Marijuana grow caused Deer Fire

July 13, 2015

Deer FireAn illegal marijuana grow caused the Deer Fire that burned 150 acres southwest of Lake Nacimiento over the weekend, according to Cal Fire.

The fire was 75 percent contained, as of Sunday morning, and firefighters were mopping up hot spots. Two firefighters suffered injuries while battling the blaze.

One firefighter suffered burns to his feet on Friday evening. On Saturday, a second firefighter was stung by more than 30 yellow jackets.

The fire broke out Friday afternoon. It burned through rough terrain that is difficult to access.

A total of 589 fire personnel, 25 fire engines, three helicopters, one dozer and two water tenders have been used to battle the blaze.

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How and where did they get the water for their illegal pot grow????

More pot gone up in smoke!

I thought I got a little contact high from the smoke in north county.

Apart from having found some plants (1 plant? 100 plants? 1000 plants?) perhaps CalFire would care to elucidate as to how they came t0 their conclusion?

Yet another cost to all of us for criminals and their behavior!! Catchum! whoever is responsible.

Wow. Remember when “who, what, when, where, why” was important to a Journalist?

When are going to wake up and legalize Marijuana in California?

1. Growers are polluting the forests with waste from illegal fields

2, Growers are siphoning water from creeks

3. Growers are threatening even killing people that comes across fields.

4. SLO County is spending over 1 million on manpower, boats and other equipment to snag runners. We should be selling the confistigated pot.

5. Mexican cartels are killing thousands of people a year to push pot into California. If pot was legal in California the cartel would shrink alot.

There can be an argument that Marijuana is a gateway drug. Yes. but the small percentage of people that become addicts will be a much smaller problem than the issues 1-5 above.

5-100. Reasons. Wake up California


Using your logic in order to stop human traffickers from bringing illegal aliens into the United States we should just bring them here in buses and airplanes. Sure would stop the traffickers dead in their tracks

Well if we did then we would KNOW who they are. As it is we don’t have a clue about who they are.

We brought all the illegal immigrant unaccompanied children into the interior of the US by bus and plane, then gave them a court date to appear for legalization. They didn’t appear for their court dates and now we don’t know where they are, or what last names they are using to get benefits.

The pot started the fire ? hmm no people involved.

Carelessness with Canabis..