care of most of their expenses…YES, the GOOD PAYING U.S. TAXPAYERS!! Maybe the non-latino population is equipped with enough common sense that you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t support them!!! We chose to only have the number we thought we would be able to provide for…that means FOOD (a very basic), a home (no section 8) and education (no, we don’t get any help because we make too much $). I am sick and tired of “giving away” the farm to people who don’t use their brains and help themselves. If you can’t afford the 4, 5, 6 kids then DON’T have them and don’t expect others to PAY for your stupidity!!! Quit populating when you can’t afford them and I don’t care what nationality/enthicity you are!!

Wow! What a shocker…

Just go outside on any hot day and see who is working, you are not likely to see many ferrel faded out red heads or hairy legged blonds. Latino’s are the resilient to California’s weather and political stupidity.

That’s racist.

In two ignorant sentences, you stereotyped two entire races of people.

Would that be the red headed race and the blond leg haired race? Thought we all members of the human race? Just happens many of us share differing ethnicity’s. Or perhaps Mr. Estrada, who Id guess is Hispanic, just insulted himself…is that racism? If I fart and nobody is around to hear it, did it really make any noise?

I guess not…if you’re deaf as well as dumb.

Well put Snoid. Are blonde jokes now racist? Mr. Estrada seems to be praising Latinos for their work ethic and ability to endure the heat of the California sun. That makes him racist – presumably against his own race?

Shouldn’t calling someone racist be a form of discrimination since it might hurt their feelings. These PC people are ridiculous.

those are strawpeople be very very afraid

since when is redhead a race?


Ginger folk are especially sensitive these days , there is going to be conference of gingers next year.

I vote for Carrot Top to be elected the ginger spokesman. Kind of like the Al Sharpton of redheads. He’d be perfect in the role.

I’ll go with Sargent Abraham Ford. He’d squeeze Carrot Top into carrot juice.

2nd choice is Julianne Moore. Va-va-voom ! Just a cool person.

Ok RN, I get your point now here is mine: I did not know that I was a minority until the Gov forced that classification on me. The fact that we are still counted as a seperate faction of the population confirms a form of general segregation, a close cousin to racism in this case. Even freedom of choice can be construed as racism as I would not choose a Southern Bell, bright white or a faded glory girl because the outdoors is not friendly to them and I prefer to spend my time with someone who can spend theirs with me. For some that would be racist and for others that would be considered practical. Others with the same freedom of choice may come to a different conclusion, good for them. Sometimes there is a need to pick the appropriate race for practical reasons and if not for a practical reason then we can talk about racism.

Wow. People are hating on their silver spoons tonight.

It really was meant to be light hearted. Gingers have no souls anyway.

My point is that people REALLY need to stop stereotyping. It is annoying. I know PLENTY of lazy latinos. In fact, this upcoming generation of youth, which we have identified as being highly latino, is so freaking lazy that I am in awe of the level of laziness. Parents are working 2 jobs to buy junior an iphone6 and a 2013 chrysler 300 so the parents can drive a 1991 ford aerostar and live in government housing.

Oh, you know lots of white lazy kids too you say? ME TOO!! Just like I know tons of hard working white people who will do jobs that go places some people’s silver spoons are shoved.

Stereotypes are lame, and we had BETTER hope that this youth gets their act together and works hard. They need to keep the social security pyramid scam going, because living in a van down by the dry riverbed is not my idea of retirement.

then save your own money and don’t rely on government schemes for your future.

I have learned very early not to rely on that Social Security eoney. It annoys me nonetheless that the government has been taking money out of my check since I was over working age. Compounded with interest, that money that I EARNED will be valued at over 700,000. That is just the social security dollars, not medicare or FICA.

So, I will complain ALL DAY LONG. They are robbing my fun fund to give people having 4-10 kids every freebie, “mentally ill” and “permanently disabled” people less than 30 checks for LIFE.

There are PLENTY of people who are NOT. So those of us who have cute little 401ks or 403bs and IRAS, etc will probably be levied a tax to cover this crap when we are old, on top of the 3/4 of a MILLION we will have lost through government theft.

So, am I mad bro????????

Yeah bro, I am mad.

Spot on!

the social security pyramid scam you are misinformed perhaps malinformed, it is not a scam nor a pyramid. it is a pool that we are all in together . If it didn’t work private financial forces would not Lobby to own it.

Z …They not only want to ‘own’ it, they want to steal the $$$ in the trust fund.

If the Social Security System is NOT a scam, then tell me why my birthday statement this year says the fund only has enough money to pay out 77% of my “entitled” earnings when I retire. That is as of this year. I wonder what my birthday statement will say in 10 years from now? will it pay out at 50%? In 20 years, when I am within 10 years of retirement? 20%?

How is it that it ISN’T a scam?

you will receive more from SS then you contribute, by design ! FDR’s experts were that good, perhaps we need to raise the top out amount 110.000$ to 210,000. in the near future it will take effort from both sides of the asiles to accomplish. New workers are coming in to the program as retirees pass, in this way life is eternal.

Why limit the amount ? It’s now a $118,000 cap . Everything else is a FREE RIDE for the capitalists that make over this …much of them MANY more times this arbritrary ceiling – 10, 100, 1,000 times this low amount

There should be no cap. So what if some billionaires pay in and can never collect ? They’ll still live like billionaires until they die, and leave their undeserving heirs with plenty, too.

My Mother died at 59 from cancer. Never got to receive SS payments. Neither did her heirs . Thankfully, she was a UNION employee, and had full health coverage benefits. She got to live 5 years before being thrown out in the trash like most Republicans would advocate now.

Yeah, MY Mom did not DIE quickly, so screw you Republicans !

a modest rise on the cap is all we need at this time no need to go all hog wild on the fat hogs nearest the top. yet.

Excuse me, but guess what Jorge – there are PLENTY of jobs besides working in the fields that are back breaking – HOT and long days! Coal Mine workers, Fisherman (out at sea for months), Construction, Firefighers, Correctional Officer to name a few. I worked in the fields and yes, it’s not easy and I wouldn’t want to do it…but then there are SO MANY other jobs that I wouldn’t want to do either. So, the sympathy card and making us feel bad because they work in the fields – just doesn’t work for me! In regards to the article I’m mad because in California we are being taxed and taxed and I see more and more money going to free lunches, free medical, free education and the problem is that if the latino families are having more babies (kids) than they can provide for then STOP having BABIES that I have to pay for! If they are so reilient and so politically astute then why don’t they get something DONE IN their home country (Mexico or where ever they’ve come from) to make it better there instead of coming here to abuse our laws (coming ILLEGALLY) and take advantage of our social programs.

And how many of those almost 15 million are here legally?

Most of them, but don’t let that interfere with the whole white history thing.

With the median age of the 15 million people being age 29, we must have a strong, robust, thriving economy in California. Great news for the aging white population!

Social security is a wonder!

Will whites now qualify for affirmative action?

No you fool. The whites have white privilege, don’t ya know? We were all given that complementary silver spoon upon leaving the hospital with our privileged parents. Now come on, let’s all go play golf before dark. We wouldn’t want to get mugged by the “unsavory” people not privileged….

Snoid says: “Not sure who shoved that silver spoon up your ass, ”

No on the personal attacks. Period.

Maybe you should deal with slower faster then and show some consistency.

there is more moderation leeway for replies to comments

than there is for the comment . don’t troll don’t feed the troll

??? !!! Email>

Wow!. What else can you say?

The world’s changing fast and all human states are but a small blip in time.

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