Latinos surpass whites in California

July 8, 2015

race relationsCalifornia’s Latino population now exceeds its white population, recently released census figures show. [LA Times]

As of July 1, 2014, about 14.99 million Latinos lived in California. California’s white population, as of last summer, was 14.92 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

California had approximately 38.8 million residents in 2014. Latinos are expected to account for about 49 percent of the population by 2060.

In 1970, 2.4 million Latinos lived in California, accounting for 12 percent of the population. At the time, 15.5 million whites live in the state and comprised more than 75 percent of the population.

By 1990, 7.7 million residents, or 25 percent of the population, were Latino.

The current Latino population has a median age of 29. The median age of the white population is 45.

California is now the third state that does not have a white plurality. Hawaii and New Mexico are the other two.

Both California and Los Angeles County have the largest Latino populations among states and counties in the United States.

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California better hire twice as many cops as they have now.


Don’t you watch the news?

there are too many police beatings and shootings already why do we need more police

putting out fire with gasoline

Or setting off a mortar

strapped to one’s head ?

Or, going swimming where there are signs posted “NO SWIMMING ALLIGATOR”.

One must need to be creative ( but not much ) with these Darwin applicants in our midst.

not faux


I suppose California’s minority set-aside public works projects will now migrate from a preference for registered minorities to a preference for the disadvantaged majority. There’s absolutely no incentive within the current system to make anyone want to change a thing.

The church needs to get its act together and get current on birth control. I see Hispanic women all the time with five, six children–or more–with the children taking care of one another and the mother looking exhausted and worn. Women are not just breeding machines. Wise reproductive decisions can allow Hispanic women to enter the work force at a higher level and compete for jobs rightfully. They don’t need to be someone’s maid with too many mouths to feed-and no options if their husband is not supportive. This statistic demonstrates this as fact! Sure, Hispanics are reproducing more—but is their standard of living going up? Or are they becoming a financial burden?

No, Hispanic women aren’t “breeding machines” but keep in mind that many of their families are receiving FREE diapers, formula, clothes, health care, dental care, backpacks, school supplies and K-12 education for their “five, six children or more.” And don’t forget that once the kids are 3 or 4, they can go to the local school and get breakfast, lunch, and an after school snack. And these “breeding machines” can rest easy knowing that their residential status is secure because no one’s gonna deport a mama with a bunch of American-born children. [See Pelican’s “anchor baby” post]

So if we look at it from an illegal alien’s perspective, why NOT have a boatload of kids here in the once-Golden State? These kids are being fed, clothed and educated a heck of a lot better than they would be getting down south of the border…all on OUR dime.

And it’s not the church who’s at fault; it’s the nanny-state government. “Wise reproductive decisions” won’t help much when there are just too many free (free to them, not to the rest of us!) programs being provided to them by the good ol’ USA.

And when you are in your dotage those lil babies that grew up well nourish educated on your dime will be paying your security is a wonder!

A minority is a minority whether the skin is white, brown green or black. So rain down the benefits baby! I’m taking the rest of my life off. I yi yi yi I am a member of a minority.

A minority of one.

‘They aren’t supposed to be here’: Father of boy killed by illegal immigrant backs Trump

San Francisco defendant’s immigration history is common

Pejorative or not, birth right citizenship (anchor baby) should never have been granted by the 14th Amendment. It provides for equal protection UNDER the law. HOWEVER, those who are here ILLEGALLY and their offspring should NOT be granted this protection because THEY are breaking the law.

Thank you Pelican!! Yes, the “anchor baby” provision is OLD AND OUTDATED and should be dissolved. Why our wieney of Politicians don’t get rid of this — dumbfounds me. I’ve said it before but our government has NO COMMON SENSE!!

I wouldn’t touch this article with my born white in the hospital “silver spoon”.

then why comment?

@ zaphod,

Well, it was a play on words from another post, and I just sometimes like to see what type of stupid comebacks those on the left might post.

Comprende amigo?

projecting and trolling si’

So can we white people become a protected class now, because we are being discriminated against on a regular basis?