Bicyclists find decomposing body near Santa Maria

July 12, 2015

Tepusquet CanyonA group of bicyclists riding in Tepusquet Canyon east of Santa Maria on Sunday called law enforcement after discovering human remains in the canyon. [Noozhawk]

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrived to find a body that has been decomposing “for quite some time.” Deputies are working to determine if the death was the result of a crime.

“Our patrol personnel responded to the location and confirmed this involved human remains,” Bonner told Noozhawk. “The cause of death was not readily apparent based upon the initial observations of our patrol personnel.

Further details were not available.

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Be on the lookout for some of the Maldonado tribe.

Undoubtedly there was a mangled bicycle near the body. Shouldn’t be riding in the traffic lane.

Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. I watched some jerk cyclist make no effort to use six feet of nicely paved smooth shoulder to let a fire truck pass! Instead he asserts himself in the driving lane. More and more I see angry cyclists stupidly challenging vehicles for no reason.

Especially in SLOcity where they the city thinks it’s cute to put up those bikes-may-use-the-whole-street signs even though there’s a bike lane for them. And the doofuses who ride side by side, one in the bike lane, one in the traffic lane. I like bikes, but this stuff is going too far. Get them off the street and onto dedicated bikeways. For everyone’s safety.

Reason number 10 why I don’t go to SLO anymore.

My philosophy when dealing with idiot bicyclists is to downshift, accelerate, and let State Farm sort it out.

do unto others

I’m no fan of ***hole bicyclists, but your way would probably end up with the attempted-manslaughter investigators sorting it out.